Top 10 Best Comic Reader Apps For Android In 2019

comic reader apps

Comic books have been the initial step in reading for most of us. Beginners get a lot of motivation for reading through the comics. Also, many famous stories have come along with the comics and they have given birth to some new characters such as the famous spider man, batman etc. Thus, comics are the best part of the reading time, but getting the latest edition of comics on time has become a challenge. Hence, below list shows  top 10 best comic reader apps that are easily compatible with Android and anybody can use such apps for reading the comics at anytime and anywhere.

comic reader apps

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Top 10 Best Comic Reader Apps for Android :

1. Astonishing Comic Reader :

It is the best comic reader among all comic reader apps. It is an e-reader and it does not allow buying of the comics so only reading it online is possible. Moreover, you can read comics that are downloaded from some other apps. The uploading option in the app makes it possible for the reader to read it later and delete it from phone to free up some memory. It is also possible to read Comics on your TV as it provides Chromecast support. It supports most of the reader versions such as CBZ or CBR files. This app is the best for reading your comic books.

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2. Amazon Kindle :

Amazon has made itself very famous through its online shopping platform. These days it is also making its mark for its eBooks which could be purchased via Amazon. It is a free app and it supports most of the eBook versions. Some comics are already loaded in the app arranged from oldest to newest. One can also download books from other apps and read them in Kindle android app or in their Kindle device. The list available on the app acts as a medium of selection of comics for new readers who do not have any specific choice. It is the best and world wide well-known app.

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3. ComiXology :

For a beginner who has a problem with selection of comics can use this app, as this app is apt for providing good reading suggestions. It has a collection of about 75,000 comics from different publishers such as Marvel and DC. The app provides this larger a collection along with an option of syncing the app with other devices to read it later. The app provides an option of read all you want at some nominal subscription charges per month. It provides 30 days free trial for its users.

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4. Crunchy Roll Manga :

Crunchy Roll streaming subscribers should definitely use this app. This app does not provide free service and all the comics are charged. The app has a good collection of Manga. People who are more interested in Manga and also they are Crunchy Roll subscribers then they should definitely go for this app. The app provides a good reading experience through the eBook reader that supports most eBook formats. Its eBook reader also makes the viewing experience worth for the money paid.

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5. DC All Access :

It is an official app for DC comics in our list of best comic reader apps. People who are a fan of DC Comics should definitely download this app. It has a large collection of DC comics and that makes the app popular among DC fans. Those who want to go for all type of comics they can use comiXology. People who are looking for DC Comics only this app is more than enough for them. The comics available on the app are chargeable but the app is free to download and use.

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6. Google Play Books :

Google Play Books is a free app for reading eBooks. It mostly comes as a Pre-installed app in Android phones. The app provides a large collection of comics along with other books and also makes the reading experience worthwhile. It provides a unique feature of storing the downloaded comics in google account which helps to sync the books and read them at any time in any other device. Thus, this makes the reading and syncing very easy which helps to store some famous and rare comics forever. The app is free to download in any other OS system also but the books are obviously chargeable.

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7. Manga Zone :

This app is especially for the Manga lovers. The app provides all the books in English. Moreover, there are about 15,000 books in its collection which are sorted according to new arrivals or popular books. The list does not contain many big titles but the app as well as the books are free of charge. Thus, free books availability makes it a good platform for the people who want to read the books but at the same time can not afford them. It is definitely worth downloading this app for using all its free features.

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8. Marvel Unlimited :

It is a best app for Marvel lovers as it provides all the comics from Marvel publishers. The app is free to download along with a large collection of 20,000 books which are sorted by popularity. The titles could be searched directly and that helps the user to browse through all the titles that they are waiting to read for long. This app has a subscription charge per month that provides downloading of the eBooks. At one time 12 books could be downloaded for offline use that is more than enough for a day.

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9. Nook :

Barnes and Noble established this official app for reading comics. It supports all genres of books, talking about comics it supports all comics along with manga. It covers mostly all big titles of DC, Marvel and Manga. The app is free to download but you’ll have purchase the books you want to read. It provides syncing option which helps to read the books on other devices and thus, you can expand your collection. The app is supported on almost all types of OS systems along with support of all types of eBook formats. Thus, the app is apt for reading all kinds of books along with comics.

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10. Zing Box Manga :

Comic Reader Apps that provide free eBook downloads are hard to find and this app is one of those kinds where you can download books for free. The downloading is supported through advertisements which makes the user quiet uneasy but that’s the price user has to pay for free download. The app is also free to download along with the books. It supports a large collection of manga and thus it is one of the best app for manga lovers.

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These were our picks for Top 10 Best Comic Reader Apps for Android In 2019. Thus, the above given list could be very useful for any comic reader fan who wants to read the books online without wasting the time of going from store to store in search of new arrivals weekly.

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