Top 10 Best Free Torrent Apps For Android In 2019

free torrent apps

If you need to download huge size files then torrents are the most easiest and popular ways to do that. Most of the people use torrent clients on their computers as there are tons of torrents clients available for windows PC and MAC users. As the time is progressing smartphones have become smarter & smarter and people are using smartphones for most of the things including free movie streaming or sports streaming. So why not download torrents on your smartphone ?
Well, in the recent times lots of free torrent apps are developed for android. You can download big size files including movies, full seasons of popular TV shows or big software files using torrent. Plenty of torrent apps have come and gone for android but we have complied a list of free torrent apps that are reliable and trustworthy. All of these apps are available on Play Store so you don’t need to download these best torrent apps from other 3rd party websites.

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free torrent apps

Top 10 Best Free Torrent Apps For Android :

1. µTorrent :

µTorrentµTorrent is one of the most popular torrent app for android all over the world. Using µTorrent app you can download any kind of large files including Movies, Video, Music files, Pictures and what not. Its clean and lightweight design allows you to experience awesome torrent downloading experience. You can download files of any size and there is no restriction on download speed. It has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store so you can get an idea of how popular it is by looking at this number. It comes with inbuilt music player as well as video player so you can play downloaded files with the app itself.

   Download µTorrent from Play Store

2. BitTorrent :

BitTorrentBitTorrent is another lightweight android app that is very popular across the globe. This is a completely free torrent app that allows you to download music files, music videos, movies and latest episodes of your favorite TV show. To save you from accidentally exhausting your mobile data it has a WiFi only mode so it will only download files when you are connected to a WiFi network. You can choose a file location where all your BitTorrent downloads will be stored. Along with Torrents you can also download magnet links using BitTorrent.


   Download BitTorrent from Play Store

3. Flud-Torrent Downloader :

FludFlud is one of the fastest torrent download app for android. Its user interface is very simple and beautiful. It is a very useful torrent app to download large files at great download speed. There is no download speed limit on downloads or uploads so you can download files at high speed as well as upload files at great upload speed. Flud app allows you to move files while file is getting downloaded. It also has the feature to download files sequentially. Just like BitTorrent it has also got WiFi only mode to save your cellular data.


   Download Flud from Play Store

4. aTorrent :

aTorrentaTorrent is another great Native P2P BitTorrent application for android smartphones. You can download multiple files at the same time. You can create a directory in your android device where all the torrent downloads are going to get stored. Though this app consists of advertisements but it is not going to hamper your user experience or download speed in any way. If you phone’s battery is low then you can also pause downloads to save your phone battery. You can open torrents in this app directly from your phone’s web browser.


   Download aTorrent from Play Store

5. Vuze :

VuzeVuze is one of the most lightweight and a very powerful torrent application for android. Very great feature about this torrent app is that you can manage your torrent downloads by modifying download and upload speeds. It is a totally ad free torrent download application. Its straightforward user interface works great for both android phones and tablets. It has a setting of auto-start when your android phone restarts.


   Download Vuze for Play Store

6. Extra Torrent :

Extra TorrentExtra Torrent is one of the most popular torrenting app for android. Its simple and light weight user interface makes it one of the best free torrent app for android smartphones. Extra Torrent doesn’t have any limit on download speed and upload speed of torrents. You can upload and seed torrents directly from your android device. You can select custom download locations in your android phone for managing torrent downloads.


   Download Extra Torrent for Play Store

7. FrostWire :

FrostWireFrostWire is one of the best torrenting app for android devices. Unique feature of this app is its built in torrent search engine. For downloading movies, music or eBooks with other torrent apps you have to search for torrent files on internet first and then download using the app. But using FrostWire you can directly find movies torrents or eBook torrents from its built in search engine and download the files. You can play the media files even before the download is complete. This feature is very useful when you are downloading large size files like Movies in High Definition or complete seasons of a TV Series.

   Download FrostWire from Play Store

8. CatTorrent :

CatTorrentCatTorrent is a relatively new torrent application as compared to the likes of BitTorrent or µTorrent and other free torrent apps but it is still worth trying. Its user interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. You can choose custom location to save files in your android phone. It’s WiFi only feature is very helpful in saving your cellular data. CatTorrent app allows you to open torrents directly from web browser and once the download is complete you can directly open media files in this app. Along with torrents it also supports download from magnet links. 


   Download CatTorrent from Play Store

9. aDownloader :

aDownloaderaDownloader is another great torrent downloader app for android. It is a great HTTP Downloader app that comes with break-and-resume feature. Break-and-resume feature allows you to pause your torrent download at any point of time and you can resume the download whenever you want. You can download all kinds of files whether it is a Movies, Music file or an eBook. It is recommended to use WiFi network while downloading files using aDownloader as it consumes more data as compared to other android torrenting applications.

   Download aDownloader from Play Store

10. tTorrent Lite :

tTorrent LitetTorrent Lite is one of the best P2P torrent download app for android smartphones. You can download large size files using tTorrent app at high downloading speed. If you are downloading a file that contains multiple files then it allows you to select specific files and download them only. It has WiFi only support, IP filtering support and proxy support features also. Other than that you can also download files using magnet links as it supports magnet links also.


   Download tTorrent from Play Store

So these were some of the best free torrent apps for android. These apps allow you to download big media files at very high downloading speeds. All of these apps are having their unique features so you must give these free torrent apps a try.

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