Top 10 Best Internet Speed Booster Apps For Android

internet speed booster apps

If you are an android user suffering from slow internet speed on your smartphone then we have got the solution for you. Bear with me for some time and you’ll be able to know how to boost internet speed in your android phone. It becomes very frustrating when you are using social networking sites, want to check an email or watching a video on YouTube and your slow internet is not allowing you to use these sites smoothly. In that case you have to have best internet speed booster apps installed in your android phone to avoid slow and sluggish internet connection. Many android apps claim to boost phone’s internet speed but most of them can not come close to our expectations. That’s why we have shared the list of Top 10 Best Internet Speed Booster Apps For Android that are really effective and can boost internet speed to a good extent.

best android internet speed booster apps

Top 10 Best Internet Speed Booster Apps For Android :

1. Internet Booster & Optimizer :

We are going to start our list of Best Internet Speed Booster Apps with Internet Booster & Optimizer. This application can help you improve your web browsing experience. Your internet speed depends mostly on your internet service provider and no app can guaranty a magical improvement in internet speed if your ISP is providing poor internet. But this app gives priority to your web browser while pausing secondary tasks and processes and improves internet speed significantly. It clears RAM & Cache memory to enhance browsing experience and boost internet speed.

2. Speedify :

Speedify can improve your smartphone’s internet speed by combining WiFi and Mobile Data in such a way that your internet connection is not interrupted even if WiFi stops working. It can use more than one internet connection at once and divides your internet traffic amongst them. If you are streaming some video on phone and WiFi connection slows down or stops working then it will switch to cellular data without interrupting your streaming.

3. Free Internet Speed Booster :

This is completely free application that can help you improve your internet speed substantially. It claims to boost internet speed by 40 to 80 percent. You don’t need a rooted device to run this app and it works fine with all android phones and versions. It increases internet speed by cleaning DNS Cache, pausing background processes and adjusting parallel connections.

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4. TJM Internet Booster :

If you are having slow internet connection on your android smartphone then this app can be of great help to you. Once you have installed it on your phone, it will show you tips using which you can improve your internet speed. It reboots your network connection to get rid of slow internet and boost internet speed.

5. Internet Speed Booster :

Its simple and useful functioning makes it one of the best internet speed booster apps for android. It pauses the processes running in the background and frees resources from these processes. Now these freed resources can be used by web browsers to enhance browsing experience and internet speeds. Internet Speed Booster claims to increase internet speeds by 40 to 80 percent but it may vary from device to device.

6. Network Speed Booster :

Its very easy to use internet booster application, you just need to tap on Start booster and it will start functioning. Its functioning including detecting the apps that are using internet and pause them. In this way internet connection can be solely used by web browsers that gives you fast browsing and downloading speed. It can improve internet speed as well as network strength to give you high quality voice calling also.

7. Internet Speed Master :

Internet Speed Master works for rooted as well as non-rooted android devices. It modifies system files by tweaking TCP/IP configuration settings and enhances the network speed. As it is modifying the system files there may be a slight chance of losing your data. To play safe, before using this app you must take backup of your device data. It is compatible with all kinds of ROMs.

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8. Internet Speed Meter :

It is not exactly an internet booster app but you can use it to boost internet speed in a way. It basically monitors you internet speed and usage data of all the apps. Data is recorded on daily and monthly basis. So you can get insights about the background apps that consume more internet and disable them manually while you are downloading something or browsing internet.

9. Network Signal Speed Booster :

If you want to download movies or stream anime on your android smartphone then you must need good internet speed. This app allows you to stream media online smoothly on your android device by boosting internet speed to a significant extent.

10. Internet Accelerator :

Internet Accelerator can improve your internet speeds by 25 to 50 % depending on the device you own. If you use your android device for downloading then it can be very handy application. It improves downloading speeds by clearing DNS cache & browser cache, reducing RAM and CPU usage and by tweaking android files settings.

So these are our choices for Top 10 Best Android Internet Booster Apps. Give these apps a try and choose the one that works out best for you.

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