Top 10 Best Manga Apps For Android And iOS In 2019

Manga Apps

Manga are basically the comics that are published in Japan. These Manga Series are enjoyed by people of all age groups. Though these Manga Comics were originally written in the Japanese language, but nowadays these are getting translated into English as well and getting the attention of whole world. All the Popular Anime Shows like Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto are based on these Manga series only. Since Manga as well as Anime shows are getting translated and dubbed into English these are getting popular among the people across the globe. There are lots of manga sites available on internet to read manga online for free. If you want to read these Manga Comics in your smartphone then we have you covered. We have tried and tested lots of apps and come up with a list of top 10 manga apps for you.

Manga Apps

Top 10 Best Manga Apps For Android And iOS :

1. Animo Anime and Manga :

Anime Manga AminoIt is one of the best manga apps for android smartphone and iPhone.  Its clean design and easy to navigate interface makes it one of the most popular manga apps among manga lovers. This app is basically a social networking platform for all manga and anime lovers across the globe. You can connect and interact with people who have same interest in manga and anime as you. It is a great platform to express your views and exchange your thoughts with other manga and anime fans.

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2. Manga Rock :

Manga RockManga Rock is one of the most popular manga reader app among manga fans. It has a huge library of manga comics and you can read thousands of manga series for free. All the Manga series available on this site are in high quality. Manga Rock keeps updating its collection of manga comics so you can find latest manga series on this app. If you want to read manga offline then you can download manga and then read it later even when you are not connected to internet.

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3. Manga Storm :

Manga StormManga Storm app is not available for android users. Only iPhone users can use this application to read manga comics for free. As its developers claim if you use this app once you will not feel the need to use your web browser and manga sites to read manga online. This app provides you with awesome reading experience and hence it is one of the most used manga reader apps for iOS. Manga Storm developers have a Facebook page where you can post any bugs or issues you are facing while using the app and they will try to resolve that issue at the earliest.

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4. Nook :

NookIt is another great application read comics and manga series for free. It is rated highly on Google Play Store as well as apple store due to its rich and Customizable comic reading experience. Nook has won Barnes and and Noble’s award for its great eBook and digital reading experience. It has a huge library of over 4 million comics, magazines, eBooks and graphic novels. You can use this on multiple devices and sync across devices for uninterrupted reading experience. You can use different styles, fonts, add bookmarks, notes and highlights to enhance your comic reading experience.

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5. Comic Rack :

Comic RackComic Rack is one of the best manga and comic reader app for android and iOS. You can create different sections of your comic collection and organize them in a proper way so that you can access them easily whenever you want. With Comic Rack you can read from various file formats like ZIP, RAR, PDF, CBR and CBZ. It is also available for windows PC so you can sync your content across devices. It is optimized for mobile devices and tablets you don’t face any hiccups while using this app.


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6. Comics :

ComiXologyComiXology’s Comics app is basically an all in one app to read comics, manga and graphic novels. It is a great treat for Marvel and DC Comics lovers as it offers over 100,000 comics along with manga and other graphic novels. ComiXology offers famous comics like The Avengers, Captain America, The Hulk, The Wolverine and Fantastic Four from Marvel, Batman, Superman, Arrow, Flash and Green Lantern from DC Comics as well as some additional comics like Alien, Avatar, Dark Horse etc. For Manga lovers it has all the popular manga series like One Piece, Naruto, One-Punch Man, Dragon Ball Z and many more.

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7. Crunchy Roll Manga :  

CrunchyRollCrunchyRoll is a leading website in streaming anime and other Asian content. It allows you to stream anime as well as read manga online. Its mobile application that is also available for android and iOS is one of the best manga apps. You can read unlimited manga series from Japan. Its Premium account allows you to read the manga as soon as they are published in Japan. You can read popular manga comics like Coppelion, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail and Space Brothers.


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8. Viz Manga :

VIZ MangaViz Manga is developed by Viz Media that is anime and manga distribution company in America. It is an official app for reading manga on your smartphone for free. You can read latest manga from Japan in English translated versions. It has a vast collection of latest manga comics. Along with reading latest chapters of manga you can also read graphic novels and weekly magazines on this app. If you want to enjoy manga even when you are offline then you can also download manga using this app for later use.


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9. Manga Box :

Manga BoxManga Box is a completely free application in our list of best manga reader apps. You can read all the popular manga comics for free. Great thing about this app is that you will find new manga series daily as it is updated daily. To get the most of this app in terms of performance you should be connected to WiFi while using it. Whenever you are getting bored you can open this app start reading interesting manga comics for free.


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10. Manga Zone :

MangaZoneManga Zone is another great application specifically developed for manga lovers all over the world. Its huge collection of Manga Comics allows you to enjoy your favorite manga series for free. You can find more than 15000 English translated Manga Comics to read for free. The collection of Manga is updated regularly on this app so you don’t have to wait much to read latest manga series. So overall it highly recommended for manga lovers to try this app at least once.


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That concludes our list of best manga apps for android and iOS. Hope you liked our list of top 10 manga reader apps. We will keep updating this list regularly so you can bookmark this page for your reference.

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