Top 10 Best Free Cartoon Picture Apps For Android In 2019

cartoon picture apps

Youngsters are mad behind selfies and photos these days. Many editing apps are very popular among people to make their photos more beautiful. These days people are not only interested in just making their images beautiful but are also interested in turning them into any other creative style. There are lost of android apps which could turn your images into very creative cartoon images and thus enhance the value and creativeness of your photos among your friends. We have shared this list of Top 10 Best Free Cartoon Picture Apps for Android. You can use these cartoon picture apps to turn your pictures into cartoons.

cartoon picture apps

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Top 10 Best Free Cartoon Picture Apps for Android :

1. Cute Face Image Maker :

This app helps the user to easily take their picture in cartoon mode. The app not only provides cartoon but also some other options such as oil paints, sketches, pencil drawings etc. This app is very easy to use as it provides a lot of user friendly options such as zooming, easy use of front and back camera, flashlight, adjustment of brightness, levels, hue, sharpness, contrast and other effects. This cartoon media could be easily shared with other users via social media. This also helps the user to stay in the limelight in social media even if they do not more images to share at that time. These awesome features make it number 1 app in our list of cartoon picture apps.

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2. Cartoon Photo Editor :

This app helps the user create a new artwork with a large number of options available in this app where the pic can also be turned into funny pic and the other filters to edit the photo could also be used. The pic could be extracted in some cartoon image and whatever artwork as required. The app uses a simple format of importing the image from gallery or also the photo clicked on the phone camera directly and could be used for editing in the app. The image could be stored and easily shared with friends.

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3. Cartoon Image Creator :

The main feature of this app is it provides different types of options to create a cartoon image from the picture. The app has free custom images over 300 to help the user to create a whole new set of creative images. The app has many background options. It also has some unique varieties such as different types of hats and hairstyles that makes the user’s image more creative. The app along with editing to cartoon image also helps the user the add text to the pic which could turn a pic beautiful. The app is very user friendly with lots of useful options.

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4. Cartoon Photo Maker :

The app allows many features such as pencil sketch, drawing, comic and other cartoon effects to the picture. It has a full package of options which makes the app a good cartoonist and editor app. The app also allows use of front and back camera. There are many other features and options that you can apply to your photos to make them creative cartoon image. Thus, the app along with being user friendly is also has a good combination of different cartoon effects.

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5. Cartoon Photo Filter Effect :

The app has about 50 photo effects that turns the image into effective cartoon image. It helps the user to try all the cartoon options and make the photo as creative as possible. The app could use a photo from the gallery itself either by cropping or by using the pic as it is. It also provides an option of using the front and back camera for clicking pics.  Then you can use these clicked pics directly for editing in the app. The ease of using the app makes it popular which is also contributed by the number of different tools that makes the picture more creative and cartoonist.

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6. Cartoon Photo Editor :

This app is used for turning regular pictures to cartoon pictures. The app is a free tool to give amazing effects and make the picture cartoonist and creative. The app provides lots of options such as use of pencil, drawing, sketches, old paper, crayons and other effects. These special effects can help you to enhance the creativity of your pictures. The best feature of the app includes the use of the picture form the gallery to convert the picture into cartoon. The app also allows the use of camera to take a picture and later use it for conversion.

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7. Cartoon Photo HD :

This app helps the user to make their images as creative as possible with the use of hundreds of options available online. The app allows to select the image from gallery as well as it allows the use of camera for taking the pictures for conversion. The app uses unique editing tools such as Lomo, Gotham, end emboss, HDR, sketch etc. The picture could be turned into an interesting artwork with the help of the app and also the app is free to use.

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8. Moments Cartoon :

It is another great app in our compilation of best cartoon picture apps. You can use Moments Cartoon android application to turn your picture into creative cartoon image. This app helps its users to turn their face image into cartoon image and also it allows sharing of the picture with friends via social media. The app is famous for its selfie modes, face swap and other such features. This photo editor is very much popular and useful for creative people. The cartoon images obtained are in HD form.

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9. Cartoon Camera :

This app is the best free app that can help you in turning your picture into cartoon images. You can make your photos very creative with exotic tools available in the app. The app has many useful features such as color drawing, dark strokes, white strokes, pencil sketches etc. which makes the user’s image more creative and beautiful. The app also uses adjustable edge strength, color sensitivity, auto-focus and other features.

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10. Cartoon Photo Editor App :

This app is useful to turn your pic into a very creative cartoon picture. This app has many males and females poses which could be used to make the image more hilarious. The app also has more than 50 cartoon frames which turns the image into cartoon picture. The app could be used be used very easily as it provides the use of images directly from the gallery. You can also use images by directly clicking it from either front or back camera. You can also share these edited images on social media.

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These were our top choice for best free cartoon picture apps for android smartphones. The above listed apps could be used anywhere at any time in your Android smartphones to make your images more creative.

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