Top 5 Best Free Meme Generator Apps for Android In 2019

Meme Generator Apps

Free Meme Generator Apps : As we know with increase of internet users people updated their communication system too. For instance you get punked and want to share your reaction, we used to set an emoji with mouth open or with a smirk on its face or something but now we have got memes; the brand new emoji’s. While apple is still busy trying to make us buy new animoji, people got their interests into brand new memes. College students basically breathe memes, watched a movie? Make a meme about it, got fired? Burst out through a meme. I am not trying to tell you that memes are segmented products; I’m actually swearing that meme are the one which are making people having more interesting conversations. People find designing memes a new way to humor their partners, friends and community and yes I do agree that memes are funny.

There were ages where people used to roam around with a jokes book but now…. You see something funny? Capture it, boomerang it, GIF it, meme it then share…share…Share… That’s today’s world! I say that memes are the new emojis these days. Adding to the conversation memes aren’t tough to make. Got an emotion, I mean like actors trying to be weird with some kind of facial expression, capture the expression and relate it to an incident or some statement and then tag it.

Meme Generator Apps

Best Free Meme Generator Apps for Android :

Coming to the topic there are many apps for meme generation, here are the listings, ratings and information about it. According to my research the top 5 free meme generator apps for android are as follows.


1. Meme Yogi :

It’s a great app. It’s actually a meme network where you actually share the memes you generated with other users. There is option for sharing it offline too. It needs login, password and a valid phone number or an email address. The management of meme yogi is pretty good too. They go through all of their comments in the play store and actually encourages the customers i.e. the down-loaders to share their feelings about it by replying to most of their negative comments; this shows the feeling towards their goal and dedication for their work. I think it deserves a 4.7 star rating despite its slow loading, frequent ads and space and battery consumption.

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2. Meme Generator :

The older version of meme generator is much better than the newer version I hear it’s mainly for Samsung mobiles (older version) though. It has features such as multiple meme categories, more than 700 high quality memes with lots and lots of example captions, custom memes i.e. you could choose any picture from your gallery and turn it into a meme with adjustable filters, texts, different fonts, sizes. It helps you create complex memes with up to 10 captions and you could just move them, resize them, crop them etc. Image cropping is also a good feature in this app so that you could just fit multiple images to make a simple old meme. Sounds fun doesn’t it. It has many more features too.

It allows you to save the memes you just created and share them via WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, my space; the list could go on…I mean to say it’s shareable in all most all social media networks you have got in your android mobile. I almost forgot to tell in this app you could just pick few of them and create your own favorites gallery. The main features I adore in this app is that, it doesn’t upload your memes straight away into the net they say privacy is their main concern. I guess this is a lot of information only on meme generator, what do you want me to say this app really stole my heart!

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3. The Ololoid Meme Generator :

It has 4.5 star rating by 3,863 down loaders. I can’t deny mentioning that I think this app is faster and easier compared to other apps and has over 900 templates and even allows loading our own image from the gallery; I think it has a good search filter. The only thing that bothers me is that it allows adding only 3 line text. But it allows changing the layout even when you are done generating the meme, cool right! The team also encourages their users to give their truthful suggestion and seems to always keep an eye on the bug issues. The most discussed issue on this app is that it keeps crashing most of the times and the work which was in progress is not been saved now and then leading to a fresh start whenever it gets crashed.

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4. Instameme

It is another app for meme generation with limited set of features. The main features are, no watermark, text sizing re-sizing. It also allows us to use your own image imported from the gallery, background setting etc. The most notable point is that it has over 5000 meme templates and stickers. The users comments for this app seems to be pretty good (56% users gave a 5 star rating). The team replies to you if something is bugging you out as I already shared I think it shows their dedication towards their work.

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5. Thug Life Photo Maker Editor :

Here is a lovable mention in our list of meme generator apps. It is a basically  photo editor not made for memes but when you feel crazy and want to add some costumes to your photo or edit it in some way this app really comes in handy. It’s freaking awesome app. It has its own wardrobe I mean sunglasses, bags, cigars and some stickery stuff. Also it allows you to resize, rotate and you could share it into any social media. It has 4.5 stars and 5 million downloads. Coming to the comments few people say that the app crashes often but according to me I think the bugs are fixed and ready to party!

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That concludes our compilation of top 5 best free meme generator apps for android. You can try all of these apps and keep the one you like the most.

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