How To Remove Write Protection In A Write Protected USB Drive

I suppose you have landed here because you want to know how to remove write protection from your pen drive . Umm !! Am I right ? I think yes I am. If yes then lets get started. Actually what happens is, sometimes due to various reasons our pen drive/ memory card becomes write protected and most of the people like you don’t actually know how to remove write protection. So let’s get started with what is write protection, what may be the reasons and what are the solutions.

What Is Write Protection ?

Write protection means you can not write anything in that USB drive. You can neither copy nor delete anything from a Write Protected USB drive. What you can only do is just read the contents of it. When you try to delete some files from that USB drive, sometimes it seems that you have deleted the files but next time you check, files are not deleted they are present in the USB drive. Write protection does not allow you make any sort of change in USB drive. So it can not be used in any meaningful way. If you want to use it in a normal way then you have to REMOVE WRITE PROTECTION from it.

When you try to format USB drive you get an error something like this.

Write protection error

If you have faced this issue then you must think that the USB drive of yours is useless now and you should go looking for buying another one. But you should not give up that early. That may not be the case. There are various ways using which you can make your device work and save some bucks.

There are some basic reasons due to which write protection error can occur and there are some simple solutions also for those basic reasons.
Some basic reasons and solutions are mentioned below:

Reasons For Write Protection :

  1. In some of the USB drives there is one physical switch present which is basically a Write Protection Switch.
    If that switch is enabled then the USB drive is write protected and you can not use that USB drive for transferring files. Write Protection Switch is given in the USB drives to save your existing files from getting deleted so that you do not accidentally delete your files or format the USB drive.

    So look at the external body of your device if you can find Write Protection Switch. If switch is present then you must disable Write Protection using the switch and see if it is working fine. Otherwise the problem may be something else and you should check for other probable reasons mentioned in this post.Nowadays manufactures are not making USB storage devices with Write Protection Switches so there is a less chance that it is the reason for your device not functioning properly.

  2. If you have connected your USB drive with other computers for file transferring which don’t have antivirus installed in it. Then there is a possibility that your USB drive have got corrupted due to some viruses that have gotten into your USB drive from other computers. You may get Write Protection Error due to the fact that there are viruses present in your USB drive and those viruses are preventing your USB drive from functioning properly.

    So you should check if there are viruses present in your device. You must scan your device with some good antivirus installed in your PC. Remove the viruses if there are any viruses found.

  3. This error may also appear also if your device is full. You can check that just by right clicking on the USB drive and going to Properties of the drive. You will get details about how much memory is used and how much space is free. If you free space memory is very less then you can also get this error of Write Protection as you won’t be able to write any more data in this USB drive.
  4. Sometimes it may happen that your USB drive is working fine with some file and it is giving Write protection Error with some other file. So you should not think that there is some problem with your device. It may be the case where your device is fine but the file you are trying to transfer is the one with the problem. You will get a different error message for this kind of problem.Write protected fileIf you are getting this type of error then right click on the file and go to Properties. There you will find some Options in the Attributes and one of them will be Read-only. Make sure to uncheck the Read-only box and click OK to save changes. Now this file is writable.

Remove Write Protection USB

If you are not able to make your device work with the above mentioned basic methods then you should go for some advance methods using which you can be able to make your device work.

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Remove Write Protection From USB Pen drive {Best Methods} :

1. Remove Write Protection Using Command Prompt :

If your device is in the mode which is read only or write protected then you may be able to remove write protection using command prompt in Windows.

      • Open Command Prompt
        For opening Command Prompt in Windows
        Click on Start menu where option “search programs and files” is available. Type cmd there and press Enter and Command prompt window will open. You can also open Command Prompt by pressing Windows logo key + R and typing cmd and pressing Enter.
      • Type diskpart in cmd window and another window will open.
        Diskpart is basically a tool for disk-partitioning which is inbuilt in Windows and can be accessed through Command Line Utility.
      • Type list volume and press Enter. After pressing Enter it will show all the volumes or drives connected to your PC.
      • All the drives associated with your PC will be visible in your Command Prompt window. You can find your USB drive among the volumes shown in the Window.
      • Type select volume x . Where x is the number for the USB drive which shown in the first column of the list.
      • Once you have selected the volume or drive from which you want to REMOVE WRITE PROTECTIONType attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter.It will change your USB device property and remove write protection.

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 2. Remove Write Protection by going into the Registry 

If you could not fix your USB drive using Diskpart , then you may have to go into your computer’s registry settings. But you should be careful in using this method as Registry controls how Windows runs.
So you should carefully follow the steps mentioned below otherwise you may change some Registry settings which can damage your Windows security settings.

      •  Click on Start menu where option “search programs and files” is available. Type regedit there and press Enter and Registry Editor window will open.You can also open Registry Editor by pressing Windows logo key + R and typing regedit and pressing Enter.
      • Go to
      • There you will find a value named WriteProtect. Open it by double clicking and change the value to 0.
      • Save the settings by clicking OK and then exit the Registry Editor.
      • Reboot your Computer.
      • Open your USB drive which is now writable.

Remove Write Protection


If you have tried all the options above and none of them seem to work then it is likely that your device is broken. If it is an old device then it must have completed its natural life as electronic devices can not work forever. In this case you have to buy a new one.

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