Top 10 Best Free Music Streaming Apps For Android

free music streaming apps

Its good to have your favorite music tracks in your android smartphone but it is not practical to store unlimited songs in your Mobile Device due to limitation of storage space. That’s where Free Music Streaming Apps come into picture. With the increase in the number of internet users Online Music Streaming has become very common nowadays. Having said that, number of music streaming apps are also increasing day by day, so it becomes very difficult for the users to choose Best Free Music Streaming Apps that will suit their needs.

There are plenty of Music Streaming Apps available for Android on Google Play Store. So to get you out of the confusion of choosing Best Music Streaming App, we have listed our Top 10 Apps to stream music online for android. Though there are free music download sites and free music download apps also available but downloading music from internet is not as convenient as streaming music online.

free music streaming apps

List of Top 10 Free Music Streaming Apps For Android :

1. Spotify Music :

Spotify Music is one of the Best Free Music Streaming Apps For Android. If you have a decent internet connection you can listen to music anywhere using this app. You can browse music by your favorite artist or albums and create playlist of your favorite tracks. You will get suggestions of music according to your taste in music and you can listen to already created playlists. With its premium subscription you can get plenty of additional features like save music to listen offline, high audio quality and no advertisements.

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2. Apple Music :

With our 40 million tracks in its collection Apple Music is another choice for Music Streaming App for android. Formerly known as Beats Music it was acquired by Apple in 2014 and renamed to Apple Music. In its initial days it was not up to the mark but with the continuous improvements in the application, now it has become a good option for music streaming. Its not a completely free music streaming app. You can take its trial for free and if you like to continue then you can subscribe to its premium version.

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3. Pandora :

Pandora is a radio styled best streaming music app that is very popular in US. Pandora analyzes your songs listening habits and provides you recommendations based on your taste and moods. You can simply discover tracks by artist or genre. Its user interface is simple and easy to navigate. You can create your own playlists according to your favorite artists and albums. It also has its premium version Pandora Plus that costs 4.99 dollars per month and gives you ad free experience.

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4. Tidal :  

Tidal provides you your favorite music tracks in the sound quality you have never experienced before. It has got collection of over 40 million songs so you can easily discover tracks by your favorite artists or genres. Tidal is more than just a free music streaming app. You can also watch music videos in high quality from its collection of over 130,000 high definition music videos. You can read articles related to music, stories behind a particular tracks and interviews of favorite artists. Also you can make your own collection by creating personal playlists.

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5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud has one of the largest database of music tracks that is around 150 million songs and it is growing at a rapid pace. You can find songs from various genres like Rock, Classical, Jazz, Hip hop etc.You can create different playlists for different moods. SoundCloud offers quality music form a large community of aspiring and established artists. With its premium option you can even download songs for offline listening.

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6. Google Play Music :

Android smartphone has Google Play Music pre-installed in them. Its streaming library is quite vast and has a collection of over 30 million songs. Google Play Music also works as a music player so you can listen to the songs that are already present in your device as well as stream content from its online library. With its free version you can upload up to 50,000 tracks to your personal collection and if you want ad free music streaming without any interruptions then you can subscribe to its premium plan.

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7. Amazon Music :

With Amazon music you can discover your favorite tracks from its collection of over 10 million tracks. You can create your own playlist or listen to the already created playlists. You can even save songs for offline use. If you have Amazon Prime membership then you can listen to music with any ads or interruptions. Though its a new application and you may not find it as great as Spotify or Apple Music but its getting improved day by day and soon its going to be one of the best music streaming service.

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8. Gaana :

Gaana is very popular free music streaming app in India. It offers online music streaming in various languages including English, Hindi and many Indian regional languages. Its Interface is very user friendly and not so complex. It also provides many radio channels where you can enjoy unlimited music tracks for free. If you want to download songs for offline use then you can take Gaana Plus premium membership.

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9. Deezer :

It is relatively new app for US audience but it has been used in UK and some parts of Europe for quite some time. You can find music by artist and genres and listen to unlimited songs for free. Also you can create any number of playlists for different moods. You can even make your playlists public for other users to listen or you can keep them private for yourself. Music can also be saved for offline use. If you like to sing along the songs then you can get on-screen lyrics while the song is playing.

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10. Qobuz Music :

Though its a very new application for music streaming but you can listen unlimited songs online for free with Qobuz Music App. It offers music streaming in high quality. You can do music streaming, uploading or downloading in CD quality or MP3 though downloading option is not free. Its Android App is very fast and reliable and discovering new songs is very easy.

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Hope you liked our list of Top 10 Free Music Streaming Apps For Android. Music streaming in all these apps is free. You can choose your favorite Free Music Streaming Apps from this list. If you want to save songs for offline use then some of these apps also allow to do that with their free versions or premium versions.

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