Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android In 2019

free antivirus apps for android

If you are using too much of internet on your smartphone then you are exposing your phone to security threats. All the websites you visit using your smartphone are not reliable.You phone has all your personal data, your email accounts, important documents, pictures and much more. Some websites you visit contain malware that can compromise your phone’s security and your privacy. Number of such websites is increasing day by day. There are many free antivirus apps for android that can help you prevent such malware attacks.

Most of the Android smartphone users use their phone for internet browsing, gaming, taking photos, online shopping, text messaging, free music downloading and many more tasks. Your phone can easily get infected with viruses when you are browsing internet or downloading songs or movies. Only solution to prevent this is to use best antivirus apps for android. That is why we have collected antivirus apps and compiled a list of Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android. If you have not installed any antivirus app in your android smartphone and using internet heavily. Then you must choose Best Antivirus App For Android. Install it in your smartphone to prevent malware attack and secure your data.

free antivirus apps for android

Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android :

Best Free Antivirus Apps are demand of the hour. If you don’t want to jeopardize your personal data and privacy then you must install one of these apps in your android smartphone. These Apps include various features to counter virus injections and anti theft features also. Having Antivirus App in your phone gives you liberty of doing all kinds of things on internet including free TV streaming or downloading anime without any concerns. So let’s head over to the list of Top 10 Free Antivirus Apps For Android.

1. Avast Antivirus :

It is one of most reliable and popular antivirus app for android, that’s why it is given first place in our list of best free antivirus apps for android. Avast will alert you whenever you install some apps that exploit your privacy and send your personal data to their servers. Avast also keeps your android device safe from phishing emails or messages. It is very light weight app and won’t eat up your RAM like other apps. Its notable features are Firewall, App locker, RAM booster, Call Blocker and many more. If you want to go ad free then you can choose their premium version for just 1.99 dollars monthly.

2. Avira Antivirus Security :

It is another free antivirus for android. Avira Antivirus makes sure that your phone’s personal data is secure and malware free. Its Anti Theft features helps you to prevent your phone from getting stolen, recover or track your lost phone. With Avira you can get information about how all the apps are collecting sensitive data from your android smartphone. Its automatic scan feature makes all the apps malware free and you can also scan external SD card. You can control your security settings remotely with web based control.

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3. AVG Free Antivirus for Android :

It is one of the most used Antivirus for android that has been installed by over 100 million people. With features like call blocker, app lock, phone locator etc. AVG ensures that your phone’s privacy is not compromised in any way possible. It prevents you from being a victim of phishing attacks and scans files to avoid malware attacks. It’s Battery Monitoring and Battery Saving features ensures helps you to save battery of your android smartphone. It also has Anti Theft feature that allows you to locate your lost or stolen phone.

4. CM Security

It keeps scanning new files you have downloaded or added, new apps you have installed and websites you are visiting in real time to provide you best security features. Its App lock feature is great for your privacy. It someone tried to open your phone without your permission it takes photo of the person who entered the wrong app lock password. Even our best android browsers can have privacy concerns so its Safe Browser feature helps you to prevent malware attacks from the websites and deletes all the browsing data when you exit the browser.

5. 360 Security :

360 Security Antivirus scans all the media files, documents from your phone memory as well as external SD card. Whenever you install new apps they are automatically scanned. Its Junk File Cleaner deletes the useless system files from phone. Speed Booster boosts the RAM to speed up your Android phone. Other notable features are Power Saver, App Lock and Anti Theft protection.

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6. Antivirus & Mobile Security by Trust Go :

Its virus detection engine is based on big data processing and is considered to be one of the most powerful virus detection engines. It claims to detect all type of viruses with detection rate of 100 percent. It scans each and every app to ensure none of your data is compromised. Its Data Backup feature allows you to take free data backup of messages, contacts and call logs and restore whenever you need. Its App Management, System Management, Full Disk Scanning features make it a must try Antivirus App for android.

7. Bitdefender Antivirus Free :

Bitdefender is another free antivirus for android with unbelievable virus scanning capabilities. It provides you with real time protection from viruses as it scans any new files or apps installed recently. It analyzes apps and checks if any app is sending some sensitive information to their servers and notifies you. It works on Auto Pilot and doesn’t stop securing your device even for a second.

8. Quick Heal :

It scans the apps even before getting completely installed. It protects your device from getting virus infected as well as from getting stolen or lost. With its call block feature you can unknown suspicious numbers. With its Remote Device Management feature you can access various security settings remotely. It has Finger Print Unlock feature to protect your privacy. Its Anti Theft feature prevents misuse of your device when lost or stolen.

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9. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security :

Great thing about this Antivirus App is, it comes with full features for free without showing any advertisements. With its schedule feature you can schedule scanning at a certain time regularly. You can even scan apps while installing them. Its Anti Theft feature is very advanced and you can send SMS commands to Wipe, Locate, Reset passcode and even message to finder. You can receive SMS alerts when SIM change is detected. Its Web Filtering, App Protection, Spam Protection features make it a good choice for Best Free Antivirus App.

10. AVL Antivirus :

AVL Antivirus can do detection and analysis of various file formats including APK, SISX,CAB, ELF etc. If you need a perfect virus detection tool without any anti theft features or identity protection then AVL is the best antivirus app for you. It detects 99.8 percent of viruses in real time. Also it can detect all the viruses from past few weeks. So overall it is a good antivirus app to have in your android smartphone.

If you have best antivirus in your smartphone then you can listen music online or watch anime online and do many things on the internet without getting concerned about security and privacy. Choose your best antivirus app from this list of Top 10 Free Antivirus Apps For Android and browse internet without any worries.

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