Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Android To Learn Something New

best educational apps for android

Most of us spend good amount of our time daily on using smartphones. Some people prefer searching for information on internet with best android web browsers, some of us prefer to spend more time on social media while many people love to listen music online. As these things are good for passing time but its good to do something productive as well. There are tons of learning apps available for android that can help you learn something new on the daily basis. Whether it is Marketing, Business or learning a foreign language, all this learning can be done on your android smartphone for free. With these apps you can attend courses online for free or pay few bucks for some of the courses and get online certifications. That’s why we have shared this list of Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Android so that you can keep learning new things regularly. We recently shared free music download apps for android, you can checkout these apps if you are interested in music.

best educational apps for android


Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Android :

There are plenty of interesting websites on internet to learn great things but its good to have an android application in your smartphone for this purpose. So let’s head over to the list of best android learning apps.

1. Coursera :

Coursera offers more than 1000 courses in various subjects ranging from mathematics to music to medicine. Courses are developed by specialists from more than 140 prestigious colleges and universities all around the world. You can create an account on coursera for free and browse for the courses you are interested in. You can learn various languages including French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. You can also get advanced courses in Computer, Data Science, Business and Art that will help you in pursuing your career. Once you have joined coursera you can enroll for courses by paying few bucks and earn certifications. With Coursera app you can stream videos online as well as download them for offline use. Features like these make Coursera one of the best app in our list of best educational apps for android.

2. Duolingo :

If you are curious about learning various languages from all around the world then Duolingo is the go to application for you. It is a totally free app and you can learn languages like German, French, Italian, Spanish and many more using Duolingo android app. It offers a fun way of learning new languages. You can start learning languages by playing a game and practice reading, listening and speaking. You can start by learning new words, sentences and basic phrases daily and then complete lessons by answering questions related to grammar and vocabulary.

3. TED :

TED is a non profit organisation that is very popular worldwide. TED offers educational videos as well as motivational videos from world’s best motivational speakers. You can videos from TED website as well as YouTube on TED mobile app homepage. If you are interested in a particular topic then you can bookmark to check out videos related to that topic later. It also provides you to save videos to watch later when you are not connected to internet.

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4. Khan Academy :

With Khan Academy you can learn almost everything you want to learn. It has got collection of over 10000 videos in various subjects including science, mathematics, history and economics. You can find all the topics in detail for a particular subject from basic to advanced level. You don’t have to pay anything for online lectures. For practicing you can find over 40000 practice questions with step by step hints. You can download a full course and learn it even when you not connected to internet.

5. Memrise :

Memrise is another android learning app that can help you be an expert in the language of your choice. You can learn any language at a very quick pace with this app. It offers thousands of courses in more than 100 languages. You can choose a course and start learning at your own pace. It tracks your progress and provides multiple tests to evaluate your learning.

6. Google Arts & Culture :

If you are curious to learn about Arts & Culture then you must install this app in your android smartphone. Its not very well known application but it is very useful one. Its collaboration with more than 1200 museums and galleries worldwide has made their exhibits available for anyone to see online. You can find lots of information about various artworks, artists and stories related to cultural collection. Its totally free to use so it is worth installing in your phone as you’ll be able to learn something new on regular basis.

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7. Star Chart :

For the outer space lovers Start Chart is a great learning application to have. You can explore sky with your phone from various angles. It can display 88 constellations and more than 120,000 starts. You just need to point your android device at the sky even in daytime and you will get info about the stars you seeing. Just point your device at a star and you can know what it’s called. You can use voice commands like Tour Mars, Fly me to the Moon, Go to Saturn etc. to explore the outer space surrounding you.

8. EdX – Online Courses :

EdX is another great app in the list of top 10 best educational apps for android. With EdX you can get tons of online courses for free from world’s top colleges and universities. You can stream courses online and also download courses to watch anytime later. You can learn new and trending skills from experts from over 70 universities including Harvard, MIT, Tsinghua. EdX offers courses in subjects like Big Data, Calculus, Innovation, Cyber security, Robotics and many more. Edx also consists of quizzes and tests for the topics you are learning so that you can test your knowledge and progress.

9. Udemy Online Course :

More than 13 million students are learning new skills using Udemy. Udemy offers more than 40000 online courses in over 1200 topics including Marketing, Data Science, Photography, Music and many more. You can learn courses at your own pace and discuss questions with instructor as well as other students. Videos can be watched with Udemy App, and also can be casted to TV. Course download option is also available for offline learning. If you are on the go you can use its Audio-only mode to listen to courses. Some courses are available for free and some courses are paid ones.

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10. LinkedIn Learning :

You must be familiar about LinkedIn but LinkedIn learning is not known by many people. It helps people to get knowledge in their fields of interest by teaching various skills. LinkedIn Learning offers more than 4000 courses in various topics like tech, business, creative etc. New courses are getting added monthly so you can keep learning new skills. Once you finish a course you can attach course completion certificate to your LinkedIn profile that can help you land jobs at good companies.

So these were Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Android. You can make yourself great in topics of your interest and make a good career out of it. Try these apps and learn new things day by day. If you know any other educational apps then do let us know in comments. We will keep updating this list of best educational apps for android.

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