Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions (Best Extensions For Chrome)

Best Chrome Extensions

Google chrome is one of the best web browser available at the moment. It has left behind many other browsers because it has made web faster and easy to use. It has ample amount of extensions available which are useful in making your web browsing experience smooth. Chrome extensions are categorized into different categories like Fun, Productivity, News & Weather, Shopping, Social & Communications, Sports etc. so that you can install chrome extensions according to your interests. But as the number of extensions provided in the chrome web store is very high, it’s difficult to decide which extensions are useful and worth installing.

So here i have provided the list of useful chrome extensions so that you won’t have to waste your time and energy to search for good chrome extensions in chrome web store.

You should follow the below mentioned list of best google chrome extensions to make your web surfing experience smoother and faster.

List of Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions :

1. Magic Actions for YouTube :

YouTube is one of the best video sharing website in the world at the moment. It has by far the biggest database of videos. You can watch Latest Trailers, Online movies, Educations videos, Tutorials etc. Anyone can upload videos on YouTube.
For the people who love watching online videos using this extension can be a great experience. This Extension allows you to customize your video watching in Google Chrome. It is one of the best extension among the best google chrome extensions available for chrome in web store.
It provides a number of useful functions just below the video window.


You can enjoy cinema mode experience by clicking anywhere outside the video window as the area outside video window darkens. You can also click the “Cinema mode” in the options tray.
It also provides mouse scrolling feature as you can turn volume up and down just by scrolling your mouse.
If you want to listen or watch a video song in the loop then you can enable the “Repeat” function.
You can take snapshot of the video at any moment of time just by clicking the “Capture” option.
It also has “Apply Filter” option which allows you apply filters on the video like High Contrast, S-high Contrast, Grayscale, Sepia, Invert, H-flip(Horizontal flip), V-flip(Vertical flip).
It also has a tab which shows the what percentage of video has buffered.

So it is highly recommended for YouTube lovers.

Here is link to add Magic Actions for YouTube to your Google Chrome browser.

2. Google Dictionary

For the people who love reading articles or blogs online, Google Dictionary is a good extension to have in your Chrome browser. Sometimes it must have happened to you when you are reading some article online and a word comes which you have never heard of before. You google that word or use some dictionary to know the meaning of that word so that you can continue reading your article. It is very frustrating and time consuming at times as flow of reading is interrupted.


After installing Google Dictionary in your Chrome browser you don’t have to do much to find the meaning of any word you want. You just have to double click that word in the webpage you are reading, it will open a short pop up which will provide the definition of that word. You can see the full dictionary entry by clicking the extension and you can even save a list of definitions for future reference.

Here is the link to add Google Dictionary to your Google Chrome browser.

3. Search by Image

Sometimes by looking at some picture on web you must be curious where this picture came from or what is the original source of the picture.Before the introduction of this feature by google chrome  you had to upload the image to google search engine or paste the URL of that image and google will match it with the images in its database and direct you to the original source of the picture. It is also called Reverse Image Search.


But after introduction of the Search by Image feature by Google Image search has been easier than ever. What you have to do is just right click on the image and among the options you have to click on “Search Google with this image” and Google will direct you to the original source of the Image.

Here is link to add Search by Image to your Google Chrome browser.

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4. Strict Workflow

It is one of the pomodoro extension for Google Chrome. For those viewers who don’t know what Pomodoro is, Pomodoro is a time management technique which divides the work into intervals separated by breaks in between and helps improve your productivity.
As we all know Time is a valuable thing and you would rather want to spend it on doing something productive than wasting it on viral media sites, social networking sites and other online pass time sites.

Strict Workflow is basically a productivity app which is inspired by the Pomodoro method in which you can setup a 25 minutes countdown during which social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. will be blocked. Once the countdown ends , you can get both audio and video notifications. After that you will be getting a 5 minutes break during which all the sites will be accessible. After that cycle will repeat. Once you have started the countdown, you can’t shut it down. You can adjust the list of sites you want to block during the countdown, as well as the duration of countdown and break.
So it can be useful in improving your productivity and that’s why it has been listed in best google chrome extensions.

Here is link to add Strict Workflow to your Google Chrome browser.

5. Panic Button :

It is a very useful Google Chrome extension for those people who want to use some social media sites or want to do some shopping at work.
Assume you are using some non work related websites while at work and suddenly your boss comes around.You panic, right ? You don’t want your boss to know that you have opened some non work related sites.
Panic Button is the solution to your problem. You can hide all your tabs at one click with Panic Button and open them up later when your boss is gone.

You can customize whether Panic button replaces all your tabs with a blank page or you can set up a URL of your choice. It can be activated just by pressing Panic Button on your Chrome browser or you can press F4 key on your keyboard for hiding and restoring your tabs.

Here is the link to add Panic Button to your Google Chrome browser.

6. Honey :

It is one best google chrome extensions for people who love shopping online. Whenever you are shopping online some promo coupon codes or discount codes are always available for almost every product. The problem is that you have to find these codes by searching online and paste those codes at the time of checkout which is very time consuming and tedious job to do.

Honey is very simple solution to this problem. What it does is whenever you are trying to buy anything it automatically finds coupons or codes available for that product and applies it at the time of checkout so you don’t have to waste your time and energy on finding coupon codes and applying them at checkout.

Here is the link to add Honey to your Google Chrome browser.

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7. 1Password

We all have many many usernames and passwords for various sites likes social networking sites or our bank details like net banking ,credit cards etc. which are having  information about us which is private and confidential.
As you know having a strong password is good for security of your accounts but it is not easy to memorize these many complex passwords.

So 1Password can make your life easier as it can manage all your passwords and you don’t need to memorize all the complex passwords, it’ll remember those for you. You have to enter your master password for 1Password when you visit some website and it’ll automatically enter the desired password for you.

Here is the link to add 1Password to your Google Chrome browser.

8. InvisibleHand

It is one of the best google chrome extension for people who love to shop online from sites like Amazon, ebay etc. When you want buy some product online you will have to do some research about where you can get your product at the cheapest price.
Even after researching for price suppose you buy that product from some online store and maybe you missed that store which was selling it at the cheapest price and you come to know about that after you have bought that product.
You will be disheartened, won’t you?

InvisibleHand is the best solution for that. If you have InvisibleHand installed in your chrome browser, whenever you visit some website or online store to buy some product, it’ll show you that this product is available at a cheaper price on some other website.

Here is the link to add InvisibleHand to your Google Chrome browser.

9. The Camelizer :

It is also a chrome extension to be used for online shopping website. The Camelizer is basically a price tracking tool. It will tell you about the price history of the product you are browsing on sites which are supported by this extension like amazon ,bestbuy, newegg etc. This extension will appear on right side of your chrome window. By clicking it you can get the complete graph for price tracking. In addition to price tracking it also provides alerts whenever the price of some specific product drops if have signed up for price drop alerts.


Due to its features like price tracking and price drop alerts it finds its place in our list of BEST GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSIONS.

Here is the link to add The Camelizer to your Google Chrome browser.

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10. ZIG Lite

It is a batch image downloader which can download all the images from a webpage in one go. You don’t need to save all the images separately.You can download entire photo galleries from social networking sites like Facebook. You can also download images from google image search results or bing image search results. So it is very convenient way to download images from any source.

ZIG Lite

Here is the link to add ZIG Lite  to your Google Chrome browser.

So above mentioned extensions are some of the best google chrome extensions which cover most of the areas. For example some extensions are useful in improving your Productivity, some of them are useful for people who like online shopping. You should install some of these extensions from the list of BEST GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSIONS.

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