Top 10 Sites To Download PC Games For Free In 2019

sites to download PC games

There are 1.2 million people around the grid, dragged into the gaming world as gamers. We all prefer to play games on PC in order to witness a complete gaming experience. One difficult task faced by gamers is that, it is most of the time frustrating to download the game of our choice in the right place. So here we go, to the right sites at the right time where we can download a wide range of PC games for free. We are presenting the list of sites to download PC games for free that will drag you to thrilling gaming experience.

sites to download PC games

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Top 10 Sites To Download PC Games For Free In 2019 :

1. Acid Play :

Acid Play is one of the best sites to download PC games for free in 2019. This website brings together all the recently released games under a single platform where you choose among hottest, top rated and newest of games. Open the website to find top games, genres and platforms to your left. There is this unique feature of genre to choose games according to the way yo want in genres like action, puzzle, board, sport and many more. You also find top rated games like Notrium, perfect cherry blossom, mono, pakoon 2 and so on.

2. :

This site is open to all PC, MAC and Linux gamers all in one single platform. This website is designed in an innovative way where the games are listed in alphabetical order which is easy to use. All free games are verified in their list that are safe to download and install. The games are listed along with the game title, genre, theme and type. All you have to do is click on the game of your choice and you will witness a page with two option login and register. You can sign up on the website when you are visting for the first time and then login whenever you are visiting the website again . Moreover this website is legal that makes sure you have a safe gaming experience.

3. :

This one is a freeware gaming website were you will find a handful of recently introduced and innovative games. It is one of those most frequently updated websites you’ll ever find. This website makes sure you have a better gaming experience by providing you 2-D and 3-D games. You open the website to find the list of gaming genres on your left, tap on it to get into another division of games. You don’t need to get exhausted by logging or signing in, directly you’ll get the download link and then you can start gaming.

4. Origin on the House :

Origin is a house full of games and deals, which drags more of your attention. You should keep visiting this site frequently to make sure that you don’t miss any of their deals as they keep changing from time to time. Tap to the website where you find the store on your right corner and it gives you options like browse games, free games and deals to choose. You also get opportunities for free trials but only for selected games. Also the deals section offers you to buy the recently released games in lower prices.

5. Mega Games :

Mega Games is one of those sites to download PC games where you can get all your play station games for free. This website is more like an app with stunning features like trainers, headlines, fixes, cheats, mobs and freeware. You can browse games by tapping  freeware and you’ll find latest freeware games and other games arranged in alphabetical order. To make it more convenient you have the search icon to get to your games. Downloading procedure on Mega Games is also not that time consuming.

6. Skid Row Games :

Skid Row Games is a network having combination of all old as well as new games with their licences updated regularly. Here you will find a galaxy of games, updated frequently from time to time. The website provides you with game list, PC games and game updates. Moreover you will also notice the recent and top rated games streaming on the webpage, where you will find a clear description of the game, its genre along with its release date. There are more than 2 download links for you to download the game of your choice.

7. IGG Games :

Being old but, young at trend this website is a highly experienced one in this field. Other than the free game download links this website also offers you game descriptions and video tutorials. Using the step by step guides you can become expert in any games displayed on screen. The website is quite user friendly and also provides you with online help services. You can find a whole lot of new games here to be downloaded free on your desktop.

8. OVA Games :

OVA is a complete 21st century gaming website designed exactly the way our minds think. You will most probably find the game you seek to be downloaded for free else, you have got a golden opportunity to request the website for the game you seek. Depending on the rate of request the game would be available for free without time delay. The website gets you to choose games from different genres and lets you download the game you seek directly from the download link.

9. Apun Ka Games :

Apun Ka Games is a gaming blog where you can find games with 10 different genres. The top rated ones are already displayed on screen. You will also witness more than one download link for games. This website provides games like Rome:Total war:Barbarian invasion, Mercenaries 2, pinball FX2 and tom Clancy’s rainbow. The website also cautions you about your game’s PC requirements, wallpapers and videos. So it is quite useful website among our list of sites to download PC games for free.

10. Gamer Sky :

Gamer sky is basically a Chinese website but you can get it displayed in English also. You’ll get any game the recent ones and the old ones here; the website directly sends you to the download link. This is a Brilliant website when it comes to providing game links but you won’t find descriptions of the games. All you need to do is directly search the game of your choice and download it in one go.

These are the best sites to download PC games for free. Some of the websites have legal licences for the games they provide and some are not having the licences. But you don’t have to worry about as it is not going to affect your free game downloading in any way. These websites also give you opportunities to post your gaming experience. Happy gaming!

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