Top 10 Music Discovery Sites To Discover New Music In 2019

Music Discovery Sites

If you are a die hard Music lover and looking for music discovery sites to discover new music online then no need to worry. We’ve got you covered. Music is said to be one of best ways to stimulate your brain functioning. It helps your mind to relax when you are stressed out. There are various genres of music available for every mood and taste. We all have our favorite genres and artists. Sometimes we keep repeating listening to the same old songs and forget that everyday there is new music coming out.

Everyday some new albums are getting released and a new artist is emerging. You don’t need to get stuck in the loop of listening to the same songs. You need to explore new music as loads of good music is getting created each and every day. That’s why we have listed Top 10 Music Discovery Sites that can help you discover new music online in 2019.

Music Discovery Sites

Top 10 Music Discovery Sites 2019 :

1. YouTube :

YouTube is one of the best sites to discover new music online. It is largest video sharing website on the internet. Most of us think it as a video website only but there’s more to it. You can find loads of new music from various music channels. Tons of music videos are getting uploaded every hour by established music channels as well as aspiring artists. In YouTube’s trending section you can find music videos that are getting popular. In YouTube’s Music Section you can find many channels from various genres including Pop Music, Rock Music, Classical Music and many more.

2. Sound Cloud :

Sound Cloud is another great website to discover new music online. You can find latest music, background scores and podcasts on Sound Cloud. Along with that you can find original songs and full albums also. There are many groups on Sound Cloud where users upload lots of new music regularly. You can follow these groups to discover new music and tracks. In Sound Cloud’s Charts section New & Hot List and Top 50 list. You can also filter by various genres including Classical, Country, Indie etc.

3. Pure Volume :

Pure Volume is another great source to find new music online. It is also one of the best unblocked music site to listen music at school or workplace. Pure Volume is a great platform for emerging musicians. You can find latest music from new and emerging musicians and artist. If you are an artist and want to reach people then its a great platform for you. You can create your profile by entering details like bio and you can upload your creations.

4. :

If you are looking for a Music Discovery Site that provides you new music according to your interest then is the one for you. Its recommendation engine is very advanced so that you can find music suggestion based on your taste in music. It takes your music listening habits and interest into consideration and shows you personalized suggestions. You can explore popular songs as well as music tracks from emerging and new artists.

5. Band Camp :

Band Camp is another great music discovery website that can help you discover new music online. Its main intention is to provide a platform to new independent artists. They can upload their music creations and promote it for others to listen. Some of the artists provide their content for free so you can stream fresh music online for free. Band Camp has a Discover section where you can explore latest music by artists, genres and location.

6. Hype Machine :

Hype Machine is another addition in our list of best music discovery websites. As the number of blogs based on Music is quite high Hype Machine shows the music that is getting shared across these music related blogs. It takes data from more than 700 music blogs and provides you the trending and popular new music. You can find music in various categories like Fresh Only, Remixes Only, No Remixes and Blogs in USA.

7. Mix Cloud :

Mix Cloud is another website where you can discover new music online. It is a bit different from other mentioned music discovery sites. Here you will find Mixes and Radio shows by DJ’s instead of finding artists or individual songs. So basically it provides the Music that is undiscovered and not heard before. If you can search for Music Mixes using tags and listen to latest mixes. You can also follow users and explore what they are uploading or listening to.

8. All Music :

As the name suggests All Music is a great website to find new music from all parts of the world. Its extensive database allows you to find detailed information about various artists including their individual songs as well as albums. You can also find reviews about classical music as well as recently released music and news about upcoming albums. It provides you with top rated albums and songs as well as staff picks section so that you can enjoy new music. You can find music depending upon mood, genre and theme. Its better to create a free account with All Music so that you can get personalized suggestion based on your taste.

9. Indie Shuffle :

It is evident from the name itself that Indie Shuffle provides music from Indie Artists. It is a combination of Radio Streaming Service and Music Blog. You can find music from variety of styles or genres that includes acoustic, chill wave, folk and indie covers. You can find staff picks and playlists of latest tracks. If you create your free account on Indie Shuffle, you can also create your own playlists and listen to them whenever you want.

10. 8 Tracks :

8 Tracks is basically a radio streaming service that allows you to listen latest music. Users create playlists of their favorite songs and share it with others. Each playlist should have at least 8 tracks as the name itself suggests. It has a great collection of user’s playlists so you can listen to what others are listening. You can also use advanced filters like genre, artist and tracks count to find playlists of your interest. You can sign up for a free account so that you can also create playlists and share with other 8 Tracks users.

So these were our picks for Top 10 Music Discovery Sites to find new and fresh music online. All of these sites are having great features and allow you to explore undiscovered music.

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