How To Change Folder Color In Windows 7,8,10 {2 Methods}

Change Folder Color In Windows : In recent times computers have become essential parts of people’s lives and people are using PC or laptop in their daily lives for various activities like watching movies, studying, professional work etc. For these purposes we have lots of data in our computer. But it is very hectic task to organize all this data in our computer so we use folders for this. You may have different folders for different purposes like studies, movies, music etc. but due to default folder color of windows you may not be able to distinguish between the folders as they all look alike.

Some folders are more important and you may need to use them regularly and some folders may be not be used very frequently. So there should a better way to organize all these folders. Windows default folder color (yellow) becomes boring as all the folders will be looking same. So sometimes you may need to change the color of folders for different purposes to organize your data in a proper way. You can assign a specific color to a specific category of data and it’ll be easily distinguishable.

Windows does not provide feature of changing folder colors but it can be done by using some apps.
Here i will tell you step by step how you can change folder colors in windows PC.

1. Change Folder Color Using Rainbow Folders Tool :

  1. First download and install Rainbow Folder Tool from the link provided below.
    Click Here to download.
  2. After installing just launch the Application.Change Folder Color
  3. Its interface is very simple and you can use its Multiple select option to change color of multiple folders simultaneously.Change Folder Color In Windows
  4. It provides various folder style like Classical, Typical and Modern and you can adjust Hue and Saturation to create different shades of colors.
  5. There is one Random option is present which will provide random colors to folders.
  6. Once you have selected Folders, Colors,Style etc. then you can click on Colorize to change the colors of folders.
  7. If you want to get back the default folder color of windows then you can just select the folders and click on Decolorize.

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2. Change Folder Color Using Folderico Tool :

Folderico is one of the best and simplest tool for this purpose. Its compatibility with all the versions of windows makes it a good choice. After installing it you don’t have to launch any application to use it. Its option will be visible when you right click on selected folder.

Steps to use Folderico:

  1. First download Folderico Tool from the link provided below.
    Click Here to download.
  2. Choose the folder for which you want to change the color and right click on the folder.
  3. After right clicking Change Icon option will be visible.Folderico Tool
  4. Once you go to Change Icon , various colors will be available for you to use.
  5. You can select any color and your folder will be changed to selected color.

Above provided methods are simplest methods which can be used to change folder color in windows. Try these two methods and let us know in comments.

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