Top 15 Free Unblocked Movie Sites To Watch Free Unblocked Movies

Unblocked Movie Sites

Movies and Music have become essential parts of our daily lives and they are great source of entertainment. Everybody wants to watch movies of their favorite actors, actresses and directors. People also have genre wise preferences in movies. Some people love romantic movies whereas some of them find horror movies very thrilling. As the popularity of internet is growing, watching free movies online has become very common. There are lots of free movie streaming sites available but finding movie websites that are unblocked in school and workplaces has become a very tedious task nowadays. Most of the schools and workplaces block entertainment websites using firewall so it becomes difficult to listen music or stream movies at school or office. That’s why we have shared compilation of Best Free Unblocked Movie Sites. If you are a music lover then you can also checkout list of free unblocked music sites at school.

Unblocked Movie Sites

Top 15 Unblocked Movie Sites To Watch Free Unblocked Movies :

We are going to share best compilation of top free unblocked movie sites to watch free unblocked movies. As firewall settings of all the schools and workplaces are different, it may be possible that some of these sites are blocked in your school. You may have to try out all of these site to find out which one is not blocked in your school or office. You can also use VPN services or proxy sites to unblock some of the sites.

1. Crackle :

Crackle is one of the best website in our collection of unblocked movie sites. It is a completely legal movie streaming sites that can be accessed at school or workplaces. Crackle has partnered with Sony Entertainment to show its users full length movies legally. You can find many movies in full length from various genres including Action, Comedy, Adventure and Horror. Crackle doesn’t charge you a single dime for movie streaming. It will just show few commercials while you are streaming a movie. Crackle has its android and iOS app so you can watch movies from any devices using Crackle.


2. YouTube :

YouTube is another great website where you can stream unblocked movies for free. It is the largest video streaming service from the tech giant Google. YouTube is also a ad-supported streaming service and completely legal to stream movies. Most of the popular production houses have their YouTube channel and they upload full length movies on their channels for viewers to stream online. YouTube is not limited to movies. You cans watch latest music videos, web series and lot more content on YouTube. If some YouTube video is blocked in your region then you can check how to watch videos not available in your country.


3. Vimeo :

Vimeo is also a video hosting site like YouTube and a good source to stream unblocked movie sites. Though it is not as popular as YouTube but it has good collection of movies and videos in its database. As this is a legal movie streaming site there are high chances that it is available in your region. Vimeo consists of movies from popular production houses as well as independent movie makers. You can stream free movies from its awesome collection of full length movies. You can pay a small amount if you want ad free experience or enjoy it for free with few advertisements.


4. Tubi TV :

Tubi TV is another awesome movie website in our list of top 10 free unblocked movie sites. It is completely legal to stream movies online on Tubi TV so you don’t have to worry about any piracy issues. You can find watch full length movies in high quality without spending a dime. As it is an ad supported movie streaming service you’ll have to watch few commercials while you are streaming a movie. As its earning model is ads only that’s how they are able to provide free content legally.

Tubi TV

5. :

Internet Archive also provides great collection of free unblocked movies. Using Internet Archive you can find old movies as well as new movies collection. Internet Archive is also a legal place to find unblocked movies. It has got wide range of movies in plenty of genres. Internet Archive is unblocked in most of the countries around the world. You can avail fast downloading and streaming of movies without seeing in ads.

Internet Archive

6. Viewster :

Viewster is another option to watch free movies at school. It is completely legal website to find free unblocked movies at school. Viewster was founded in 2007 and since then it has made quite a name for itself in media streaming world. It has got huge collection of free movies as well as latest TV shows. Its headquarters is based out of Zurich, Switzerland and its media streaming service is available all over the world serving more than 100 countries. So if any of the above mentioned options didn’t work for you then Viewster is a good alternative for free unblocked movie streaming.


7. Yidio :

Yidio is another great website in our compilation of best free unblocked movies sites. It crawls the internet for streaming links of popular movies and TV shows and provides you all the source on single page. You can find out the latest episodes of TV shows and newly released movies on Yidio. It has various options for movies such as Browse Movies, Free Movies and Netflix Movies. Similarly plenty of options are available for TV shows also. You can also get latest news updates about Movies and TV shows.


8. Snag Films :

Snag Films is a good source to unblock your favorite movies at school for free. It is an ad supported media streaming platform where you can find documentaries as well as independent movies. Snag Films offers collection of over 5000 unblocked free movies. It has various categories of movies such as Award Winners, Classic Movies, Festival Favorites, Politics and what not. This website also has few TV shows in Crime, Drama and Comedy genres.

Snag Films

9. Popcorn Flix :

Popcorn Flix is another website where you can access free unblocked movies. This website is very frequently updated and you can find lots of newly released movies here. If you prefer to watch movies on your mobile phone then Popcorn Flix also has its android as well as iOS application. Here you can find movies in various genres such as Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller and Comedy. It has new arrivals and most popular section where you can find latest movies. Using this website you can also watch free documentaries online.


10. Prime Wire :


Our list of top 15 best free unblocked movie sites will be incomplete if we don’t include Prime Wire. Its frequency of updating the latest movies is unmatched and best among above mentioned sites. Here you can find latest Hollywood movies as well as newly released episodes of popular TV Shows. Though you do need to sign up for this website in order to access all the content but you don’t need to pay a dime to watch your favorite movie.


11. Vmovee :


Vmovee is another website where you can watch unblocked movies free without spending a penny. On its homepage there is a large search bar where you can search for your favorite Movie or TV Show. Here you can watch latest movies such as Avengers : Infinity War, Justice League, Deadpool 2, Black Panther etc. and also watch old movies. It is a very beautifully designed website that attracts the visitors with its user friendly interface. Along with streaming movies you can also find popular TV Shows here.

12. Movies No Limit :


As the name of this website itself suggests you can watch free movies unblocked without any limit. All you have to do is, visit the website and search for the movie you are looking to watch. It has got a vast collection of free unlimited movies and you can also watch anime shows on this website. Its update frequency is also great as compared to other unblocked movies sites so you can find newly released movies here. If you want to personalized your movie watching experience then you can sign up for a free account on Movies No Limit.

13. F Movies :


F Movies is a very popular name in the world of online movie streaming. Here you can find free streaming of latest movies before any other website. F Movies allows you to watch movies from various countries including USA, UK, India, China, Japan and Korea. Movies are also organized according to their years of release ranging from 2009 till date. You can also filter movies according to the genre you prefer as it has collection of movies from variety of genres including action, adventure, crime, comedy, drama, documentary, romance and thriller.

14. Top Documentary Films :


If you are a fan of Documentary Movies then you must visit this website. It is a completely legal source to watch free documentary movies online. Unblocked Documentary Movies are available in various topics and categories including Mystery, Conspiracy, Politics, Crime, History, Sports and many more. If you are new to Documentary Movies then you can visit its Top 100 Documentaries section that consists of documentary movies that are rated highly by the website users.

15. Vudu Movies

Vudu is another completely legal source to stream unblocked movies for free. They offer lots of content for free including some popular Movies and TV Shows. Before accessing any content of Vudu you will have to create a free account on the website. The free content is ad supported and you can also rent and buy movies at reasonable prices that are not available for free. Movies available on this website are of high streaming quality.

So this concludes our list of top 15 best free unblocked movie websites. All of them may not be unblocked in your school or workplace. You can try all these unblocked movie sites and choose the one that is unblocked for you. You can bookmark this page as we will keep updating this post with new websites.

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