Error 101: How To Fix Google Play Error 101 In Android

Android is known for its features and google play store is the most awesome thing in android. In google play store anyone can upload their developed games or apps. You will find all kinds of apps in google play store whether it be games, Productivity apps, Educational apps and many more. But there is no such thing as Perfect, is there?
Android  has few errors or bugs associated with it and also with google play store. One of the error in google play store is google play error 101 which prevents you from downloading apps from google play store.

When you try to install apps from play store or update some apps ,installation stops and an error message appears saying that App could not be downloaded due to error-101. For example if you are trying to install Facebook from google play store it will show “Facebook could not be downloaded due to error-101”.

Error 101

Reasons for error 101:

Error 101 in android may arise mainly due to two reasons:

  • Error 101 may occur due to data crash or cache problem.
  • It may also occur due to problem in authentication of Gmail Account.

Solution for error 101:

As mentioned above, there are two main reasons for error 101 , so there are two simple solutions to fix this error.
Just follow the simple steps and error  will be solved in a minute.

Method 1: Clear Cache and Data

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Application Manager and find Google Play Store among your installed apps list.
  • You will see options Clear Cache and Clear Data Options.
  • Click on both to clear Play store Cache and Data.
  • Restart Your Phone

After restarting try to update or install apps from google play store. If you are able to install apps then your error 101 is solved but if you are not able to download or update apps form play store then you should go to Method 2 for solving error 101.

Method 2: Re-configuring Google Account

  • Navigate to Settings > Accounts and Sync > Google Account.
  • Remove Google Account.
  • Add you google account again.

Now try installing apps from play store. Most Probably you won’t see ERROR 101 this time.

Hope you were able to solve “App could not be downloaded due to error-101″ error using above methods.

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