Top 10 Best Free Unblocked Proxy Sites To Unblock Blocked Websites

unblocked proxy sites

There are many different internet service providers who believe in blocking some of the sites that might stop the users from using those for their benefit. Students mostly suffer from this problem as in colleges or hostels many video streaming and movie downloading websites are blocked so as to keep the students more focused on the studies and not on videos. But there are many ways to unblock these websites and use them without any interruptions. We have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Free Unblocked Proxy Sites in 2019.  Below listed are some of the unblocked proxy sites that help the users to unblock any blocked sites on their server. You can use these proxy sites to unblock your favorite music websites or movie websites.

unblocked proxy sites

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Top 10 Best Free Unblocked Proxy Sites In 2019 :

1. FilterByPass :


It is a free proxy service provider which helps to use the blocked websites securely. Some popular websites such as Dailymotion, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc can be visited through its Quick browse option. Moreover, you can paste the URL of the blocked websites on this website page and the website can be accessed anonymously through the private browsing. So you can also unblock your favorite movie websites with this proxy site. This can also be used to allow some cookies, Encrypt URL or some page. Thus, this website is very useful if you want some videos that are blocked by your internet service provider.

2. Zalmos Proxy :


This website has a feature of choosing the IP address of some other location. That location can be searched by the user if he knows about the availability of the website in that particular location. It uses HTTPS proxy for browsing unknown blocked websites. The website also has the feature of copy and pasting the Blocked URL in the webpage which would automatically open the blocked website in the website browser.

3. Proxify :


This website has a unique feature of hiding your IP address along with unblocking the website. The connection is protected with 2048 bit TSL/SSL encryption. Moreover, it removes unwanted cookies or trackers form the target website. There are about 30+ proxy IP addresses available on the website that helps to change your IP location. It also provide high quality of web proxy service without any interruption to the internet browsing speed and quality.

4. Anonymouse :


It is another great website in our compilation of unblocked proxy sites. The unique feature of this website is that once you use a blocked URL in this website to access it, then the website remembers the target website. It would easily open that website next time without having to enter the URL again and again. The website provides free and simple service to access the targeted blocked website without having to reveal the user’s location or IP. Thus, the website can be used multiple times with high success rate to unblock websites.

5. Toolur Free Web Proxy :


This website works on URL encryption which would hide the IP of the user and would also help to block the user’s interface for the target website. The website can be easily used to access blocked social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. This website helps its users to view any website privately without revealing any user information. Thus, the website is very useful for all the college students who want to use the social media websites but are not allowed to do so.

6. Proxay :


This is a free website to access the blocked websites in the country. This is a UK based proxy server that helps the user to access the website through UK’s IP address and thus, making your IP address fake. The procedure of accessing the website is not lengthy as it does not require any software or any other app. Just pasting the URL of the blocked website on this website would open up the page on this website’s browser. Thus, this UK based proxy page is quite easy to use and safe.

7. Hidester :


This website uses HTTPS protection for accessing blocked websites. There are simple steps to access the blocked website in which you just need to enter the URL of the blocked website in the search box of this website and it would easily open the page for you. The browsing data would also not be stored anywhere so your browsing history would also be private. Thus, this website is easy, simple for accessing any blocked website. There are many options available on the website that could be changed manually as per the need of the user.

8. Unblock My Web :


This website is designed specifically to access any blocked website. The website hides the IP address of the user and allows access of the website that are either banned or blocked by the internet service provider. Once can access any blocked website through this website by just using its proxy feature. That leads to anonymous signing in to the website. Thus, the website is the best to use for accessing the blocked pages anytime and anywhere.

9. Cyber Ghost Free Web Proxy :


The website provides a good VPN service. This website helps the user to access the website by hiding their identity. The application is simple as one just needs to open the website and it would be proxified. Hereby leading to opening up any website in the app whether it is blocked or not and also it provides privacy protection for the user. Thus, the free proxy service of the website helps to hide the privacy as well as access the blocked websites easily.

10. Unblock Web :


You can use this website to access blocked websites but it also provides the changing of IP address while surfing the internet. The website is said to be portable as it does not require any software installation. You can also use it as a search engine where you can search a website instead of just some keywords. Thus, the website is best used for changing IP address and easy access to many blocked websites.

This concludes our list of Top 10 Best Free Unblocked Proxy Sites In 2019. Thus, the above list of unblocked proxy websites could easily help the user to get access to some favorite websites that are blocked by the internet service provider and thus, leading to privately browse some important information. The unblocking of the websites could through many means as stated in the list above.

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