Top 5 Best Free Offline Games for Android In 2019

Nowadays, Google Play Store is filled with online games like PUBG or Clash of Clans, etc. But, in this online gaming era, few gamers still want to play games which can be played even without wasting their data bundle and even with the network issues they still are able to play these games.
Due to high requirements of the free offline games, some game developers are still making and developing the offline games. Many of you might think that offline games might lack the excitement of the multi-playing or even they might lack the high-quality graphics like most of the online games. But that’s not true.
So, we have saved you from the trouble of offline games searching. We have listed a few among the millions which are having no less excitement like online games, and even having good graphics quality.

Some of the best offline games are listed below:

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Top 5 Best Free Offline Games for Android :

1. Asphalt 9: Legends :

We are starting with a high-graphics racing game, and I am sure you have already played or heard of its series line-ups. Asphalt 9: Legends is a 9th verse of the famous Asphalt racing games series. You have probably its old versions in your old phones when your phone was not so smart. Be the racing legend you have always wanted to become in this game.

This High graphics game requires a good hardware smartphone to run it smoothly. Graphics will give you life-like experience while you race with other racers and win points and money as you complete different racing missions.
The more exciting news is, Asphalt 9 legends game is having a multiplayer option, so you can even play it online and race against some real-time racers in this game. This is the best mobile racing game series you can have. You can download this awesome game from Google Play store. Download size is around 1.5 GB, we have provided the download link for you, get racing and become a legend among the racing world.

   Download from Play Store

2. Shadow Fight 3 :

Most of us like to play action and adventure games, but mainly these types of games are available for PCs. But don’t worry if you are an action gamer, then we have something special in our list of free offline games for you. Join in Shadow Fight 3, the third verse of the famous game Shadow Fight series.

Fight and use the shadow force along with lethal weapons against military evil enemies and protect your village so that they cannot take over and destroy the shadow force. This game is provided with various weapons and skills, each one is more powerful than the other.

You can also use paid power-ups and features which are available as an in-app purchase which can ease your chance of winning. Don’t worry it’s not impossible to win without paid power-ups, just try harder. Download size is around 641 Mb.
We have provided a download link below to install this awesome action game from Google Play Store and kick some enemies out of the shadow land.

   Download from Play Store

3. Minion Rush: Despicable Me :

We all know the famous adorable Minions from the Despicable Me movie series or from The Minions movie, now on your Android device, and they also bought hysterical actions with them. This game is one of the Subway Surfer or Temple Run type endless runner game but in its own theme.

Run endlessly with various kinds of minions and collect bananas in place of coins in this game. You can even upgrade to awesome costumes with each of them having a special kind of power-ups or skills. Also, you can use different types of weapons in this game to complete various objectives in the missions.

You can even battle in boss battle level with various Despicable Me movie villains, which makes it even cooler game. We have provided download link below, download it from the Google Play Store and run like Minions.

   Download from Play Store

4. Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time :

When I first played Plant vs Zombies on PC, and I became a fan immediately after playing it. Completed the full game and wanted some more of it, but unfortunately, the second verse is not available on PC.
So, I downloaded it on my mobile, believe me, it’s twice the fun. This game is the second verse of the famous Plant vs Zombies game. Plant vs Zombies game even won many games of the year awards.

This game’s objective is simple, prevent the zombie invasion from getting into your house and eat your brains. But how to prevent it?. The plants in this game are evolved and having special powers, use those powers to prevent the zombie attack.

Plants vs Zombies 2 is the same objective game but with little bit more fun of time travel. You get to travel various historical area along with many Sci-fi levels are even there. We have provided download link below, download it from the Google Play Store and stop the zombie invasion.

   Download from Play Store

5. Badland 2 :

Badland 2 is the second verse of the famous game Badland. This game is also a runner type game but not like the minions, as this game is a strategic runner time game which starts in a forest with a cute black flying creature, who is trying to find out what is happening with its home forest.

Though the game is literally about strategy and avoiding traps and obstacles to complete the levels, more fun part is during your mission, you will get accompanied by other groups of cute creatures, they will help you to go to your destination.

This game is the best strategic game I have played in my smartphone. It will make you think of new strategies to clear the missions. The download size is around 184Mb. We have provided download link below. Download it from the Google Play Store and be the good creature to find out and make the badland good again.

   Download from Play Store

These are the few of the free offline games available for android, carefully sorted for you. We cannot list them all, so we listed few of them which are best among the trillions of games in the Play Store. These Free Offline Games can be played anywhere without the requirement of the network or data bundle and remember to have fun doing that.

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