Top 10 Best Free TV Streaming Sites To Watch TV Series Online

Best Free TV Streaming Sites

With the boom in the number of internet users, number of people watching TV online has also been increasing day by day. Focus has been shifted from Television sets to Free TV Streaming Sites. Watching TV online helps you to give rest to you stressed mind and great thing about online TV streaming is that, you don’t have to be present in front of your TV set and wait for the show to start. You just need a decent internet connection to Watch TV Series Online Free. Some people prefer to download episodes which is helpful when you have a slow internet connection and streaming TV online is very difficult in that case. But if you are having a good internet connection then it is preferred to use TV Streaming Sites to Watch TV Shows Online For Free. For those who don’t want to visit Free TV Streaming Sites and want to stream TV Series and Movies on their android smartphone then there are many TV Streaming Apps also available, showbox app being the best of all. If you are an anime lover then you can check out these anime torrenting sites 2019.

Best Free TV Streaming Sites

If you search on the internet for Free TV Streaming Sites you can find tons of such sites, but the thing is that most of them are spammed websites with horrible User Interface and annoying pop up ads. So to save you from wasting your time on searching for TV Streaming sites, we have compiled a list of Best Free TV streaming Sites. You can bookmark this page for the future as this list is getting updated very frequently.

Top 10 Best Free TV Streaming Sites :

1. Hulu

Hulu is one of the best TV streaming website available on the internet. You can find most popular and latest TV Shows Online. Latest shows are made available within 24 hours of airing on TV. Along with TV Series, it has got great collection of Movies as well as documentaries. It is not a completely free website. You can watch some content for free. If you want to access full content then you will have to pay a subscription fee. You can search for you favorite Movies or TV shows and you’ll see if it is free or comes under the premium plan. To access premium content for free you can sign up for the one month trial period. Once the trial period is over you can choose premium plan with Limited commercials that costs 7.99 dollars/month or the plan with No Commercials that will cost you 11.99 dollars/month.

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another great TV Streaming site where you can watch TV shows for free. On its homepage it has browse option where you can browser TV Shows from different genres like Drama, Comedy, Horror, Thrillers, Action, Romance and many more. Once you click on any of the genres you will be able to see the genre specific list of TV shows and Movies. It is a legal streaming website as it works through license agreements with the creators. Tubi TV doesn’t have a huge collection of latest and popular shows but here you can find some different shows that are not easily available on other sites. It has interesting categories like Not on Netflix and Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes where you can find some great TV Shows.

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3. Side Reel

Side Reel is another legal website to watch TV shows online. You do not need to register or create any account on Side Reel to watch TV shows. Though register option is available in case you want keep track of your activity and favorite TV shows. On the top of the page you can find options like TV SHOWS, CALENDAR to check upcoming shows, NEWS about various TV shows, GENRES like Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama etc, NETWORKS like ABC,CBS,HBO,NBC etc. In the right sidebar you can find Top Rated Shows. On its homepage you can find This Week’s Best TV Shows, Premieres and Finales. You can not directly stream videos on this website, they provide link to the official streaming platforms. So it is highly possible that you won’t be able to find streaming links for some episodes which is a drawback of this website.

4. Hotstar

If you want to watch the shows that are aired on Channels like Nat Geo, Star World, Channel V, Star Sports, Life OK etc. then Hotstar is the best platform for you to watch TV online. If you are from India then you should must use Hotstar to watch TV Shows online as most of the Hindi Shows are available for free on Hotstar. Hotstar also provides sports streaming for games like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Hockey etc. If you are using Hotstar for free then you’ll be getting ads during the episodes. If you want ad free experience then you can subscribe to their premium plan. Hotstar also allows users to stream latest sports matches online. Though you’ll be getting 5 minutes late streaming for free. To watch live games you can take their subscription. Hotstar App is also available for Android and iOS.

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5. Yidio :

Yidio is not known to many people but it is a great website to stream TV online and that is why we have included this site in our list of best TV Streaming Sites in 2019. Its update frequency is very good so you can find latest TV shows on this website. It is very reliable site to watch TV online for free. On the top to the site you can find TV Shows, Movies and search bar on the top left. On the Homepage you can find Trending Now, Popular TV Shows, Popular Movies, TV Schedule For the day etc. So it is a good website to stream TV as well as Movie streaming.

6. EPCTV :

EPCTV is not much known worldwide but it is very popular in US. With simple design and easy navigation it is making its mark in the field of Free TV Streaming Sites. Another good thing about EPCTV is, you don’t need to sign up for it. You can enjoy all the stuff for free without creating any account. You get the option of choosing your country and TV type. In the left sidebar you can find Popular TV Channels like ESPN,CNN, NBA, NBC etc and New TV Channels like Sky News, Disney XD, Colors etc. It is not just a TV streaming site. You can find Movies, Sports, News, Music and what not. It has got a Channel Search option also where you can search for your favorite TV Channels.

7. U-Verse : 

U-Verse is a relatively newer TV streaming website where you can find popular and latest TV shows for free. You can watch TV shows on demand with its On Demand option available on Top of the website. Its homepage features Genre wise TV shows like Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama etc. Some shows are free and can be watched without signing in. To watch other shows you have to create an account on U-Verse.

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8. Netflix

It is also not completely free TV streaming website but you can access it free for one month by creating trial account. you can find latest TV shows on Netflix. Netflix has also moved into creating content so you can watch Netflix Original shows also. If you want to keep using Netflix for free even after your trial period is over then Get Free Netflix Accounts. With these Netflix accounts you can enjoy Netflix premium advantages without paying a penny.

9. TVduck

It is another great website to watch TV shows and Movies online. Its fancy user interface and easy navigation make it one of the best in the business. On right sidebar you can find Top TV Shows and Top Movies. You can watch Netflix and Vudu shows with TVduck. So if you don’t want to subscribe to Netflix or Vudu then you can watch these shows on TVduck for free. On homepage you can find popular TV Shows and once you click on any of them, you can find all the episodes from all seasons in single page.

10. TV Land

With the huge collection of TV shows TV Land makes its way in our list of Top 10 Best Free TV Streaming Sites. If you want to watch free TV shows on your mobile smartphone then you can install their mobile app. You just need to create an account and you can start watching your favorite TV shows for free. On the top of the website you can find options like TV Shows, Full Episodes, TV Schedule and link to their App.

So these were Top 10 Online Free TV Streaming Sites for you. If you have any other great site in mind then let us know in comments. We will keep updating this list regularly and keep adding new streaming sites.

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