Top 10 Best Free Download Managers For Android In 2019

download managers for android

It is very important to download all the documents that are needed in your project or for any other purpose. But sometimes it happens that you may not have your laptop or PC with you and you are required to download the useful files in emergency. At that time your Android smartphone can be very useful as it is always with you. Still it becomes a problem to download the files on Android as many files are not easily supported on the OS Android. There are many download mangers that can help you to download the files on your phones and thus, leading to joyful work at any place. We have listed Top 10 Best Free Download Managers for Android that can help you manage downloads in your android smartphone.

download managers for android

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Top 10 Download Managers for Android :

1. Tanso Download Manager :

You can use Tanso Download Manager App to download files from any website on your mobile phone. It helps to download multiple files on the mobile device leading to faster downloading of the files. You can download files on your android smartphone and then later view or play those downloaded files. You can use it as a portable disc device for transferring documents from one place to the other. Thus, this manager is widely used by Android users to download and use the files.

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2. Download Manager for Android :

It is another great download manager app in our compilation of best download managers for android. The unique feature of this app is that it allows the downloading of the required files by just copy and pasting the downloading link in the download bar given in the app. Moreover, the app increases the downloading speed of the files by 3 times. Thus, this app leads to an exotic experience of easy downloading along with speed. Its unlimited features make it as one stop app for all Android users.

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3. Loader Droid Download Manager :

This downloader is widely used as it supports pause and resume download. Even if the connection is weak, battery is low or any such problem could be solved easily by using this app and this provides an option of automatic pausing while connection loss. The downloader also provides timely download which helps to set any download at any particular time so as to facilitate the user with time. It also supports downloading of all types of files such as image, PDF, doc etc. Thus, this downloader is one of the best among android download manager apps because of so many useful features.

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4. Android Download Manager :

The headache of copy and pasting the links could be solved easily by using this downloader. The downloader automatically detects the downloadable links and solves the problem of copy and pasting URLs. Moreover, the downloader provides easy options of pause, resume, delete which makes the downloading experience easy and also saves a lot of time of the user. The application could be used to pause a download whenever the person feels like he is busy and could not afford to loose their battery.

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5. Download All Files :

It is another great download manager in our list of download managers for android. As the name suggests the app can download all files very easily. You can use this app anytime and anywhere to download most of the file formats such as RAR, ZIP, APK, PDF, Doc etc. The app helps the user to download the files easily and quickly. Earlier this app had difficulty with downloading some files but now the issue has been resolved and the use of the app has resumed.

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6. Advanced Download Manager :

The app downloads the files directly form the downloadable links as it can easily detect such links and use them further for downloading in the app. It has many useful features such as more downloading speed, stores backup files in SD card. It also provides useful notifications. saves files in all different folders, downloads 3 files at a time, resume and pause option available along with timely downloads. All this combination of features helps the user to use the app successfully and also makes the downloading experience less cumbersome.

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7. Turbo Download Manager :

As the name suggests Turbo Download Manager downloads the files with turbo speed. It provides 5 times more speed compared to regular downloading speed. It uses HTTP connection to increase the speed of downloads. Moreover, it has a good list of features such as it can download files of any size, provides background downloading which helps to operate the phone easily at any time during the download, notifications are displayed on time. It also provides downloading history for quick downloading again if required.

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8. Easy Downloader Pro :

This downloader offers renaming of files along with pause, resume and delete option. The downloader provides easy copy and paste option for smooth downloading of the files. It uses multiple downloads support and allows you to download up to 10 files at a time. You can store files in the SD card for further use. The downloads are placed in order of downloading so as to facilitate the user with the information of downloads. Thus, this proves to be a useful app from these features.

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9. IDM Download Manager :

IDM download manager is very popular among PC users for downloading any file from the internet. Now, it has successfully come up with its new app which is compatible with Android phones which makes it even more popular. The features of the app are very useful as such they are easy use such as integrated with google search, suggestion from history along with pause, resume and delete option. The availability of the app for Android has made it even more popular than the ease of operation on computers.

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10. Fast Download Manager :

This app has many tempting features such as built-in browser that helps the user to search and also download the files simultaneously. It is also compatible with other browsers which makes it easy for the users. It can download large number of big sized files without any difficulties. Also the most important feature is it can download the files with more speed compared to the other download managers for android.

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Most of the above mentioned download managers for android are easily available on Google play store. Any person can use any of these suggested apps for downloading files of their choice. The use of these apps is very easy which makes the user’s downloading and surfing experience enjoyable and problem free. Hence, you can use any of these apps at anytime & anywhere you want for download useful files.

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