Top 6 Best Call Recording Apps for Android In 2019

call recording apps

Call Recording is one of the most wanted features for a smartphone nowadays. Call Recording Apps are very useful for work, where we can record important conversations, as well as record calls of our loved ones.
Few of the OEM’s have already pre-installed call recorders in their respected devices, but those are basic call recorders and lack many of the awesome features needed these days.
But, Other Android devices such as Stock Android or Android One phones requires the help of third-party apps to record calls. As they are Bloatware free and their OEM doesn’t pre-install any apps.

Third-Party apps give us lots of features including an external player playback support along with cloud-based storage and many more, so we have listed few of those best call recording apps along with download link to get to relief from app searching hassle.

These few of the best call recorders are listed below:

call recording apps

Top 6 Best Call Recording Apps for Android :

1. Auto Call Recorder Pro :

I have personally used this app and I am still using this call recorder in my android for recording calls on a daily basis. I have tried many call recorders but, this app is perfect in what it’s meant to do. We can automatically record calls without tapping record option.

We can even white-list few contacts to avoid call recording for a certain number by this app. The basic version of this app provides only 500 call recording storage, but its pro version bumps up the storage space from 500 call recordings to 1000 call recordings.

We can select and save all of this call recordings from the list or few of them according to our preference. This app provides us with cloud storage option so that we can save the call recordings in Dropbox and Google Drive.

This app also supports external player support, note it can play via in-app player but we can also play recordings via other players also. Downloaded Link is provided below, download from Google Play store. And if you want to upgrade to pro version, simply do an in-app purchase to do so.

   Download from Play Store

 2. Cube Call Recorder ACR :

Cube Call Recorder ACR is also an awesome call recording app, but with an extremely important and most wanted feature. This app can record call like all other call recording apps, but also it can record all VOIP calls.

VOIP call recording is not possible by any of the call recording apps that I have encountered so far. This call recording app can also record all VOIP supported apps which are used mostly in our day to day life, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

Rest of the features in this app are same as available in most of the call recording apps. We have provided the link below to download it from the Google Play Store.

   Download from Play Store

3. Call Recorder :

This is another third-party automatic call recorder like any other call recorders. But this app is also having some unique features as well. You can select different audio sources to record the audio like (Mic, Voice Call or Video Camera).

You can even set different recording modes for various different contacts, which is a very useful feature. We have provided the link below to download it from the Google Play Store to avoid the confusion with other same named apps.

   Download from Play Store

4. Call Recorder – ACR :

This is another one of the best call recorders available for Android smartphones. This call recording app records call like any other call recorders, but this app is having few useful features as well.

This app automatically deletes all the old recordings after a certain period of time, you can also mark few of these recordings as important so that this app doesn’t delete those selected call recordings.

Manual call recording and cloud upload support are only available in pro mode of this app, so you need to do an in-app purchase to get the pro version. In this app, there is another unique feature which is Recycle Bin support, so now with this feature, we can do easy recovery of all deleted recording which is either deleted by mistake or it’s automatically deleted.

We have provided the link below to download it from the Google Play Store.

   Download from Play Store

 5. Call Recorder – Automatic :

Call Recorder – Automatic is the call recorder which is having the most simple UI. This provides all the basic call recording app functions along with call recording playback and sharing of call recordings.

This app is also having a feature like Automatic Call Recorder Pro which is record white-list support. This feature is very simple and also saves you lots of storage, you select certain numbers which you want to see them in the white-list. This app will now ignore those numbers and will not record those call.

This app is a free ad-supported version so you need to upgrade to pro version to get rid of all those ads which will annoy you while browsing through this app. We have provided the link below to download it from the Google Play Store.

   Download from Play Store

6. True Caller :

TrueCaller is famously known as the best unknown number tracking app in all platforms. They introduced the call recording feature a few weeks back, and only available for paid premium users only. You will get a trial period of 14 days before you opt for the paid premium version.

You can start by trying the call recording feature, just by turning it on from the TrueCaller settings. We have also provided you with the link below for downloading this app from the Google Play Store.

   Download from Play Store

Conclusion :

There are millions of other call recorder apps available for Android in Google Play Store. A search on the Play Store will give you many options to download from. But these apps listed above are the few of the best options among millions.

Use the provided links to download your preferable call recording apps. There is an issue with Samsung Phones regarding call recording apps, some of these apps may not work properly.

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