Top 20 Free Unblocked Music Sites At School/College/Office In 2019

Music is one of the best way to lower stress levels and elevate your mood. Some people love to listen music while they are taking a break from working/studying and some while working or studying. But most of the music sites are blocked in workplaces or schools/colleges. If you are in school, college or office and looking to listen music online but music sites are blocked there, then there are many ways to unblock music sites. You can use proxy sites or VPN but its better to find some sites that are not blocked in your workplace. That’s why we have shared the list of top 20 unblocked music sites for school, college or workplace so that you can enjoy music while working on your tasks.

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Top 20 Best Unblocked Music Sites For School :

Nowadays its not easy to find sites that are actually unblocked in school and lets you listen unblocked music at school. School administration spends lots of time and effort to block music and movie sites to prevent students from streaming any media. So we have collected best unblocked music sites from all over the internet. These sites may or may not be unblocked in your school based on their firewall settings. You may need to try all and find the one that works for you.

1. PureVolume :

We are going start our list of unblocked music websites with Pure Volume. Pure Volume is one of the best among the sites that are accessible in school. You can find great variety of music here and listening to music is totally free. If you are an aspiring artist then you can also upload your recorded songs for the people to listen. Pure Volume has got great collection of music in different genres and you can discover music by songs, albums,artists or genres. Along with free music streaming you can also download songs for offline Though there is a sign up option available on the website you can listen free music without registration also. But if you want to get some additional features and want to organize your music in a better way then it is good to create a free account with Pure Volume.


2. Grooveshark :

Grooveshark is another great site to listen music at school without any restrictions. It is an online music streaming site where you can listen to unlimited number of songs for free. You can find the latest trending tracks in their Popular section. While using this site at school you won’t be getting any warning messages and you can listen to your favorite music without any interruptions. If you use school or office computer frequently for listening music then you can also create playlists of your favorite songs and listen them whenever you want. When you visit Groove Shark website you’ll find a big search option on its homepage. You can search for the songs you want to listen and enjoy free music streaming with Groove Shark. If you like listening songs on your smartphone then Groove Shark also has an android app to streaming music online for free.


3. Hulkshare :

Hulkshare is another site in our list of unblocked music sites at school. It is a music social network site and its popularity is increasing rapidly. You can find variety of music based on your taste and mood. You can explore music by artist, album or genre. As this is a music social networking website you can connect with other users or artists having similar taste in music. Using its search bar you can search for tracks and listen to them online or download MP3 Music from Hulk Share. On its homepage you can find Hottest selling single and albums last 30 days and Hot searches from last week. It is one of those unblocked music sites where you don’t have to register or create any account. You can directly go to the website and immediately start listening to popular tracks.


4. : is basically a radio streaming site that lets you listen music from over 200 channels. If you are exhausted from working then you can take some time out of our work and listen to some relaxing music by tuning into your favorite radio channel. You can sign up for the site, tune in to radio channel of your interesting and stream unlimited music. You can explore this site by finding songs by genres, artists or albums. Slacker is having free as well as paid service for its users. Though both the free and paid subscription plans allow unlimited music streaming, paid plan is having some additional cool features.


5. Bluebeat :

Any list of unblocked music sites is incomplete without Bluebeat. It is a great website if you are looking for unblocked and high quality music. It contains audio tracks that are uncut and having high sound quality. This website also offers audio tracks in three dimensions that are not easily available on other music sites. You can feel three dimensional audio effect in some of the songs available on this website. Bluebeat allows you to create a free account so that it is easy to manage and organize you music preferences and playlists.


6. Soundzabound :

If you are looking for another cool website that is not blocked in schools and colleges then Soundzabound is great option to try out. On this website you can find royalty free or non copyrighted music tracks. This site is very helpful for students who need some audio tracks to include in their projects or presentations as you’ll not face any copyright related issue if you these tracks. It has got wide variety of music from various genres, regions and time periods. So it is a valuable additional in our compilation of free unblocked music sites at school.


7. Jamendo :

Jamendo is considered as one of the largest database for online music streaming. You can find unblocked music on this website in high audio quality for free. It is also a great music download site that offers free music downloads also. You can find latest songs as well as old songs in Jamendo database. If you are an artist and need a platform to showcase your talent then you can also upload your music and share it with other Jamendo users.


8. ClearlyDrunk :

Clearly Drunk is another cool website in our list of Top 15 Unblocked Music Sites For School/College. You can easily discover your favorite music by looking up for artists, albums or various genres. It is basically a proxy website that bypasses your school/college firewall and provides you unblocked and unlimited music for free. Clearly Drunk is a website that is very fast in music streaming and a valuable addition to our list of unblocked music sites.

9. PlaylistSound :

If you are looking for a powerful music streaming site that can provide you a good collection of audio tracks then Playlist Sound is worth giving a try. It is unblocked in most of the schools and colleges and provides you unlimited music streaming for free. You can search for your favorite artist or song and play it in high quality with its in-built audio player. Its advanced search option allows you to explore music genre wise also. You can stream unlimited number of songs for free using Playlist Sound website. Another good thing about this website is you don’t need to sign up or create an account. You can directly start streaming your favorite tracks without registration.


10. Spotify : 

We are going to extend our list of unblocked mp3 sites with Spotify. You can listen unlimited free music online with this website and it has got great collection of songs from all times. You can use this website on your PC or mobile to discover your favorite music tracks. While listening to music with Spotify you won’t get any ads as it provides totally ad-free and uninterrupted music streaming experience. If you want to listen to music when you are offline then you can also download songs for offline use.

