Top 10 Best Video Players For Windows 10/8/7

best video players

Many people love to enjoy Movies, TV Series or Anime on their PC for entertainment purpose and passing time. Though there are many sites available to Watch TV Series Online as well as Anime Streaming Websites. But you can not enjoy these things online every time as you can not be connected to internet all the time. So its better to download TV Series or Anime and enjoy offline on your PC. For watching videos you need to have a good media player installed in your computer. That’s why we have shared our list of Top 10 Best Video Players For Windows PC. Using these best video players you can enjoy media in high quality and have a smooth movie watching experience.

best video players

List of Top 10 Best Video Players For Windows :

1. VLC Media Player :

VLC Media Player is one of the best video player for windows 10 and all other versions of windows. VLC is an open source media player that is cross platform and available for almost every OS. It can also be used as a music player for android. VLC Media player can play any audio or video format with ease and its streaming features are awesome. If you get bored of its default skin then you can download extra skins from their official websites.

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2. UM Player :

Universal Media Player or UM Player is another best free video player for windows 10/8/7. Its open source and completely free to use. Its built-in codec support allows you to play all kinds of video formats. You can also stream videos with UM player from various sources on internet including YouTube. If you love to watch movies using subtitles then you can directly search for subtitles from UM Player.

3. KM Player :

KM Player is another great video player for windows. Its internal codec feature lets you play all kinds of video formats and provides best experience when its comes to watching movies. Its supports various media formats including AAC, MPEG1, MPEG2, RTS, OGG etc. It can be a good alternatives to VLC Media Player for windows. Other notable features are in-built subtitle editor, option to play DVD, setting up libraries and many more.

4. Real Player :

Real Player is another video player for windows that comes in free version as well as a paid version. It can play various video formats including wmv, .wma, MP3, Mp4, .qt, .mov etc. You can watch movies with real player as well as share them on cloud and access anytime you want provided you have good internet connection. Its paid version is available for 4.99 dollars monthly subscription amount that provides you cloud storage of 365 GB.

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5. GOM Player :

Developed by GOM Lab, GOM Player is another free video player for windows in our list. Though it can play almost every file format including AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV etc. but if you come through a file that GOM Player can’t play then you can use its codec finder to install the codec to play that particular file format. It can be customized with various skins and logos. It supports all the windows versions including windows 10, windows 8/8.1, windows 7 and windows XP.

6. 5K Player :

5K Player is another great media player for windows. It is quite new and one of the best media player for windows 10. If you love to stream media from online sources like YouTube then it can be very helpful media player for you. You can create your personal media library from online sources. Its user interface is not that fancy and its very simple to use. All the popular media formats including MOV,MP4, MP3, M4V etc are supported by 5K Player and you can even play 3D videos with it.

7. Pot Player :

Pot Player is another media player in our list of best video players. Its Hardware Acceleration Feature makes it stand out from the rest. Even if your hardware is of low configuration its acceleration feature will enhance your media watching experience. It supports all the codecs so you won’t have face any difficulties in playing all kinds of media formats. Other notable features are 3-D glasses support, 2 sound cards, subtitle support etc.

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8. Media Player Classic :

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema or in short MPC-HC is another free lightweight media player for windows. Being lightweight doesn’t mean that it won’t be able to play big media files. It can play heavy files also very comfortably. You can customize it by installing new skins and tool bars based on your needs. It can play all popular audio and video formats with ease.

9. DivX Player :

If you are one of those who don’t compromise quality while watching movies or music videos then DivX Player is great option for you. You can enjoy your favorite movie or TV shows in high quality without compromising the high quality experience. You can stream media to other devices having DLNA Support with its media server feature. You can organize media by creating playlists and it remembers recently watched playlist so that you can resume the videos.

10. SM Player :

We are going to complete our list of Top 10 Best Video Players For Windows with SM Player. It simplistic user interface is very easy to navigate and even new users won’t have any problems in using it. You can directly play videos from YouTube using SM Player that is an awesome feature to have. You can customize by changing its skin and it comes with built-in codec and subtitles search features.

So these are Top 10 Best Media Players For Windows. You can choose your favorite and best media player from this list and enjoy high quality video watching experience.

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