Top 10 Best Free eBook Download Sites To Download Free Books

eBook Download Sites

With the advancement in technology and increase in the number of internet users everything is getting digitalized these days. Reading books online has also become very common nowadays as people are starting to prefer eBooks instead of carrying printed books. Though some people still prefer paperback versions of books as it gives them feel of the book. But it is very convenient to have eBook version of books as you can keep as many eBooks you want in your mobile device or laptop. There are tons of eBooks available for free download on internet but it is very difficult to find good download sources for eBooks. In case you are wondering where to download free eBooks then we have compiled a list of top 10 free eBook download sites for our visitors. Using these free eBook download sites you can download plenty of books for free and read them anytime & anywhere you want.

Free eBook Download Sites

 Top 10 Free eBook Download Sites To Download Free Books :

1. Free Book Spot :

Site :

Free Book Spot is one of the best website to download eBooks for free. It has got great collection of free eBooks for its visitors. eBooks are available in around 100 categories including Programming, Engineering, Astrology, Fiction, Scientific and many more. It has got a most popular section also and you can search books by Title, Author, ISBN or Language. In its Latest section you can find latest downloaded and latest viewed books to see what others are reading.

2. Google eBook Store :

Google Play Store is the largest collection of android apps but most people don’t know that they can also download free eBooks from Play Store. Google has Top Free in Books section where you can find tons of eBooks for free in various genres and languages. Google eBook Store allows you to download eBooks from best sellers, classics and many more categories. You can check user ratings on Play Store to get an idea about the review and popularity of the book. Google eBook Store is a great addition to our compilation of Best eBook download sites.

3. Free eBooks :

Site :

Free eBooks is another great resource to find free eBook downloads. It has eBooks from various genres including Fiction, Mystery, Humor, Drama, Business and many more genres. If you want to publish your eBook here you can register for free membership. Using its search option you can find eBooks by author name or book title. Another way to explore eBooks is to take a look at its various sections of books that include Top 10 eBooks, latest audio books, featured eBooks and latest published eBooks.

4. Open Library :

Open Library is another valuable addition to our list of best free eBook download sites. Open Library is a catalog of almost all the books published in the world. It has around 1.7 millions of eBooks in its collection. These eBooks include scanned versions of the books as well as other formats. Registered users can also contribute to Open Library by adding new books or editing some information by the existing books. If the scanned version of a book in not available on Open Library then it provides external links to download or buy those books.

5. Many Books :

Many Books is a great eBook download website to find tons of free as well as discounted eBooks. It has got more than 33,000 free eBooks in its collection. You can explore new books by Popular Titles, Recent Reviews or Recommendations from other users. eBooks are available in a very well organised manner on Many Books. You can find books from the genre of your choice as it includes eBooks from various genre like Art, Adventure, Classic, Computers, Fantasy, Drama and what not. eBooks are also available author wise and language wise so you can read eBooks from variety of languages.

6. Internet Archive :

Internet Archive has collection of over 12 millions eBooks that are available to download for free. Other than that you can also find more than 5 million modern books if you have signed up for free account on Internet Archive. eBooks are available in several languages including  English, French, German, Arabic and Spanish. You can also sort eBooks collection by Views, Title or Published Date. Internet Archive’s eBooks and texts collection includes American Libraries, Community Texts, Canadian Libraries and many more such libraries from various parts of the world.

7. eBook Download Free :

Site :

Another source to download free eBooks is eBook Download Free website. Here you can find top quality eBooks without paying a dime. Books are available from various streams like Business to Business, Computing & Internet, Health & Fitness, Home & Family etc. You can browse eBooks from various categories and download the ones you like for free. If you are not able to find a book you are looking for then you can also request for new books. You can also submit new eBooks to this website.

8. Free Computer Books :

Site :

If you are a computer geek and looking for free computer books then this website will be best for you. It consists of large number of free eBooks about computer and programming. Though it is specifically created for computer books but you can find books for other categories as well like Electronics Engineering or Mathematics. Along with eBooks about computers you can find video lectures and tutorials to learn about computer languages and other related stuff. Free Computer Books website is well organised and books are categorized into topics & sub topics as well.

9. Book Boon :

Book Boon is a great place to download free eBooks and text books. You can find tons of free eBooks in categories like Accounting, Economics, Engineering, Marketing and Languages. It has collection of thousands of free eBooks in high quality. You can download free eBooks without signing up or creating an account on Book Boon. It also has a Business eBooks section that is available for premium users. Book Boon provides 30 days free trial of its Premium Business eBooks section.

10. Free Tech Books :

Free Tech Books is another site in the list of free eBook Download Sites. Free Tech Books is best for those who are looking to download technical books for free. It is one of the largest database to download free technical eBooks, lecture notes and textbooks about computer science. It has various book categories like Computer Science, Mathematics, Operating Systems and Programming. You can explore books by category, authors, publishers or licences. It also has a different section where you can find all the popular books for free download.

So these were best free sites to download eBooks for free. You can checkout these free eBook download sites and download your favorite books for free. Some of these best eBook download sites also allow you to contribute eBooks and some of them are accessible without any registration.

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