Top 5 Best Free Proxy Sites For School/Office In 2019

free proxy sites

If you are facing problems in accessing some websites in your school or office then you have landed on the right destination. School or Office administration blocks some of the entertainment websites to prevent the students from using them. Though there are tons of proxy sites that can be used to unblock websites at school but it is very difficult to find free proxy sites for school that actually work. Most of the free proxy websites are blocked in schools or workplaces by the administration. Some of those that are not blocked may reduce your internet speed drastically and increase loading time of websites. That’s why we have listed top 5 best free proxy sites for school and offices that actually work in 2019. These proxy sites are very useful in unblocking music sites as well as movies and other media streaming sites at school or workplaces.

Before heading over to the list of best proxy sites for school let’s first see how proxy sites work and how they allow users to access some of the blocked websites.

free proxy sites

What is a Proxy Sites and How Proxy Sites Work

Proxy site is basically a website that works as an intermediary interface between destination server and the clients. Using proxy sites you can not only unblock websites but you can also browse the web anonymously. When you visit a proxy site, it hides you original IP address and assigns you a new random IP. So your identity on the internet will be hidden and you will be able to surf the internet in an anonymous way. Proxy websites have become very popular nowadays as everyone wants their identity to be hidden while browsing the internet. It is very easy to use free proxy sites for school. You just need to visit a proxy site, enter the website you want to unblock in the address bar and you will be able to access it without any difficulties.

Top 5 Best Free Proxy Sites For School :

1. New IP Now :

Website :

New IP Now is one of the best proxy site to unblock sites at school. As the name suggests it instantly assigns a new IP whenever you want. Using New IP Now is very simple and it doesn’t irritate its users with ads. It has got servers in many parts of the world so you can change your IP to any location you want. It is a completely free site to use and doesn’t have any complicated options or features.

2. Hide Me :

Website :

Hide Me is another addition in our list of free proxy sites for school. It is evident from the name that you can use this proxy website to hide your identity on internet. Hide Me allows you to change your IP to other locations including Netherlands, USA and Germany. Great thing about this site is, it doesn’t store any kind of log files so your internet browsing will be private and secure.

3. Hide My Ass :

Website :

Hide My Ass is one of the most popular proxy site on internet. Using Hide My Ass proxy you can hide your IP and change your IP location to UK, USA and Netherlands. You can easily unblock the websites that are blocked on your IP or blocked in your region. Though it keeps pestering its users with Hide My Ass Pro VPN advertisement it is still worth giving a try.

4. Proxy Site :

Website :

If you are looking for another website to access blocked websites without compromising on your privacy then Proxy Site is the one for you. You can visit this site and immediately access the sites that are blocked in your location. It allows you to choose from more than 15 servers from USA as well as Europe.

5. 24 Proxy :

Website :

24 Proxy is another proxy site that allows you to surf the web anonymously. You don’t need to install any software for using this. You can go to the URL mentioned above and start unblocking sites for free. It is completely secure to use and you don’t have to worry about privacy. 24 Proxy hides your IP Address and your online presence can not be tracked by website owners or hackers.

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