Top 15 eBook Torrenting Sites 2019 To Download Free eBook Torrents

free ebook torrenting sites

If you are looking for Best eBook Torrenting Sites 2019 to download your favorite books for free then you have definitely landed at the right place. There are tons of torrent websites on internet but some of them also provide fake torrent links so it becomes difficult to find free e-books with these torrent sites. Also some trusted torrent sites are getting blocked in various regions due to anti piracy stand taken by the governments.

As you may all know that torrents are the best place to download anything whether it is music torrents, anime torrents or movie torrents. But with increase in fake torrenting sites and blocking of reliable torrenting it has become very difficult to find Free eBook Torrents. So if you are tired of searching eBook torrents for your favorite book then we are here to help. We have compiled a list of Top 15 Best eBook Torrenting Sites 2019 to get Free eBook torrents for free. You can find e-books in various categories including Science, Fiction, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and History. You can search e-books depending upon your interest and download from these sites.

free ebook torrenting sites

Top 15 Best Free Ebook Torrenting Sites In 2019 :

1. FreeBookSpot :

URL : 

This website is like a heaven for people who love to read e-books. Free Book Spot has a big database of books in more than 90 categories so there is a big chance that you’ll find what you are looking for. Downloading eBooks from this site is totally free and you don’t have to register to download e-books. Though you have to create an account on this website if you want to upload an eBook or want to drop comments on other eBooks. It has got advanced search feature where you can search for eBooks by Title, Author, ISBN or Language.

2. eBookShare :


You can download e-books in any category of your choice. It is a good website to get unlimited downloads for eBook torrents. It has got one of the biggest database of eBooks so you can definitely find your favorite e-book from here. This website provides unlimited eBook downloads from various categories for free. You can find eBooks for Engineering, Science, Technology, Mathematics etc.

3. Book-Share :


Book-share is definitely one of the best ebook torrenting website that provides unlimited e-books for free. You can discover e-books in your favorite category and download unlimited books of your choice. It is having more than 50 categories of free e-books. You can search books by Author, Language or title and you can check the description of the e-book before starting your download. Though you have to register on the website if you want to download e-book torrents, it won’t take much time to register.

4. Onlineoprogrammingbook :


If you are a computer science student and recently started learning programming then this site can be very helpful for you. You can find great collection of e-books in programming, networking or web development. There are various categories of eBook torrents in this website including AI and Robotics, Programming, Windows and Information Technology. All the good books in these categories can be downloaded from this site for free.

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5. Bitsnoop :


Bitsnoop is yet another great website in our list of free ebook torrenting sites. With the collection of over 2 millions books in their repository this site can provide you almost any book you want in various categories. E-book downloads are available in compressed zip format so you can download zip file and extract it in your PC.

6. Wikibooks :


Wikibooks is like Wikipedia for e-books where you can find many interesting e-books from various languages. It is very popular among the users who love to read variety of e-books from internet. You can search for your favorite e-book according to your interest and download it in high quality. Wikibooks is one of the best among the free ebook torrrenting sites.

7. Free eBooks :


With over 50 categories of books Free E-books is another great site in our free e-book torrent sites list. You can fin e-books in categories like Fiction, Non Fiction, Academic, Textbooks and others. There are various subcategories under these categories like Drama, Humor, Mystery, Romance, Engineering, Games, Health and many more. Free-Ebooks also offers audio books in various genres like Adventures, Fantasy, Poetry and also Children Audio books. It has a Best Books section where you can find books that are popular among worldwide users. Also if you want to publish your e-book then you can create an account on Free E-books and upload your e-book.

8. eBookee :


Ebookee is another website in our list of best eBook torrent sites 2019. You can find free e-books in plenty of categories including Operating System, Programming, Hardware, Security and Engineering. So this site is very helpful for the students who want to learn these specific topics. Other than that it also features Novels in Fiction and Non-Fiction genres. On its homepage you can see Recently viewed eBooks, Top 10 eBooks and latest added eBooks.

9. Many Books :


Many Books claims to have over 33000 free eBooks in their repository. You can directly search for your desired book from its search bar. It provides eBooks in different Genres including Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Non-Fiction and Science Fiction. Other than that you can explore eBooks by Titles, Authors and Languages. It also has popular eBooks section and Featured Authors section where you can find eBooks that are liked by people all around the globe.

10. Planet eBook :


You can directly fin Popular free eBooks section on its homepage where popular eBooks are mentioned alphabetically. It allows you to browse Free Book Torrents by Titles and Authors. This website is widely popular for its collection of high quality classic literature books. All the books available on this site are free to download and use.

11. The Pirate Bay :


The Pirate Bay had multiple strikes for copyright issues and was taken down many times. But it is still operating as one if the best eBook Torrent Site. Its database allows you to find plenty of books from various genres including Non-Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Travel Guides and many more. Though it may be blocked in some of the countries due to Government restrictions. But you can access it using unblocked proxy sites.

12. Extra Torrent :


Extra Torrent is another great website in our collection of Top 10 Best eBook Torrenting Sites. It has also gone through multiple strikes and taken down multiple times. But it keeps coming back with new domain to provide latest torrents to its fans. You can find lots of eBook here on Extra Torrent. Along with eBooks you can also download Movies and your favorite TV Shows latest episodes.

13. KickAss Torrents :


The Original KickAss Torrents site was taken down long back due to copyright strikes. But its mirror site exists and you will get the same experience you used to get with original KickAss Torrents website. Its collection of eBooks is mammoth and it claims to have more than 150 K eBooks in its database. They also have a forum for its community where you can request for your desired eBook if it is not available.

14. Zooqle :


Zooqle is one of the best eBook Torrenting Site that allows you to download plenty of eBooks without paying a penny. You can also find audios, music videos, movies and TV shows along with free eBook torrents. That’s not all, they also have huge collection of games for PC, Android, iOS and MAC. In the Books section itself they have lots of categories like Audio Books, Magazines, Comics and Textbooks.

15. Lime Torrents :


Lime Torrents concludes our list of Top 15 Best Free eBook Torrenting Sites 2019. You can directly search for your desired eBook from its search bar or you can go to browse and in other torrents section you can find E-books. In its eBook Torrents section there are more than 300 K torrents available. eBooks are just a small part of this website. You can also find a huge collection of Anime, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games and Applications.

So this was our list of Top 15 Best Free eBook Torrenting Sites 2019. Using these eBook torrent sites you can download eBooks in various genres and categories depending upon your choice and interest. All of these sites provide absolutely high quality and Free eBook Torrents and direct downloads. Some of the sites are specifically useful for students and some are having classic literature or novel eBooks. Hope you liked our list of torrent sites for books.

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