Free Email Providers: Top 5 Best Free Email Services In 2019

free email providers

In the modern times with the boom in number of people using internet, email services have become very important for official communications. There are many free email providers available to use but it is difficult task to choose which one is best email service for you. There are various criterion using which you can select best email service for you. Some of the criterion can be speed of the email service, its features to counter spam,ease of use, data security, storage space provided by them etc. You should go with the service that suits your needs and that is reliable and secure.

You can find many free email providers but if you are confused about which one to choose then don’t worry. We have listed our Top 5 Free Email Providers that will provide you best free email service.

free email providers

List of Top 5 Best Free Email Providers :

1. Gmail :

Gmail comes first in our list of best free email providers. It is most popular email service all around the world. Gmail is by far the most used Email Service in the world. With its very simple user interface Gmail is also available as an android application. You can get 15 GB of storage for free with Gmail and it can be used for storing photos or documents using Google Drive. If we talk about the security then i don’t think that is an area to get concerned as Gmail comes from the tech giant Google which is very reputed company and they take Data Security of its users very seriously. Gmail organizes your emails in 4 categories Primary, Updates, Promotions,Social. You can even customize it according to your needs.
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2. Yahoo Mail :

Yahoo provides web based email service as well app for smartphones. You will get 1 TB of email storage with Yahoo Mail or you can say unlimited email storage space as you won’t be able to consume all the 1 TB space in your whole life span. It has got best features for detecting and preventing spam. Yahoo also has their search engine that comes in top 10 search engines on the web.

3. :

Previously known as Hotmail, is another very popular free email service. Its user interface is very simple and user friendly. Its integration with the Microsoft Office makes it the first choice for multinational companies to use it as their email service. You can easily access Microsoft Office files from in the outlook dashboard only. Its spam prevention and virus scanning features make it industry’s favorite email provider. With its integration with Skype it lets you chat with other users as well as screen sharing option is also available.

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4. Zoho Mail :

Zoho Mail is one of the best email service for professional use. Zoho is mainly known for their product Zoho Office Suite that is a free alternative to Microsoft Office, though its email service is also good. Its email service is free without any irritating ads. You can make use of its features like multi-level folders,threaded views, filters,email templates, advanced search options etc for your professional use. Once you have created your account on Zoho Mail, you’ll get 5 GB storage for emails and documents each. If you need some extra storage space then you can take its premium plan or go with other free email providers.

5. Yandex Mail :

Yandex is a Russian internet company that provides another great free email service Yandex Mail. It also has its Mobile App for smartphones. Once you sign up for Yandex Mail, you will get 10 GB of storage space. But if you are able to consume that space then you will get extra 1 GB whenever you storage space become low. With features like Categories, Reminders, Email templates Yandex Mail has made its place in our list of Top 5 Free Email Providers.

So these were Top 5 Best Email Providers. We have mentioned their features along with their limitations. You can choose your Best Free Email Provider from this list based on your usage type and requirements.


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