Top 5 Best VLC Tricks And Tips You Might Not Know

VLC Tricks

VLC Media Player has many hidden VLC Tricks up its sleeves which may not be known to most of the VLC users. If you are using VLC just for playing media files then you are not using VLC to its full potential. After going through the VLC TRICKS AND TIPS mentioned in this post you will be able to make the most out of VLC Media Player.

VLC media player is probably the most powerful and versatile media player available for Windows , Linux and Mac Operating Systems. It is an open-source cross platform media player by VideoLAN projects.It has a very simplified UI. It can play wide range of media formats which includes Audio formats such as mp3, AC3, WMV and Video formats such as AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG, WMV, WAV etc. and it also supports subtitles. VLC is an open source software and free of cost.
You can download and install VLC media player from the following link-
Here is the Official link to download VLC media player.

List of Top 5 VLC Tricks And Tips :

Here is the list of some of the best VLC TRICKS which can make your experience awesome.

1. VLC Inception Trick

It is an awesome VLC trick using which you can create a effect where you will be seeing many screens with the decreasing sizes. Basically what VLC does is, it takes snapshot of your Computer screen at that moment of time and it will keep taking snapshots of you screen in decreasing sizes and display it on VLC display panel only. You will be seeing infinite number of screens with decreasing sizes on the display panel and it will create Inception Effect.
You can create Inception Effect on your Computer Screen by following the steps mentioned below:

  •  Open VLC media player.
  • Now, Press Ctrl+N.
  • New window will open. It will ask you to enter a network url. You just have to type screen:// in the network url field.

VLC Inception Trick

  •  Now Press Enter or Click on Play and enjoy VLC Inception trick.

VLC InceptionTrick

2. Download Subtitles With VLC

For people who love watching Movies and TV Series it’s a good feature VLC has for them. If you want to watch a Movie or TV Series which is in some other language you are not comfortable with, then you must need subtitles in your desired language. It can be very tedious task for you to go and search for the subtitles from other websites.
VLC has this feature where you can directly download subtitles without going to other websites.

  • Open the media file in VLC for which you want to download the subtitles.
  • Click on View from the VLC options panel and go to Download Subtitles.

VLC Subtitles

  • One window will open and there will be various options for your search.
    In the Title search bar your media file name will be there and you can change it if it is not in proper form and search accordingly. In Subtitles languages option plenty of languages are available and you can choose any language of your interest. If you are trying to find subtitles for some TV Series then option for entering Season and Episode number is also available.

VLC Subtitles download

  • You can either use Search by hash or Search by name option. If you Search by name then you will get all the related subtitles to that name. If you Search by hash then you will get subtitle results related to the hash of the video. VLC fetches these results from

Search by hash:

VLC Subtitles Search by Hash

Search by name:

VLC Subtitles Search by Name


  • Once you have got search results, you can select any subtitles and download it by Clicking on Download selection.

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3. Using VLC As A Converter :

If you want to convert some media file into some other format of your wish and you don’t have any converter installed in your system , you don’t need to search for Media converters in Web and then download. You can use VLC media player directly for converting files to your desired format.

  • Go to Media > Convert/Save or you can directly press Ctrl + R.

VLC Converter Open Media

  •  Select Media File by clicking on Add option.

VLC Convert

  • After adding the media file you can choose in which format you want to convert your file and give destination location and file name in the Destination file or you can click on Browse and go to the location where you want to save the converted file.
  • Now Click on Start button to start converting your file.

4. Play Directly From Media Sources From Internet :

You can play any online video on your VLC media player. VLC has this feature of letting you stream videos from online media sources on your VLC media player interface.

  • Open VLC Media Player and go to Media > Stream or directly press Ctrl + S.
  • One window named Open Media will open and go to Network tab.
  • Enter a network url from where you want to stream.

Stream with VLC

  • Click on Stream and Enjoy.

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5.  Auto Shutdown VLC And PC :

If you hear music when you are going to sleep but you don’t want that music keeps playing all night after you are asleep, this VLC trick can be very useful. If you have added your favourite songs in your playlist then using this trick you can set timer for the time after which you want your music to stop. VLC will shutdown your PC after that time. For creating a time for VLC, Follow these steps:

  • Open Notepad.
  • Write this code in Notepad :
    START /WAIT C:\”Program Files”\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe %1 vlc://quit shutdown -s -t 60
  • Save the Notepad file with .BAT extension. For example – shutdownvlc.BAT
  • After 60 seconds of music VLC will shutdown your PC. You can replace 60 to any number of seconds.

So these were some of the interesting and useful VLC TRICKS. We will keep on updating this list with some more interesting tricks to make your experience with VLC awesome. Try these VLC Tricks on your PC and enjoy.

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