Top 10 Best Free Selfie Apps For Android Smartphones In 2019

Selfie Apps

In this era, there is not even a single person who has not taken selfies. The hype of selfies has started since a long time and this trend is a continuous one. If we consider the users, it is evident that starting from a teenager to a middle-aged man or woman is habituated with the trend of taking selfies and this is a fact that some of them are addicted towards taking selfies. The main aim of taking selfies is to post them on various social media platforms to showcase our lifestyle. There are lots of selfie apps available for android smartphones that are used all over the world.

Starting from selfies, the trend has gradually evolved to become groupfies. Based on the popularity of the selfies, several apps have been developed that contain refined as well as attractive filters which enhance the picture. In some cases, it is also observed that the smart-phones are developed in such a way which will help to provide a better quality selfie to its every user.

Selfie Apps

Top 10 Best Free Selfie Apps For Android :

Android mobile phones are one of the most used smart-phones these days. This is due to the fact that it continuously caters to the needs of its stakeholders and programs itself according to that. There are a large number of mobile apps which are solely meant to serve the purpose of taking selfies. Considering the fact that there are a large number of similar apps, one needs to filter out the best apps for taking selfies. The top ten apps for taking selfies are mentioned below in details. So let’s head over to our compilation of top 10 best free selfie apps for android without taking any more of your precious time. You may like some of these selfie apps while some apps may not be suitable for you. Therefore you can try these apps and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

 1. Retrica :

RetricaRetrica is one of the leading Android apps for taking selfies. It has been observed that a majority of the smartphone users use this app to take more than 100 selfies each day. The most interesting feature of Retrica is that it allows the user to take selfies with a wide range of filters. Therefore, one can enjoy taking his or her selfies with funny or even vintage filters as well.

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2. Bright Camera :

Bright CameraBright Camera is another great app in our list of selfie apps for android. As the name suggests, this app has the capability to edit the photographs in various ways. It is ensured that the selfies are perfect in each and every sense. One can even try to experiment with their selfies with a different style of frames that are available in this app.

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3. YouCam Perfect :

Youcam PerfectYouCam Perfect mainly focuses on the beautification of the face. This is done by sharpening the face in the selfie, editing the skin tone and much more. One can also rectify basic face issues such as pimples, wrinkles, dark spots etc with the help of efficient tools available in this app. In a nutshell, it can be ensured that this app is responsible for the perfect selfies for any android phone.

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4. Silent Camera :

Silent CameraAs the name suggests, this app ensures that the user clicks the best selfie silently. This refers to the fact that while using this app, there is no unwanted shutter sound of the camera which is an obvious factor in most of the android apps. This app aims towards the perfection of the selfies in a subtle manner. This is a fact that no one can doubt the quality of selfies one can click with the help of this application.

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5. Insta Selfie Cam Pic Collage :

Insta SelfieThis renowned app is best known for its high-quality selfies. One can modify several aspects of the selfie such as contrast, brightness and much more. They can also add frames, texts, and objects in the same. This app provides the user with an option to form instant collages with their selfies which are indeed a symbol of sophistication and beauty.

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6. Candy Camera :

Candy CameraThis app has one of the highest ratings in the Play Store and it never fails to satisfy its users. Candy Camera is one of the most implemented apps to click selfies within this generation. It is absolutely free which increases its accessibility among the users. Apart from this, there are a large number of filters available which help to provide an entirely unique look for the individuals.

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7. Selfie Studio :

Selfie StudioAs the name suggests, this app is versatile in its implementation. It is rated as an overall favorite among the users. This popularity is due to the attractive features which are provided by this app. This app incorporates the idea of colorful flashes and trendy editing tools which can enhance the beauty of any selfie. Due to its free purchase, it is circulated at a higher rate within the teenagers.

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8. FotoRus :

FotoRusFotoRus is an app which is especially made to satisfy the demands of the users. For example, this app requires lesser size that is, 27 MB which is convenient for any user. Apart from this, FotoRus incorporates the idea of attractive image filters, addition of texts and objects and much more. The best advantage which one can get through this app is the social media exposure. One can post the full selfies without cropping them on the social media which is triggered by this app.

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9. B612 :

B612B612 is one of the symbols of sophistication in these days. This wonderful app uses the concept of selfie videos which is unique in its kind. One can take these selfie videos of minimal seconds and share their stories in the social media.  One can also darken the borders of their selfies through this app which leads to the enhancement of the picture.

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10. Sweet Selfie :

Sweet SelfieSweet Selfie is another useful selfie application for android smartphones. This is comparatively a newer member but since its inception, it has started creating wonders. Through this app, one can take beautiful selfies and there are several filters and timers available to ensure that the quality of the selfie is the best.

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Selfies play an important role to portray self-confidence. It is an important part of the social media showcasing our lifestyle. These Best Free Selfie Apps for Android can help you make your selfies awesome. One should always focus on the quality of the app before installing and it can be done with the help of the reviews of the app which depict the style of operation of these apps.

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