[Fixed] Parse Error : There Is A Problem Parsing The Package Error

There is a problem parsing the package

Fix Parse Error : Android users are increasing day by day, reason being simplicity of android, its easy to use features and vast collection of apps in google play store. Among the users who are using smartphones, more than 80% of them are using Android OS, which is a very high percentage. One more reason for android’s popularity may be that android phones are available at cheaper prices with great features as compared to iOS. You can even run iOS Apps on Android with iOS Emulator For Android.

Having said that android is most popular OS doesn’t imply that it is perfect or error free. We can face several errors while installing apps on android smartphone. One of the most common android error users face while installing apps is Problem Parsing The Package Error. Android Process Acore is another error which is faced by Android Smartphone users quite frequently.

parse error

So if you are getting this there is a problem parsing the package error on your android phone while installing apps then no need to get tensed. Here i am going to share all the possible working solutions to fix parse error on your android smartphone.

Before going any further let’s discuss first what is parse error and then we can discuss about how to fix it.

What is Parse Error ?

Wikipedia defines Parsing as :
Parsing  is the process of analyzing a string of symbols, either in natural language or in computer languages, conforming to the rules of a formal grammar”

So it can be easily understood now that Parsing Error or Parse Error is interruption in the process of analyzing a string of symbols while installing an android application. Hope you got answer to your question what is parse/parsing error?

So let’s move on to the causes or reasons of getting this particular error.

Reasons for Problem Parsing The Package Error :

Parse Error or Parsing Error is one of the most common android error that is faced quite frequently by android users. Whenever someone tries to install an application in android smartphone, this error comes out of nowhere and frustrates the users. This error has been reported by many android users as one of the most irritating error. There is not any specific reason for the occurrence of this particular error. There can be various reasons due to which parsing error can occur in android smartphone. Some of them are listed below.

  • Parsing Package Error may occur if the APK file you have downloaded is corrupted.
  • If you don’t have permission for installation of 3rd party apps.
  • The application you are trying to install is not compatible with your smartphone’s Hardware or OS version.
  • Installation of your app is getting blocked by some other third party application.

Now that we have got to know why this error may occur let’s discuss about the some possible solutions to avoid this error.

How To Fix Parse Error In Android :

Though there is no specific solution to fix this error as there are plenty of reasons that cause parse error. There can be many solution depending upon the reason so you have got to try them all. Here are all possible solutions for there was a problem parsing the package error in android.

1. Allow Installation From Unknown Sources :

For the safety of your android phone its default settings don’t allow you to install applications from third party sources other than google’s official play store as apps from unknown sources may have some malicious code in apps and it can harm your android smartphone. So it is advisable not to install apps from not so trusted sources. But if you want to install apps from sources other than google play store then you can allow installation from unknown sources to prevent parse error.To Allow installation from unknown sources go to your phone’s Settings > Security and check on Unknown Sources.

Problem Parsing The Package
Once you have done that your device will be able to install applications from third party sources also.

2. Check APK File :

There was a problem parsing the package error may also occur if the file you have downloaded is corrupt. If that is the case then try doing a fresh download and make sure that you download the full apk file.Sometimes it is possible that you have downloaded APK file partially so you are getting PARSING ERROR.
To avoid this case in the first place always try to download apps from Google Play Store only if you can’t find it in play store then only try from other sources.

3. Check App Manifest File :

If you have done some modifications in app manifest file then this solution can help you to solve this error.
Restore the Androidmanifest.xml file to default as the modifications made in this file may be causing problem parsing the package error while installing the apps on your smartphone.
Also make sure that you haven’t renamed the apk file from its original name. Let’s when you downloaded the APK its name was Application.apk and you renamed it to Application1.apk then also its possible to get this error. So rename it to its original name to avoid problem parsing the package error.

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4. Enable USB Debugging :

USB debugging is not compulsory to install android apps on your smartphone but it may work for you as it has worked for some smartphone users to avoid this error.
For enabling USB debugging, first you have to enable Developer Option in your smartphone.
For enabling Developer Option:
Go To Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number 7 times. It will show ‘You are now a developer’ on your screen.
Parsing Error
Once you have enabled the Developer Option, Now go back to Settings > Developer Options and tick mark USB debugging to enable it.
There was a problem parsing the package

5. Disable Antivirus And Cleaner Apps :

Sometimes your Security Applications like Antivirus Apps or Cleaner Apps may block the installation of some apps.
These security application try to block the installation of apps which they find suspicious and downloaded from not so trusted sites.
In that case disable your Antivirus temporarily and install the application.

6. Make Sure The Application Is Compatible With Your Device :

If the above mentioned methods didn’t work for you then it is possible that the App you are trying to install is not compatible with your device. In that case try to install the older version of the application as newer version is not compatible with your device.
To find the older version of Application just go to APK4Fun and search for the application you want. There you will find many versions of that particular Application. Just download an old version and try to install it. It should solve your Error.

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7. Clear Cache, Cookies of Play Store :

If you are having there was a problem parsing package error while installing the apps from Google Play Store itself then you should Clear Cache and Cookies of Play Store and then try to install apps. It may help you to solve parsing error.

8. Upgrade OS :

It may occur due to incompatibility of Applications with your device OS. In this case you can also try to Upgrade your android OS. Check for updates in your android smartphone and update it to the latest version of OS.

9. Reset Android :

If all the solutions mentioned above did not work for you then can use this. You shouldn’t follow this method unless you have tried all the possible solutions because resetting android will erase all the apps and data in your phone memory.

reset to fix parse error android
So if you are forced to use this method then backup all your data to external SD Card and then reset the android. It will solve your parse error android.

So these were all the possible solutions which are working to solve there is a problem parsing the package error. Hope you were able to solve parsing error after reading this article. Do let us know in comments if you are facing any problem while following these steps.

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