How To Hide Files Inside Image File Using Command Prompt

Hide Files Inside Image File: Sometimes you would like to hide some files which you don’t want others to see on your system. There are methods available using which you can encrypt files for making it not accessible to others. Even in the windows there is option available to hide files but it is very common and easily known to people. Whether you use some kind of encryption or you use some software like Folder Lock you will be leaving some traces that you have something to hide.

But using this simple command prompt tricks you can hide your files inside an image file without using any kind of encryption. Image file will be working normally and no one will be able to know that there is actually some file hidden behind this Image file. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it ?
Well it isn’t. Here i will tell you some simple steps using which you can easily hide a file inside and image.

Hide Files Inside Image:

  1. Make a new folder in your computer.
  2. Select the files you want to hide and compress them using WinRar.Hide File Inside Image
  3. Take any image file like wallpaper.jpg and place the compressed file and image in the new folder you just created.
    Image File
  4.  Open Command Prompt (Press Windows + R, type ‘cmd’ and hit Enter)Open Command Prompt
  5. In Command Prompt just type “cd path-of-the-new-folder”hide any file inside image
  6. Type the below written command and press Enter.
    copy /b wallpaper.jpg+Sample.rar wallpaper.jpghide files inside image
  7. Now you have successfully hidden your compressed file inside the image file.

Accessing The Hidden Files:

Accessing the hidden file is very simple. There are two ways using which you can get back hidden files.

  1. Right Click on wallpaper.jpg and open it with WinRar by using ‘open with winrar’ option. You will see your compressed ‘Sample.rar’ inside it. Simply unzip it you will get back your hidden files.
  2. Change the extension of wallpaper.jpg to wallpaper.rar and open it. You will see your compressed ‘Sample.rar’ inside it. Simply unzip it you will get back your hidden files.

So here was the trick to hide files inside image. You can prank your friends by hiding their important files using this method. Hope you liked this trick.

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