Top 10 Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Storage In 2019

Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage service all over the globe. It can be easily said that it is one of the best too. You can use Dropbox to upload images, videos and important documents to access anytime and anywhere. In the old days it was very difficult to send big files to your friends as most of the email service providers allow limit of few MB on email attachments. But nowadays there are many cloud storage services available that are good Dropbox Alternatives where you can upload big files and provide access link to other people.

Dropbox is a very good cloud storage service provider and used by people all over the world. But every service has its pros and cons. The most notable con with Dropbox is, the files you upload on Dropbox are not end to end encrypted. It may cause security risks. So to avoid these risks you need some alternatives of Dropbox. Another limitation of Dropbox is, you only get 2 GB of storage in its free version which is not sufficient nowadays. That’s we have complied a list of Top 10 Best Dropbox Alternatives In 2019.

Dropbox Alternatives

Top 10 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives :

1. Google Drive :

Google Drive is one of the best alternative of Dropbox as a cloud storage service. You can get 15 GB storage space for free as compared to the 2 GB of Dropbox storage. Though Google Drive storage is shared across other Google service that includes Google Photos and Gmail. You can get its premium plans at very cheap prices. Its premium plan costs 1.99 dollars for additional storage space of 100 GB monthly that is very reasonable price as compared to other cloud storage services. Google Drive also provides you access to Google Sheets, Calendar, Google Hangouts and various other Google services.

2. One Drive :

One Drive from Microsoft is another great alternative of Dropbox. Its functionality is somewhat similar to that of Google Drive & Dropbox and Its a close competitor to these services. With the free version of One Drive you can get 5 GB of free cloud storage that is less than Google Drive but more than that of Dropbox. Its premium plans are also not too bad and you can get addition 50 GB of storage at 1.99 dollars monthly price. One Drive is accessible across various platforms.

3. :

If you are looking for a Free Dropbox Alternative that is user friendly then is a very good option. Its free version allows you to have storage up to 5 GB. As the name suggests sync is really really fast in Though sync is also dependent upon your internet speed. You have the option to share a particular folder with others giving them various levels of permissions depending upon your choice. You can give view only rights or you can allow them to edit the folder also. Its premium plans come at very reasonable monthly prices costing 8 dollars per month for 2 TB for personal use and 5 dollars per month per user for 1 TB for business use.

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4. : is another site like Dropbox that allows you to store files on cloud. In terms of free storage space it is better than One Drive or as it provides 10 GB of cloud storage for free. Syncing is easy with Box and you can easily access your files on mobile or tablet devices also. Creating account with is very easy and it can be accessed across various platforms. Though there is a limitation in file sharing as it allows sharing of files only up to 250 MB.

5. Tresorit

In terms of security features Tresorit is one of the Best Dropbox Alternatives you’ll ever find. You can get an idea about its security by knowing that it has a bug bounty of 50000 dollars. whoever finds flaws in its security or if someone is able to breach its security he/she’ll get paid 50000 dollars. Unlike other cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox it has got end to end encryption feature so your files will get encrypted when you upload them. That is a very good feature to have for users who are concerned about privacy of their content. It has a 14 days trial and after trial you can get 1 TB storage space for 20 dollars per month.

6. Team Drive :

Team Drive is another cloud storage service that is very secure and a good alternative of Dropbox. Team Drive uses 256-AES algorithm to secure the files you have uploaded and protects your privacy. Its free version provides you with 5 GB free storage and you can choose its pro plan if you like the service. For Pro pricing you can visit Team Drive official website. As the name suggests it is developed specifically for teamwork and its collaboration features are awesome.

7. pCloud :

pCloud is not a very popular name in cloud hosting services but its storage service is worth giving a try. Its free version gives you storage space of 20 GB that is more than any other popular cloud service providers and Dropbox Alternatives. Its premium plans are also very cheap and you can get 500 GB of storage space for only 3.99 dollars per month. For syncing you don’t have to create a separate folder, pCloud can sync all the files that are stored in your device. Many top companies like Pepsi, CocaCola, Uber and LikedIn are using their services.

8. Amazon Cloud Drive :

Amazon Cloud Drive is another very safe and secure cloud service by Amazon. It can be used as a very good alternative of Dropbox. You can store your content on Amazon Cloud Drive and access it from anywhere and anytime. It provides its users with free mobile apps using which you can access your content from your smartphone also. It offers free storage space up to 5 GB. Automatic Backup feature saves your content on cloud so you can access your content even if you lose your phone.

9. Mega :

If you are looking for a cloud storage service that provides more storage space in its free version then Mega is perfect for you. It provides 50 GB of free storage space which is way more than other free Dropbox alternatives. Mega encrypts your files with its end to end encryption so that your privacy is not compromised in any way. Its cross platform support allows you to store and access content across devices.

10. : is another good cloud storage service and a free alternative to Dropbox. You can store files up to 19 GB with its free version. Though there is a limitation on file size as you can only store files having size up to 250 MB.  You can store your data on cloud and access it from any part of the world. It works on browsers as well as smartphones and tablets. So overall it is a good cloud service and worth trying as it is free.

So these were Top 10 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives In 2019. Hope you liked this list of ours. You can try these services and choose the Dropbox Alternative that works best for your according to your requirements.

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