11. Pandora :

Pandora is another great website in our compilation of free unblocked music websites 2017. Using Pandora you can listen songs of your favorite artists on your PC or smartphone. Pandora is unblocked in most of the schools and workplaces so there are high chances that you’ll be able to access this site in your school. Its search option allows you to explore unblocked music streaming by Artists, Albums and Song Title. Its music recommendation feature provides you the music according to your taste and interest in music.

12. :

Most of you must have not heard about this site before but it is a good alternative of other popular unblocked music sites. You can find latest songs as well as old songs using this website. Their collection of songs is very vast and they keep updating it with latest music albums and songs. It is a completely free unblocked music sites at school so you can easily listen to your favorite tracks at school, college or your workplace.

13. :

Zuus is an amazingly great website to get free unblocked music. Using Zuus you can listen your favorite music albums in your school or workplace without any interruption. You don’t have to spend a penny to enjoy its great collection of unblocked music. It has got a collection of classic old songs as well as newest songs. You can find songs in various genres including pop, opera, classic, jazz, rock etc. and listen songs according to your taste in music. Its design and user interface is quite good. Its search option allows you to search songs directly by track name or artist names. That concludes our list of Unblocked Music Websites At School.

14. Sound Cloud :

Sound Cloud is another unblocked music site to listen music at school. It is one of the best social sound platform where you can listen unblocked music at school. You can find songs from popular artists as well as independent artists. So you can find some undiscovered songs here that you have never listened to. You can find charts like Top 50 and New & Hot sections and listen songs from various genres according to your interest. So overall it is a good addition in our list of Free Unblocked Music Streaming Sites.


15. :

Our list of unblocked music websites will be incomplete if we don’t include is this list. It is great website to listen unblocked music at school, college or workplace. On its homepage you can find Hot 50 Tracks, New Releases, Top Albums sections. You can also browse songs by genre as it has songs from various genres including Rock, Pop, Country, Trance, Hard Rock and many more.

16. Free Play Music :

Free Play Music is another website where you can listen to unblocked songs for free. It has got collection of over 15000 songs in its catalog. You can browse songs by Artist, Composer, Publisher, Feeling, Instruments, Style or Tempo. You can also sort music albums by Release Date and Volume Name. If you an aspiring composer and want to share you music with world then submit your tracks in its Music Submissions section.

17. Tune In :

Tune In is basically a radio streaming website that allows free unblocked music streaming in schools. Along with unblocked streaming of songs you can find Podcasts and Audio Books for free. You can browse from categories like Local Radio, Trending, Music, Sports, News, Talk, Audio Books and many more. Also there are region wise and language wise radio stations available.

18. is a website where you can listen to the songs that are being listened by other users all over the world. You can visualize listening habits of other users as well as what is trending across the globe. It has a global counter on its homepage showing total number of songs that are listened by users since its advent in 2003. You can find other sections such as Spiking Tracks, Around The World, Today’s Most Loved and Listening Now.

19. : is an unblocked music website to stream music for free. Here you can listen, play, explore and connect with other music lovers from all over the world. You can chat with other users and share you music preferences with them. It is very easy to make friends on as you can interact with users having similar music taste as you.

20. Raaga :

Raaga is a music website that features unblocked songs from various Indian Languages. You can find songs from languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi and many more. It has a huge collection of Indian Regional songs and its music catalog is updated weekly. So you can find latest songs as well as classic songs on Raaga. Raaga also has a free android app to listen music online on your android smartphone.

Ways to Unblock Music Sites at School :

In this list of unblocked music sites we have listed almost all the websites using which you can listen unblocked music at school. But all of these sites may not work in your school or office as different schools have different firewalls or proxy settings. Some of the organisations block specific websites by name or by keywords such as music, movie or video. So when enter such keywords and search for unblocked music sites then most of the school will show them as blocked. That’s we have also mentioned some ways using which you can unblock music sites and listen to unblocked music at school or college.

1. Unblock Music Using Proxy Websites :

First thing you should try to unblock music websites is to use free proxy sites. Tons of free proxy sites are available on internet using which you can access blocked sites and make them unblocked music sites for you. Though free proxies get expired very quickly but tons of new proxies are getting added regularly so you can find them easily by a simple google search. If you are having a decent budget then you can go for some paid proxies that will give you dedicated IP and there will be no concerns about security or privacy. Here is our recommended list of free proxy sites for school.

2. Using Google Translate :

Another way to unblocked blocked music websites is to use google translate. Using google translate you can translate any word or sentence to the language of your choice. So you must be wondering how you can use this to unblock music sites, right? Well some of the schools or colleges block specific keywords like music in their firewall. So you can translate the desired site URL to other languages to bypass firewall.

3. Using VPNs :

Another way to unblock music websites is to use Virtual Private Network. VPNs allow to to browse the internet anonymously by changing your IP Address and Location that allows you to bypass your school’s network restrictions and access blocked sites. There are many free as well as paid VPNs available on the internet.
You can also checkout these VPN Apps if you are an android user.

So these were our picks for Top 20 Best Unblocked Music Sites For School, College and Office. Hope you liked this list of ours. You can try all of these sites and choose the one that is accessible in your workplace and enjoy unlimited music streaming. For those who are not able to access any of these unblocked music sites we have mentioned some ways to unblock music sites that are unblocked in your school or workplace. We will keep updating this list from time to time so you can bookmark this page for reference.

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