How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock In iPhone/iPad

bypass icloud activation lock

Bypass iCloud Activation: iCloud Activation feature is a very useful feature provided by Apple for its iOS devices. It helps to prevent the use of your device by any other person in the case if its lost or stolen. If you have lost your iOS device and you want to prevent the other people to access any of your data. Then you can enable Find My iPhone feature on your phone and your iPhone/iPad device will be locked and only way to open the device will be using the original Apple ID and password which you only know. In this way your data will be safe from thieves.

bypass icloud activation lock

Its a great feature provided by Apple for its users but let’s assume a case if you have lost your iPhone/iPad device and person who found your phone is kind enough to return the device to its owner. But he can’t contact you since your phone is locked and he’s not able to find out any information like contact number or email id of the owner.

Another case is for the people who buy used iPhone devices. If you have bought used iPhone/iPad device from sites like ebay or any other marketplace where second hand goods are bought and sold. If unfortunately,the device you bought is a lost or stolen device then it is sure that the owner must have enabled the Find My iPhone feature and it will be iCloud locked device. It will be a useless device for you. Since you won’t be able to use any of its feature without unlocking the iCloud lock. All your money you spent is wasted.

In future if you want to buy a iOS device from a second hand marketplace then just make sure you check if it was lost or stolen and locked by its previous owner.

You can check its status by going to

You need to enter the IMEI code of the device. So make sure to ask the seller to provide IMEI code of the device before buying it and check Activation Lock Status.

check activation lock

Now that you have bought a locked iPhone device so there you should be some way to bypass activation lock.
Well there are some tricks using which you can bypass iCloud activation lock.

How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock :

You can use below mentioned methods to remove iCloud Activation Lock on your iOS device.

Solution#1: Quick Fix To Bypass iCloud Activation:

Using this solution you can quickly bypass icloud lock and access your iOS device. But it is temporary fix not the permanent one.

It is found working properly for iOS devices iOS8 and iOS 9. Users with other iOS versions can also give this method a shot.
You must be seeing ‘Active iPhone Screen’ messgage on your screen.

icloud activation lock removal
Follow these simple steps to unlock icloud activation.

  1. Tap on the Home button and navigate to Wifi Settings option.
  2. From the Wifi network list, click on the “i” symbol next to Wifi symbol.
  3. You will get to network setting. Look for DNS and remove the existing DNS.
  4. Now you’ll have to put new DNS depending upon your current location. Users from USA/North America region, enter the the new DNS as Users from Europe region, enter the new DNS as Users from Asia region, enter the new DNS as Users from other regions, enter the new DNS as icloud locked
  5. Once you have entered the right DNS according to your location, click on the bcak button. Then tap on Activation Help.

When you followed the above mentioned steps carefully and completed all the steps you will get a message stating that “You have successfully connected to my Server“.
Now you have activated your iDevice successfully and you can access most of the apps like Social,Internet,Maps,Mail,Audio,Video,YouTube,Games etc.

Further if you want to remove the iCloud Activation lock permanently (well……, kind of) then you can follow some more steps.

Solution#2: Permanent Fix To Bypass iCloud Activation(iCloud Bypass):

  1. Tap on the Menu option and Navigate to Applications.
  2. Now tap on Crash. Your iPhone will Re-spring to the home screen, where you will be able to see the Apple logo.
  3. Choose your country and language.
  4. Tap on the home button and go to More Wi-Fi settings.
  5. Click on the “i” symbol next to Wi-Fi symbol.
  6. Scroll down to the Menu under HTTP PROXY.
  7. Clear the address bar and tap on the Globe on the keyboard.
  8. Type 20 to 30 random characters  and fill “8888” in Port and click on Back.
  9. Now again click on Next. Keep sliding to unlock and keep on clicking language options for 3-4 minutes without stopping. You will get to Home Screen of your iPhone.

Now after following these steps successfully you will be able to access applications like FaceTime, Newsstand,Phone. But the limitation is you have restart your iPhone every time you need to use any of these apps.

So we hope these methods helped you to bypass iCloud activation lock and get some functionality out of your locked iPhone. As these are free methods and have their limitations, it is not possible to get full functionality out of your phone. You won’t be able to use your iPhone like a stand iPhone using these free methods.

There are some paid methods available using which you can Remove iCloud Lock to get full functionality out of your iPhone/iPad devices.
We are soon going to write some reviews about those paid services who claim to get your iPhone its full functionality back.

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