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free music download sites

If you are a music lover and looking for websites to download free music online then you have reached the right destination. We have compiled a list of Best Free Music Download Sites to download music free online legally. After visiting these sites you don’t need to worry about where to download free music. If you have searched for music download sites on internet then you must have come through sites that are totally spammed, having irritating popup ads and those websites are not even legal. There are tons of such websites on internet that have very irritating user interface and when you click on download links, those links are actually some irrelevant ads. So that’s why to save your time on visiting such sites we have shared this list of free music downloads sites where you can download songs for free and get free legal music downloads. If you are an android user then you can checkout these free music download apps for android.

best free music download sites



Top 10 Best Free Music Download Sites :

We have listed our Top 10 best free music download sites where you can download free music in high quality. All of these sites are legal and music on these sites is not pirated. Most of the tracks available on these sites are either public domain or the music is allowed to be downloaded for free by the artist. As these sites provide the content that is allowed to be shared in public domain for free, you may not find all the songs here, but you can surely find some great songs here in high MP3 quality. So lets head over to our list of Top 10 Best Free Music Downloads Sites.

1. Jamendo :

Jamendo comes first in our list of free music downloading sites. Jamendo provides music that comes under Creative Commons license that can be used by public for free. It has a collection of around half a million tracks for you to download for free. You can find music by various categories like most popular, most played, most downloaded and latest released music. You can search for your favorite artists and download the songs that are available for free. Jamendo also provides you to radio channels to listen music online. On Jamendo website you can download single tracks one by one or complete albums at once.

2. Free Music Archive :

Since its advent in 2009, Free Music Archive has make quite a mark in music download sites. It was started by WFMA (the longest running freedom radio station in the US) and you can download free music here without registration. Though there is an option for free registration available. If you have free account on Free Music Archive you can make your own playlist and interact with other registered users. You can discover good music easily by genres, artists. With free music archive you can listen free unblocked music at workplace or school.

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3.  NoiseTrade :

There are thousands of music albums available on Noise Trade for you to download. In turn you don’t have to pay anything. You just need to enter your email address and you’ll be getting a download code in your email. Just enter the download code and start your free music downloads. The albums available on Noise Trade are completely free and legal to download. If you liked work of a particular artist then you can leave a tip for them also.

4. SoundClick :

With a mammoth collection of over 5 million songs Sound Click is another great music download website in our list of best free music download sites. Sound Click is more than just a music downloading site. You can stream music online, watch free music videos and listen to online radio. All the songs available on Sound Click are not free but you can find a great amount of popular songs for free. Purchase option is available for the songs that are not free. You can discover music through various genres and music charts.

5. PureVolume :

PureVolume is another great website to download free music that is uploaded by thousands of artists. With its search option you can find music by genres or artists. You can find music in various categories like top songs, featured songs, artists, genres, most popular etc. Good thing about PureVolume is you don’t have register to download songs. PureVolume acts as a social media platform where artists and listeners can create their account and write about their interests in music, favorite artists. PureVolume is legal music downloads site where most of songs can be downloaded for free. Some can be purchased or streamed online for free.

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6. BeSonic :

You have to create an account on BeSonic to get access to their songs collection. Creating account on BeSonic is totally free. Once you are signed in to your account you can download songs of your favorite artists. You can quickly find your favorite music with its search option. You can even listen to songs online without downloading with their streaming audio feature.

7. :

Most of the people recognize as a music streaming website but very few of them know that it also offers free music downloads. Its free music downloads section gets updated very frequently and you can start downloading the songs you like from their collection. You do not need to subscribe to to download songs. You can stream music online as well as download music for free.

8. SoundCloud :

SoundCloud allows you to stream music online as well as download songs for free. Content on SoundCloud is uploaded by some professionals as well as some independent artists. All the songs available on SoundCloud are not available for download, though you can listen to them online for free. Plenty of songs can be downloaded for free. You can sign into SoundCloud using Facebook, Google Account or creating account with your email address. You can discover tracks by genres, artists. There are some songs under Creative Commons license section that can be downloaded for free and can be used for remix.

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9. Musopen :

If you like listening to classical music and want to get classical songs for free then Musopen is the must visit website for you. You can access tons of classical songs and download them for free without any copyright issues. So this site can be used by classical music lovers for free legal music downloads. You can find classical songs by composers or performers in high quality and download them for free. It also allows you to apply filters based on time period and instruments.

10. Vimeo :

Vimeo is very popular video sharing website where you can find all kinds of videos uploaded by users all over the world. But very few people are aware about the fact that Vimeo has got very huge music library too with thousands of music tracks. That’s why it is included in our Top 10 list of best free music download sites. You can use search option to discover songs by moods, genres, artists. Not all the songs listed on Vimeo are free but you can find a good amount of free music downloads.

Finding Free Music Downloads is not an easy task but with the help of these Top 10 Free Music Downloading Websites you can find most of the popular songs for free. These sites are completely legal to use and you don’t have to worry about copyright issues with the tracks provided on these sites. Hope you liked this List of Best Free Music Download Sites. You can bookmark this page for the future as we’ll keep updating this list.

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