Top 10 Best Free Apps Like Facetime For Android In 2019

facetime for android alternatives

Facetime For Android: If you have switched from iOS to Android smartphone then the first and foremost thing you gonna miss is Apple’s video calling application Facetime. It is one of the most difficult task to find an alternative of Facetime for Android. Facetime is very popular application and it is used by almost everyone using iOS devices. It is possible to Emulate iPhone On Android for some iOS applications but in the case of Facetime it is not possible to run Facetime on Android. There are tons of video calling apps you can find on Google Play Store for android but very few can give some competition to Facetime in terms of its user friendliness and smooth functioning. We have compiled a list of Best Facetime Alternative Apps for Android.

facetime for android alternatives

Facetime For Android Alternatives :

If you search on Google Play Store then you will find many video chatting applications but only few of them are worth trying. As Facetime has set the bar too high so we have listed only those apps which are worth comparing to Facetime.

1. Google Duo :

Google DuoGoogle launched its Video Calling App Google Duo last year. It is a very simple application made for one to one video calling that is available for Android and iOS. Its simplicity makes it one of the Best Facetime Alternative to watch out. You don’t need to create any separate account for using Google Duo. What you need is, your phone number and you can video call your friends from your contact list. Even if you have slow internet connection, you can make video calls without interruptions. Call quality gets adjusted according to the internet speed of your smartphone to provide you smooth video calling experience. 

                                                              Download from Play Store

2. Google Hangouts :

HangoutsGoogle Hangouts is another good alternative of Facetime for Android. It comes built in within Android Phones. Hangouts can be used for texting as well as video calling. You can even make voice calls with Google Hangouts which are completely free. It can be used for one to one video calling as well as group (members up to 10) video calling. It is a cross platform application linked with your google account and can be used on PC or MAC. Facetime is recommended to be used when your Phone is connected to WiFi but in case of Google Hangouts, it works great with mobile data. 

                                                         Download from Play Store

3. Glide :

GlideIt is technically not a video calling application. It is not as same as other video calling apps. Glide is basically a video messaging application using which you can record video messages and send them to your friends and family. It is world’s first instant video messenger which was launched in 2014. When you click on Record button, your video message can be seen by recipients and for further viewing purpose it is stored to the cloud. Its totally free of cost so it is worth giving a try.

          Download from Play Store

4. Viber :

ViberWith over 600 million worldwide users Viber is one of the most used video chatting application for android. In its initial days, it was a voice calling application. After that features like video calling and messaging were added. Its text messaging service has a feature of setting auto-destructive time which is something to watch out for. If you sent some text accidentally then there is undo feature as well.

        Download from Play Store

5. Skype :

SkypeIt is one of oldest video chatting application which was launched way back in 2003. It is a completely free application for one to one video calling. For group video chats, it used to charge a subscription free but now its free plan includes group video chats also. You can make free voice calls to other Skype users. If you want to make calls to phone numbers then it is also possible with Skype but it is not free, you’ll have to pay a fixed cost for using this feature. You can even share your screen with other Skype users.

                                                                 Download from Play Store

6. Tango :

TangoTango is another alternative of facetime for android. It has been in existence for quite a time and it has improved over the years. It is a complete package that includes feature like free voice calling, free video calling and texting also. You can experience video calling in great quality and its interface is very user friendly. It is totally free of cost application and it can be linked to any email account including your Facebook account. While chatting with your friends you can enjoy different games also. You can make use of its funny stickers and even add filter to your video calls. The unique feature that makes Tango stand out from other        video calling apps is its Discover feature. Using Discover feature you can find people with similar interests and make new friends.

                                                                Download from Play Store

7. IMO :

IMOIMO is another great Application like Facetime For Android. You can make Video calls and texting completely free of cost. Only contact numbers of people are needed to contact them. Its text messaging gives you great texting experience with different animated stickers and smileys. You can make group video calls with your friends and family and there are no hidden charges included for using all these features. Your chats and call are end to end encrypted so you don’t need to worry about privacy.

                                                                    Download from Play Store

8. ooVoo :

ooVooooVoo is yet another video chatting application which can be used as a great Facetime alternative for android. It supports one to one video calling as well as video chatting for groups of up to 12 people. You can use its messaging service to send funny GIFs, images, videos even while doing video chatting. It is a cross platform application that is compatible with Smartphone, tablet or PC. You can make calls to your friends irrespective of their device type. It has a feature of Watching YouTube Videos together that is available for Desktop users only. It provides all these features for free but you can upgrade to its paid version also to unlock some more awesome features.

                                                                       Download from Play Store

9. Facebook Messenger :

MessengerFrom the social media giant itself Facebook’s Messenger is one of the best alternative to Facetime for Android devices. You can use Messenger to chat with your Facebook friends as well as make voice and video calls. It is one of the simplest way to video call your friends and family since most of the people are having Facebook account and using messenger on their devices. So you don’t have to ask them to install any specific video calling application on their devices.

    Download from Play Store

10. Line :

LineLine concludes our list of Top 10 Best Free Facetime Alternatives for Android. It allows you to make free voice calls as well as video calls from anywhere and anytime you want. You can have groups chats with up to 200 people at one time. There are lots of funny effects and filters available in video calls to make them more interesting. Along with that Line allows you to share photos, videos, text messages, voice messages and you location with friends and family.

   Download from Play Store

So this was our list of Best Facetime for Android Alternatives. You can get experience like Facetime on Android. Give these applications a try and let us know in comments which one you liked the most. We will keep updating this list of Best Apps Like Facetime For Android.


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