Top 10 Best Free Unblocked Torrenting Sites To Find Unblocked Torrents

unblocked torrenting sites

The movie downloading business is quite tough as the original copies of the movies are not affordable so the people mostly go for pirated versions. Still, these versions are also tough to find as they are not easily available instantly with the release. In order to solve this problem, downloading a movie via torrent was the best option. But recently, the government has started shutting down the torrent websites as providing pirated versions of any movie is illegal. Thus, in the beginning of the year 2019 many sites such as Kickass Torrents and got shut down. Along with these many other sites became famous that provide torrent easily and thus made the users happy. Since the beginning of 2019, the torrent landscape looks quite different from a year ago. We have listed top 10 unblocked torrenting sites to solve the movie downloading problem.

unblocked torrenting sites

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Top 10 Unblocked Torrenting Sites In 2019 :

The below list shows all the unblocked torrent sites that are working currently and people can easily use them for downloading unblocked movies for free.

1. The Pirate Bay :

The Pirate Bay is the oldest among all the unblocked torrenting sites. Although the last year was very dangerous for the torrent sites, this site somehow survived. This torrent site provides a good range or collection of movies which could be easily searched and downloaded through the website. The collection is wide as this site is the oldest and thus, the site is famous and useful. The torrents could be easily downloaded through many links and converted to playable versions. Hence, the usefulness of the site could also be made out of its video quality.

2. Torrentz2 :

Earlier Torrentz.EU site was very popular as it provided the wide range of collection of movies. The site voluntarily went through a shutdown in last year because of some government norms. This Torrentz2 is a site which is supposed to be a version of but it came into existence as an independent domain. Thus, this site is actually working with great collection of torrents. Also, the video quality provided by the site through other torrent sites is quiet noteworthy.

3. Lime Torrents :

An active torrent cache iTorrent has been launched by the creators of this site that provides results in several searching options and thus, providing an option of downloading torrent. The torrent site is quite popular for providing true and instant results. This site was also not affected by the torrent shutdown last year and the survival resulted in upgradation of the website and its popularity. You can also download unblocked music for free with Lime Torrents website.

4. Torrent Downloads :

This torrent site not only has a wide collection of the database but also it provides high-quality videos that are very much in demand these days. The site is easy to use as it provides the best searching option and moreover, the site is very straightforward which makes it useful for any person using the site. The torrent site also allows a wide range of downloading option for flexibility of the user.

5. Demonoid :

This site is in the industry of providing torrents since 2003 but it has to change its domain name again and again for safety reasons. The main benefit of this site is that the material available on the site can never be fake as this website can not be used publically. You need to send a request to the site members for joining the site. Then only you can use the site for downloading the torrents from time to time. The requesting option makes the site a private site and not everybody can invade the website.

6. IsoHunt :

This torrent site started its journey in 2003 which makes it one of the oldest sites in our list of unblocked torrenting sites. This site also survived the government difficulties last year but it has changed its name many times. Thus, the site has been in the limelight for a long time for providing good quality videos to its users. The search engine provides a wide range of collection with easy options for searching and downloading which makes the site more popular for its easy use.

7. Torrent Funk :

Many sites provide torrent download links but they are expired many times because of some time limits. This site is very popular because of the ease of some features such as it provides ‘verified’ option that shows that the link has been verified recently and it is still working. Moreover, there is a comment section which helps the user to comment his queries and also demand some links. This makes a good bridge between the users and the creators giving rise to troubleshooting instantly.

8. Torlock :

This torrent website has a lot of confidence in itself as they guarantee ‘no fake website’. Moreover, they challenge $1 to any user who finds any of the links as fake. This challenge builds up a different kind of trust among the people leading to the site’s popularity and use. The site has a wide collection of torrent links and also it is trustworthy because of the 1$ challenge.

9. EZTV :

EZTV is another great website in our list of unblocked torrenting sites. If you are after quality instead of quantity then you are on the right site. This site provides the very small amount of collection but the collection they have is of high quality. The torrents are easily available for download. It also provides the quality that makes the users come back to the site for further searching and downloading torrents.

10. Sky Torrents :

There might be many movies that were not famous at the time of their release but due to some reasons, you like that movie. The unpopular movie is always hard to find but that might not be the case as this torrent site provides a wide range of collection of movies. Torrent download support is also very good for the site which makes the user happy.

Thus, after many complications, some torrents were shut down and some are still working. Unblocked torrents are important as they provide instant answers to our problems of downloading some tougher movies or software. These torrents are useful as they provide the best result in terms of quality and user gets satisfied as their needs are fulfilled in time. Thus, the above list of unblocked torrenting shows the recent working torrent sites for this year. You can use these working & unblocked torrent sites to download any movies or software at any time.

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