2 Best iOS Emulator For Android To Run iOS Apps On Android

ios emulator for android

Run iOS Apps On Android : If you own an Android Phone and you like iOS Apps but unfortunately you can’t afford to buy an iPhone then you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to buy an iPhone in order to run iOS apps or play your favorite iOS games. You can easily Run iOS Apps On Android with iOS Emulator For Android.

Google and Apple are top competitors in Mobile Operating Systems and both are improving their Operating Systems (Android and iOS) in order to be Most Used OS in the world. But right now Android is more popular due to the fact that their phones are way cheaper as compared to iPhone. Both have their great App collections. But sometimes you may like some iOS app that is not available for android. So if you are trying out a way to find out how to get apple apps on android then we have shared Best iPhone Emulator For Android using which you can run iphone apps on android.

With the advancements in technology there are many applications coming day by day and it has been possible to run one operating system apps on other operating system. These applications are called Emulators and these are available for many platforms. With these you can Run iOS Apps on PC,MAC, Android and also Run Android Apps on Windows with Android Emulator For PC. Mostly Emulators are used for application testing purposes where under developed applications are tested for any major bugs while running on various platforms.
You can also run iOS apps on PC with iphone emulator for pc.

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How To Run iOS Apps On Android With Best iOS Emulator For Android:

To Run iOS Apps On Android there is iPhone Emulator For Android available. You just have to install iOS emulator APK file on your android smartphone and you will be able to run apple apps on android.

We have selected 2 Best iPhone Emulator For Android.


iEMU APK is one of the Best iOS Emulator Android can have. It doesn’t require much space while installing on android and system requirements are also very basic. It is very simple to install and easy to use. You can check the basic system requirements and installation steps below.

Requirements To Run iOS Apps On Android Using iEMU App:

  • Your Smartphone’s Android Version should be 2.3 or higher.
  • At least your phone should have 512 MB RAM.
  • iEMU App needs 61 MB memory fo apk files, so make sure your phone has this much free memory.

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Download iEMU iOS Emulator Android:

Follow these simple steps to download iEMU App on your android smartphone.

  • Click on this download link to download iEMU iOS Emulator for android.
  • Navigate To your Android Device Settings > Security and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Go to the location where the Apk file is stored.
  • Click on it to install.

Once the iEMU installation is completed, you will be able to see iEMU icon on your Android Device home screen.

2. Cider APK:

Cider APK is another great iPhone Emulator For Android. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download Cider APK as it is totally free to use. You can enjoy all your favorite iOS games and applications on your android phone using this iOS emulator for android APK. The thing that goes against Cider APK is that GPS, Bluetooth and other location based services are not supported by Cider. Its developers are doing advanced researches and it will be available in the market as one of the Best iOS Emulator For Android.
You can download Cider APK from Here.

If you are having questions like if these emulators can replace iPhone, then obviously the answer would be no. It can not replace the actual iPhone. You can just run certain number of apps on Android Device with iEMU & Cider ios emulator for android.

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