Cool Websites: Most Interesting Websites To Visit in 2019

Cool Websites: After hectic day at work everyone spends some time on social media sites like Facebook to kill time. But visiting same set of websites also becomes boring after a while. Everyone needs some change in their routine.

So if you are bored of visiting same old websites daily then we have compiled a list of cool websites which are most interesting websites to visit in 2019.

List of Interesting And Cool Websites:

There are plenty of cool websites which can cure your boredom. Among those cool websites we have collected coolest websites and most interesting websites in the list give below. These websites include productive websites as well as some fun websites. Give these awesome websites a shot and you will definitely enjoy these.


I would like start my list with Quora. Most of you must be knowing about Quora and maybe regularly visiting it. For People who still don’t know about Quora, it’s a Question and Answer website. It has a high quality community of people who are experts in their respective fields and you can find almost every topic there. You can search for the questions, ask your own question and also answer other people’s queries.

Visit Website: Quora

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Is It Normal?

With the help of this website you can understand if the thoughts you are having are normal or its just unique to you.
It has various categories like Dreams and Sleep, Feelings, Spirituality & Beliefs, Urges & Desires and many more.

Visit Website: Is It Normal?

Useful Science: 

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In this Website you can find a great collection of summaries of various research papers published in scientific journals in various categories like Creativity, Education, Fitness, Health, Nutrition and many more.

Visit Website: Useful Science

Bought it once:

If you are tired of buying common household items very frequently as these items are not durable and you have to replace these in few years. Then this website can help you find something which will last forever and you won’t have to replace common household things in every few years. It has a collection of items which are specifically designed for durability.

Visit Website: Bought It Once

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If you have used Tinder dating App then you must be knowing that there are all kinds of creepy and desperate people on Tinder. Tinderella has collection where you will find screenshots of best and worst pick up lines used on tinder by people.

Visit Website: Tinderella



Google Feud:

Google Feud is a game where you have to guess Google’s top ten autocomplete suggestions. You have to choose among four categories Culture, People,Names & Questions and then it will ask you ‘HOW DOES GOOGLE AUTOCOMPLETE THIS QUERY ?‘ and you have to predict the suggestions.

Visit Website: Google Feud

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Sort by Dislikes:

With the help of this website you can sort a YouTube Channel’s videos by the number of dislikes. It also consists of lists like most disliked videos on YouTube and most hated channels on whole YouTube. You can definitely kill some time going through this website.

Visit Website: Sort by Dislikes

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Honest Slogans:

Honest Slogans is created and managed by takes a dig at iconic brands by Clifton Dickens, a graphic designer.
This website takes a dig at various iconic brands like Pepsi,Levi’s, Lays etc by mixing up their logos with slogans which conveys the people’s actual thinking about that brand.

Visit Website: Honest Slogans

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Mount Everest in 3D:

This website will give you virtual experience of the journey to Mount Everest Peak. It is virtual 3D Trek which will also show the camps that come in between the journey to Mount Everest Peak.

Visit Website: Everest in 3D

everest in 3d


Yea muthafucka, How tha hell is you, biatch. dat shiznit was straight-up sick meetin you, biatch. yo ass is such a sick thug n’ i’ll look forward ta hook up you again.
Translate your statements into gangster like style.

Visit Website: Gizoogle


Some More Interesting Websites:

  1. How Stuff Works : Stuff that your mind will be blown.
  2. The Sweet Setup: For best recommendations about iOS or Mac applications.
  3. Love This Pic: For inspirational quotes and pictures.
  4. Buzzfeed: For funny and humorous GIFs.
  5. Pollock: Try your hand at Modern Art.
  6. Incredibox: Drop some sick beats with your own beatbox band.
  7. The Useless Web: Surf the world of use less websites.
  8. Ello : Cool social network with stuff you won’t find elsewhere (and without advertisements).
  9. : Videos, pics and articles about adventures.
  10. TruthDig : Drilling beneath the headlines.

So these were some of the coolest websites and interesting sites. We suggest you to explore these websites and let us know in comments which COOL WEBSITES you liked the most. We will keep updating this page with more awesome websites. You can bookmark this page if you want many more websites like these.

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