How To Schedule Emails in Gmail

Schedule Emails in Gmail : You may get into a situation when you have to send emails to some clients at 2 am or 3 am who are in different time zone. Off course you don’t want to wake up at that time.
What if i tell you that you don’t have to wake up at 3 am and you can still send an email at 3 am. Does that sound confusing?
If yes, then i will clear your confusion soon enough.

You can easily schedule your emails to send it later at any time. By scheduling emails you can also set up reminders for yourself to complete some specific tasks.

For doing this job of scheduling emails you can use Boomerang Extension which is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.
Here i am going to tell you step by step how you can use boomerang to schedule emails to send later.

How To Schedule Emails In Gmail :

  1. First visit website.Boomerang for Gmail
  2. Click on “Add this to your Gmail”.Add Boomerang for gmail
  3. One pop up notification will appear asking you to Add”Boomerang for Gmail”. Just Click on Add Extension and Boomerang will be added to your browser.
  4. Now boomerang will show you some basic instructions on how to use boomerang to schedule emails. You can go through these instructions or you can skip it also.
  5. Now login to your Gmail account and Click on compose to write a new mail. After you are done with your mail, just click on Send Later button just below the Send button.Schedule emails in gmail
  6. Now enter the date and time at which you want your email to be sent out.
    Schedule emails with boomerang
  7. Just Click Confirm and Boomerang will take care of sending this email at the specified date and time.

You can send 10 emails monthly with this basic free plan. If you want to send more than 10 emails per month then you can upgrade to their paid subscription.
Hope you liked this article on how to schedule emails in gmail.


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