Top 6 Best Free Music Identifier Apps For Android/iOS

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Sometimes you get in a situation when some song is playing around you and you have no idea what song is this? If you are not able to understand the lyrics of the song then there is no way you can get to know about that song. You can not search for the song on free music download websites without knowing the lyrics or name of the song and neither you can search for that song in music download apps for android. There has got be some way to identify this song. Well there is? If you have your smartphone with you then you can easily identify what song is this?  There are some apps to recognize songs available for both Android and iOS. These are apps that identify the songs when some song is playing near you. We have compiled a list of Top 6 Free Music Identifier Apps that can help you to recognize the songs playing in your surroundings.

free music identifier apps

Top 6 Free Music Identifier Apps To Identify What Song Is This? :

1. Shazam :

Shazam app is the most popular song identifier app for android and iOS. From Google Play Store it has been installed more than 100 million times and having a rating of 4.4 in Play Store. Its one tap feature allows you to identify the songs playing near you. It supports various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, MAC etc. If you like to sing along the songs you listen then you can get songs lyrics with Shazam and also watch music videos. You can use its song identification feature even when you are not connected to internet. As this is a cross platform app you can sync Shazam across all the devices you use. You can connect your Facebook account to check what your friends are doing on Shazam. You can even identify posters, magazines using its visual recognition feature.

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2. Musixmatch :

Musixmatch also has song identification feature but it falls short of the expectations when compared to Shazam. You can recognize and get lyrics of any song that is getting played near you. It is more of a lyrics app than a music identifier app. This app lets you see the lyrics of the songs that are already in your smartphone music library. So if you like to sing while listening to music then Musixmatch can be your best pal in that case. Its floating lyrics widget allows you to see the lyrics in real time. If you are listening to some songs from foreign languages then its translation feature allows you to understand the lyrics and helps you learn new languages.

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3. Music ID :

Music ID is one of the fastest music identification app. It one tap feature instantly recognizes the music playing around you. You can write a note for every track you identify and note down the location where the song was played. Once it recognizes the song it gives you all the info related to that song and you can even watch YouTube video of that song. You can buy the recognized song from the app or you can search that song on free music streaming apps to listen it online.

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4. Sound Hound :

Sound Hound is another free music identifier app that gives Shazam a tough competition for the Best Free Music Identifier Apps. You don’t even need to tap to identify the songs. You just need to say “OK Hound… What’s this song?” and it will start identifying the song for you. It is very popular app worldwide with over 300 million downloads all over the world. You can check trending tracks, Most popular tracks of the week and access the playlists from your phone.

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5. Track ID

Last but not the least app is Track ID in our list of Top 6 Free Music Identifier Apps. It is developed by Sony Mobile Communications and it is a great app to recognize the music playing around you. Its user interface is clean and easy to use. Track ID supports over 60 languages. If you listened to some song where you were offline and wanted to identify the song then it has offline mode which captures the music and recognizes it for you when you get connected to internet.

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6. Genius :

Genius is another great app to identify music playing around you. You can tap on bottom right button to start searching for the song that is playing. Though it doesn’t save the history of the songs you have recognized using Genius. After identifying the song you can also see its lyrics and other facts and information regarding that particular track. Though it is not as good as Shazam or Track ID but Genius app is surely worth giving a try.

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With these Free Music Identifier Apps you will never miss any music or songs you fail to identify at times. Install one of these apps on your android or iOS device and enjoy Music Identification.

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