Best Search Engines: List of Top 10 Search Engines In 2019

best search engines

Best Search Engines: If you are an avid internet user then you must be spending a lot of time on searching things on internet. Every one needs a search engine that can provide relevant results to their queries and has a user friendly interface. Search Engines have become important part of our daily routine and we spend lot of time searching for information on internet. Most of the People use Google only as their search engine and they are not aware about other top search engines. That’s we have listed Best Search Engines that can make your web searching experience smooth and awesome.

best search engines

10 Best Search Engines (Top Search Engines List) :

1. Google :

Google is the best search engine in the world and comes first in the list of most popular search engines. You can get an idea about the popularity of Google by the fact that more than 60 percent of the the searches are made using Google. With the advancements in AI and Machine learning Google is improving day by day. Google makes changes in its algorithm regularly to provide relevant content to users and remove the irrelevant and spam results.

2. YouTube :

Another great product from Google that is the biggest and most popular video sharing platform. People don’t consider it as a search engine but it gets billions of searches monthly. Its an unbelievable fact that YouTube gets more searches than Bing, Yahoo, AOL and combined. On YouTube content is visual and engaging and people prefer to watch visual content.

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3. Bing :

Microsoft’s answer to Google comes second in our list of Top Search Engines. Bing is responsible for around 20 percent of searches on the web. If you use Windows then you must be knowing that Microsoft’s web browser IE uses Bing as the default search engine. It is not as good as google but still a good search engine to use. Microsoft has been trying to make Bing better and give competition to Google but its far from giving any competition to Google as Google is dominating the search engine market.

4.  Duck Duck Go :

Most of the people are not aware about this relatively new search engine. Duck Duck Go was founded in 2008. It is different from most of other search engines and quite advantageous over others. First of all it does not track users information, so if you don’t like Google tracking all your activities then you can go with Duck Duck Go. Its user interface is very clean and it contains very less number of ads. You can see all the results for your query in one page unlike Google. Also you can directly search any website from Duck Duck Go Search Bar.

5. Yahoo :

It is one of the oldest search engine and it was rocking web searches before Google came into existence. Though now it is nothing compared to Google but still it is handling 5-10 percent of the total searches made on the web. In the field of search engine it is not much used now but it is still one of most popular free email provider in the world.

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6. Baidu :

Most of you have not heard its name but Baidu is one of the most popular search engine in China. It is quite old as it came into existence in 2000. Baidu is having Alexa Rank of 4 after Google, YouTube and Facebook. Other than searching for your queries you can also get services like news, maps and cloud storage.

7. : is question answering website cum search engine. It was founded back in 1995 and initially it was known as Ask Jeeves. Original idea behind Ask Jeeves was to provide answers to the questions asked by users everyday in natural language as well as keyword search. You will get search results mostly in question answer form and if Ask is not able to find answers to your query then it shows results by taking help from other search engines.

8. AOL :

It is very old and famous search engine. Though it not used by many people in the present time but it still makes its place in the Top 10 Best Search Engines List. AOL is global mass media company that is based out of New York. Popular websites like Huff Post, Tech Crunch and  Engadget are in AOL network. Other than search engine AOL also provides AOL Advertising and AOL Platform services.

9. Yandex

Yandex is most popular search engine in Russia with around 60 percent of the market share. It is not so popular worldwide but it is also used in some parts of Europe. Yandex also provides free email service. Search results are provided in nice logical format and you can perform various kind of searches like Web,Images, Video and much more.

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10. WolframAlpha :

It is very different from all other search engines. It doesn’t come up with list of web pages or documents when you search for a query. It returns results based on data and facts, so basically it is a computational search engine (also known as computational knowledge engine). You can search things about Mathematics, Step by Step Solutions, People and History, Money & Finance and much more.

So this was our list of top search engines in 2019. Though Google is the Best Search Engine and dominates most of the search queries but other search engines are also having some useful features. So you can give other search engines a try. Hope you liked our Best Search Engines List.

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