Top 10 Documentary Sites To Watch Free Documentaries Online

watch free documentaries online

Many people prefer watching documentaries instead of watching movies online, supposedly as they are short, simple and informative. People prefer documentaries when they have a desire of watching something different or getting knowledge of something new. The genres offered by the documentaries are of wider variety compared to movies such as comedy, biography, sports, mystery, psychology, travel, activism, performing arts etc. Earlier easy availability of the documentaries was an issue but these days they are as easily available as movies. There are many websites that provides documentaries for online viewing, some of them are mentioned below in detail. We have listed Top 10 Sites to Watch Free Documentaries Online.

watch free documentaries online

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Top 10 Sites to Watch Free Documentaries Online :

1. Top Documentary Films :

The website makes it easy to find any documentary as it has a wide range of collection. Also the browsing of the website is comparatively easy. It covers a wide area of genres which simplifies the searching option via subject browsing. If you are confused about choosing your documentary then you can easily sort the documentaries according to your categories such as ratings, comments, shares, votes, newest, title etc. The full synopsis of each and every documentary makes it easy for you to choose the documentary as per your taste. Moreover, this website offers free online streaming of the documentaries without any registration.

2. Snag Films :

This website provides free online streaming of the documentaries. The website is easy to surf through as it provides options such as A-Z, most viewed, most popular, just added etc. which creates a different type of comfort for the people using it. If you want to watch the documentaries later at leisure then you can queue it up in the playlist. For managing playlists you have to register with Snag Films but the registration is completely free. The website is easily accessible on all OS systems.

3. Watch Documentary :

This website provides about 30 categories of documentaries. One can conduct searches through these categories or titles. The top documentaries page available on the website shows the top 50 videos of each category. This list can be easily filtered according to your choice. Also one long list is provided that shows all possible videos. The video quality is high enough for DVD views. The website is also available as a free mobile app.

4. Documentary Heaven :

The sorting of thousands of free documentaries at Documentary Heaven is done through rating and by the top 100. Anyone can submit the videos on the website which makes availability of the public documentaries easy. The long list of the documentaries makes it easy for the user to read the categories and titles of the documentaries through which they can choose their favorite. There are about 35+ categories of the documentaries and also its viewing is free. If you register for the website then you can post comments and make videos favorite.

5. Films for Action :

They have about 800 free documentaries in about 40 categories. The website provides sorting the videos according to the user’s choice and also it provides free online streaming. The account registration in the website helps the user to get weekly emails on updates and also they can receive best videos notifications. The high quality of the videos helps the user to go through the videos as many time as they want. The favorite’s option is available after registration which eases the use of the website for user.

6. Documentary Storm :

This website is fully loaded with all new collection of documentaries. All the documentaries are available for free online streaming. The distribution of the documentaries is in some unique categories which makes the viewing of the documentaries simple and interesting. The viewing of the list of documentaries is also available apart from the categorized list along with a list of top 100 videos and recently added videos. There is a unique feature that offers surprise me option which would select a random video for you. E-mail subscription can help the user to stay updated daily.

7. The Documentary Network :

The main categories of about 1000 free documentaries of this website are travel, science and research, TV, economy and wealth. Apart from this one can also search the documentaries on the basis of length of the video and location of the documentary on the map. The top 20 videos list is available in the category of this week, all time and this month. Moreover, a list of most controversial documentaries is also available.

8. Documentary 24 :

Documentary 24 is another great websites to watch free documentaries online. It has many different categories of the documentaries. Also they have a sorting option based on newest and popular. You can also search through the website for documentaries if you have the title of the documentary. If you subscribe for email subscription then you can get Daily updates latest content.

9. Documentary Tube :

This website categories its wide collection of documentaries in about 40+ categories. You can easily search through these categories. Moreover you can carry out your search using some tags also. You can sort the list of videos through trending, latest or popular. The website also provides a sorting option called randomize that picks a random documentary for viewing. The e-mail service provides daily updates about the website in your email inbox.

10. Free Documentaries :

Free Documentaries is another websites where you can watch free documentaries online. It provides a wide range of documentaries in different categories. Moreover, it provides a list of videos that makes the viewing and choosing of the documentaries easy and simple. You can receive Daily updates on upcoming documentaries or existing ones via email subscription of the website.

The above mentioned sites cover almost all the popular websites for online streaming of documentaries in high quality. The documentaries have become popular these days because of the quality of work they contain. The topic of the documentaries are so unique that are hard to find anywhere in movies. Such topics make the documentaries more popular and create interest in users for watching them. Thus, you can follow the above list to watch free documentaries online. Some documentary websites also provide the option of storing for watching them at leisure.

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