Top 10 Free Music Streaming Sites To Listen Free Music Online

free music streaming sites

If you want to listen free music online then there are free music streaming sites to help you. Its good to have your favorite music in your smartphone but due to storage limitations you can not store plenty of songs in your smartphone memory and that’s where Music Streaming Sites come into picture. If you have a decent internet connection then you can stream free music online on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Music helps you calm your mind and get rid of all the stress. If you are listening to good music then it can improve your mood in very little time. Streaming Music Online has never been easier as plenty of FREE MUSIC STREAMING SITES are surfacing day by day. If you search on internet you can find tons of music streaming sites but it is very difficult to choose the best one from these websites. We have made it easier for you as we have compiled a list of top best free music streaming sites.

free music streaming sites

Top 10 Best Free Music Streaming Sites :

These are our Top 10 Free Music Streaming Websites to stream music online. Give these sites a try and enjoy your favorite music online.

1. Pandora :

It is one of the best music streaming website that provides music recommendations to its users. You can stream music by genres and also provide feedback of songs. Based on your favorite artists or albums Pandora recommends you the songs you make like. Pandora’s recommendation engine is very advanced and its recommendations are liked by the users. It provides free and paid account both. If you are fine with ads while streaming music then free account is sufficient for you. But if you want completely ad free experience then you can go for its paid subscription. Pandora also has its mobile app available for Android and iOS.

2. Spotify

Spotify is another top free music streaming site that lets you stream over 30 million songs for free. You can browse songs by Charts, Genres and Moods, New releases and access millions of playlists. You can create your own playlist or listen to playlist already created. With Spotify you can stream music online easily on desktop or you can download Spotify app for Android, iOS. You can use its free version as well as paid version. With free version you can stream music online with ads. But if you take its premium version then you can get features like ad free music streaming, high quality tracks and free music downloads for offline use.

3. SoundCloud :

It is one of the best music social network website. You can discover great music from upcoming artists from all over the world. Sound Cloud is also one of the best website to listen music at school. If you want share your own music then you can do that with SoundCloud. It is a totally free music streaming service and you can connect with the people with similar interest in music. There is no limitation on music streaming but if you are an artist looking to share your music then you can take their premium plan. You can use SoundCloud as a web interface as well as app that is available for android and iOS.

4. Gaana :

Gaana is one of the best music streaming service for the users in India. It is very popular streaming sites as it offers tracks in many languages including English, Hindi and various Indian regional languages. You can even stream various radio channels on Gaana Website. Gaana has got free as well as premium subscription. With premium version you can go ad free. Gaana App is also available for various devices including Android,iOS. Gaana app lets you download music for offline use if you have subscribed to their premium plan.

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5. Google Play :

With Google Play you can stream millions of tracks from Google Play library for free. You can discover songs by various genres, artists and albums. You can create playlist of your favorite tracks. Google Play also offers free radio streaming. If you want go ad free then you can subscribe to Google Play premium plan.

6. : lets you listen to more than 10 million audio tracks for free. You can find latest music and connect with other people of same music interest as yours. It remembers your favorite songs and your streaming history and based on that gives you song recommendations that is a very cool feature to have. You can stream music online for free but if you want to remove ads and want access to radio then you can choose their premium plan for 3 dollars per month.

7. Hype Machine :

It is somewhat a unique music streaming sites. Many people are always writing about their favorite music tracks on internet and it shows you the music that is worth listening and being mentioned by other people. You can find music in categories like Latest, Popular and Genres. Hype Machine has got its Android and iOS app also.

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8. Deezer :

Deezer is another very popular music streaming service that is available in most of the countries in the world. Deezer claims to have collection of more than 30 million audio songs in their library and millions of playlists created by its users. You can discover music easily by artists, albums and genres as well as connect your social media accounts with Deezer. It is a cross platform service that is available as an application for Android, iOS, Windows Phones. Its free version lets you stream music with advertisements. You can remove ads, get high quality audio, get Google Chromecast support with its premium version.

9. Microsoft Groove Music :

Microsoft is most popular for creating PC operating system windows. Now it is also trying a get into music streaming and after continuous changes over the years Groove Music is getting popularity now. It has collection of over 40 millions tracks that is increasing day by day at a very good pace. You can get 30 days trial account to access all the features for free and if you like their service then you can subscribe to their premium plan for 9.99 dollars/month. With its premium version you can do music streaming as well as downloads songs, get access to artist based radio and tons of curated playlists.

10. Guvera :

Its a completely free music streaming website that lets you listen free music online. Guvera allows music streaming in over 20 countries including Australia, India, US and many more. It is also a cross platform service is can be accessed using browsers and available for android, iOS and windows phone.

If you are a music lover then this is must visit collection of free music streaming sites. These website has their unique features and functions. So you can find your favorite one from this list of Top 10 Best Free Music Streaming Sites according to your preferences.

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