Top 10 Best Free Apps Like iMessage For Android

iMessage for Android

Nowadays it has become very popular to be active on social media via many social media apps available online. The chatting apps like iMessage had become very popular but only the people having an iPhone could use those apps. Thus, Android also came up with some apps which are similar to iMessage and these apps got a very good response from the audience. The people using Android were in search of such apps so some messaging apps came into existence. The list shows all the apps like iMessage for Android which are free to download and use. Moreover, the apps have a lot of useful features which might be similar to iMessage. If you want to use iMessage on PC then you can read this article.

iMessage for Android

Top 10 Best Apps like iMessage for Android :

1. WhatsApp :

WhatsApp is the latest and most popular app used by many people all around the globe. It is one of the best android messaging app available. The app provides many features such as chatting, video calls, voice calls and most importantly creating groups of people to pass instant messages. WhatsApp has gained its popularity by providing easy access even with low internet speed availability. The app easily works on a 2G network and thus, it gives the user easy access to the app in remote areas also. Also, the app keeps on updating and the latest feature of sharing any document file has gained a lot of popularity. Thus, people have started using the app with all the loaded features.

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2. Telegram :

The app is very similar to WhatsApp but it supports a lot more feature such as it supports 5000 members in the groups. It provides a lot of different types of stickers and emojis which enhances the creative use of the app by people. The app provides other features such as video calling, voice calling along with chatting which makes the use of app easy. The app could be used for private chatting as the app has the ability to delete the messages automatically after some time. Thus, the app is very useful for chatting and free calling.

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3. Facebook Messenger :

Facebook is very popular social media platform used by many people. It provides its own messenger app which allows only the account holders of Facebook to use it. The main feature of the app is that it does not require any sharing of a mobile number which makes the users mobile number secure. The messenger has many useful features such as chatting, texting, voice calls, video calls which are free to use at the expense of data pack. The fun side of the app includes the use of different types of emojis and stickers that can reflect the thought of the user.

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4. Skype :

Skype is one of the oldest app that started the use of video calling through the internet. The app has gained its popularity through video calling feature only. It is completely free and simple to use application. The app allows messaging in the group and the group allows about 300 members per group. The app provides regular notifications about the chats and messages. If you are having an apple watch then you can also get the regular notifications on the watch itself. This app also makes it easy to share videos and images via the app.

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5. Viber :

The app is very similar to Skype as it provides free video calling through internet. The app is very useful as it provides free voice and video calling services to the members who have joined the app. It also gives end-to-end encryption to all the chats and calls which helps the user to go along with any private conversation. Moreover, the app also provides different types of fun and animated stickers. There are more than 700 million Viber users worldwide.

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6. BBM :

BBM App is one of its kind in messaging apps world. This app is one of the oldest that allows you to message other people who have a valid BBM pin. The app not only requires mobile number but also requires BBM pin in order to use it for messaging. The main feature of the app is retracing the messages and deleting them before the message has been delivered. This feature is normally not seen in any other app. Thus, the app is very useful for messaging.

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7. GroupMe :

Group Me is another app like iMessage for Android. This is one of the best app for group chatting. The members could be easily added to the group and group chatting could be easily enhanced. The app provides easy messaging and also provides different emojis for creative chatting. A large number of group members could be added via a phone number or email addresses. Thus, the added effect helps the user for easy communication.

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8. Hangouts :

The hangout is headed by Google which makes it useful for all the phones. The app provides different features such as messaging, voice calls, video calls etc. for easy use. Google hangout makes it easy as it is connected via Gmail account which is normally used by all the people. Thus, the app makes it possible to chat individually or in the group. The app also provides emojis and stickers for easy and creative use of the app.

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9. Kik :

Kik is another great app in our list of apps like iMessage for Android. This app provides different features of messaging, voice calls and video calls along with well-supported stickers, GIFs, photos, emojis etc. The app makes it possible to chat individually or in a group for easy conversation. Thus, the app makes it useful to chat and share messages or any other pictures, documents to other users.

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10. Google Allo :

We are going to conclude our list of top 10 apps like iMessage for Android with Google Allo. Google Allo is an extended version of Google Hangouts which makes the use of the app very easy. The main feature includes auto-replies to the messages just by speaking. It converts voice to text so you can reply to the messages without typing. The app provides use of different fonts for expressing your views on anger or sadness. Thus, the app demonstrates good medium to be used for chatting while the people are busy in their work.

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The above stated apps like iMessage for Android are free to download and use. It makes the user’s work easy in terms of proper and legal communication. These above listed apps are compatible with Android and their features are somewhat similar to iMessage.

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