iMessage On PC : How To Get iMessage For Windows PC {3 Methods}

imessage on pc

Get iMessage on PC :  iMessage is most popular messaging app on iOS which used by a lot a people all around the world. It is very safe, fast and trustworthy instant messaging application created by Apple for their iOS devices. You can use iMessage to send free messages to other users who have installed iMessage on their iOS devices. You can use iMessage on MAC also to send and receive text messages and you can sync iMessage between your iPhone and MAC. Apple has developed iMessage app exclusively for apple devices and haven’t provided any official app for windows users. Though there are a few apps that can be good alternatives to iMessage for PC but iMessage has very advanced features and none of the alternatives can come close to iMessage in terms of performance. So if you are a Windows PC lover and you want to use iMessage on PC then there is no official way to get iMessage for PC. But here we are going to share some techniques using which you can get iMessage for PC. Using these techniques you can get iMessage for any version of windows including iMessage For Windows 10.

imessage on pc

Features of iMessage for PC :

iMessage for PC has got many awesome features which makes it one of the best instant messaging application.

  1. It allows you to send unlimited messages to your family and friends and you can even create group chat.
  2. You can send any type of media for example- text messages, Images, Videos, Contacts etc.
  3. It also has feature similar to WhatsApp to see if the other user is typing some message or not.
  4. Its UI is very user friendly and simple. It doesn’t take much time to understand the functions.

How To Get iMessage On PC [3 Methods] :

1. iMessage For PC With An iPhone :

This method will work only if you have iPhone with you. For using iMessage on PC with this method first you have to jailbreak your iPhone and then you can proceed to further steps.
You can follow this Lifehacker guide to jailbreak your iPhone.

NOTE : Jail breaking your iPhone is not illegal but there are some pros and cons to this. With Jail broken iPhone you can install apps which are not available on iTunes. But when you jailbreak your iPhone, you’ll lose Apple’s warranty. If your iPhone device is not under warranty then you don’t have to think about this.

Follow these steps once you have Jail broken your iPhone:

  1. Install Cydia on your iPhone which can be used to install many third party apps on your iOS device.
  2. Once you have installed Cydia then go to Cydia and search for Remote Messages which is a paid app. You can get it for 3.99 dollars which is not too much compared to the ease of texting from your Windows PC.
  3. After purchasing the Remote Messages App and installing it, go to Settings and you will see screen similar to below screenshot. Create Username and Password and tap the enable toggle button to turn it on. Using SSL is Optional.
    imessage for pc
  4. You will see Current IP option. Note down that Current IP.
  5. Now that you have enabled the appropriate settings we can proceed to further steps.
  6. For this method to work make sure both your iOS device and your Windows PC are connected to same Wi-Fi network.
  7. Open any browser Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.
  8. Enter the IP Address and server port in the browser address bar. You have to use the Current IP from the Remote Message Settings and server port as :333. So basically if your IP is then you have to type in your browser’s address bar and press Enter.
  9. Enter your iMessage Credentials and you’ll be able to see all your previous conversations on your PC.

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2. Get iMessage On PC With MAC (iMessage On PC Without Jailbreak) :

For using this method to get iMessage on PC you must have a MAC with you. This method will work with iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or any MAC you have got. To use this method you should first enable iMessage on your MAC using your Apple credentials.

Follow these simple steps to remotely connect your MAC and Windows PC:

  1. Make sure you have Chrome browser installed on both devices MAC and Windows PC.
  2. Once you have chrome installed, install Chrome Remote Desktop extension using which you can remotely connect to any other computers.
  3. Now Go To Chrome on your MAC and go to Chrome Remote Desktop in extension settings.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions for Authorization and accept permissions to run Chrome Remote Desktop extension on your MAC.
  5. Now Click on Share your Computer and you’ll see an access code on your screen.
  6. Now Open Chrome on your PC and navigate to Chrome Remote Desktop Extension.
  7. Go to Connect Page and click to link to a shared computer.
  8. Enter the Access Code you got on your MAC and click Connect.
  9. Now you have full remote access to your MAC and you can use iMessage On Windows PC remotely.

There are pros and cons to this method as compared to the first one. Drawback of this method is, you have to keep your MAC on all the time when you are using iMessage on Windows PC as this is a remote connection and once your MAC is turned off your PC will have no device to connect to. But good thing about this methods is, you don’t have to jail break your iPhone and you can enjoy iMessage On PC Without Jailbreak.

3. Get iMessage For Windows PC with iOS Emulators :

For those who don’t know what an iOS emulator is, it is basically an application which allows you to run iOS apps on PC. There are many iPhone emulator for PC available. Most popular ones are MobiOne Studio, iPadian, and Smartface. One of the best iOS emulator for PC is iPadian emulator.

You can follow these simple steps to Run iMessage on PC with iPadian emulator :

  1. Go To iPadian Download Link and download the iPadian emulator which is free of cost.
  2. Install .exe file on your PC.
  3. Follow the on screen instruction to complete iPadian installation.
  4. Once the installation is finished, launch the iPadian emulator.
  5. Search for iMessage and Download iMessage For PC.

After downloading iMessage on your PC you can Send iMessage From PC and receive messages from your friends and family and enjoy the experience of iMessage on PC.

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Hope one of these methods worked for you to fulfill your purpose of getting iMessage on PC. These methods can help you get iMessage on Windows 10 and other previous versions of windows also. If you are getting any difficulties in following above mentioned methods then do let us know in comments.

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