Best Android Web Browsers: Top Best Browsers For Android In 2019

best browser for android

Best Browser For Android: Web Browsers are very important and most used Applications in our Smartphone Device. With the developments in technology, internet browsing has become very common and every other person searching for information on search engines is using web browsers. So it is necessary to have a browser that does things faster for you without slowing down your system. Some people are looking for fastest browsers, some other want a browser that can optimize their data usage while browsing internet.

Choosing the right web browser can be a tedious task for the users as there are many web browser available for Android if you search in Google Play Store. So we have made a list of fastest web browsers that can help you change your browsing experience.

best browser for android

Best Browser For Android In 2019:

1. Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is the obvious choice for the Best Browser For Android as it is the one of the fastest Android Browser.  As it is product of Google itself, it comes inbuilt within Android Smartphones. It simple look and ample amount of features make it one of the most popular android browser. If you connect your Gmail account to Chrome then you can sync all your browsing history, saved passwords or bookmarks to any device. It is a cross- platform browser so it automatically syncs your data across platform if you are logged in from your Gmail account. Only negative point about Chrome is, it takes too much of your device’s RAM which can make multitasking a bit slow. If you are using a smartphone with good RAM size, then you don’t need to worry about that. Chrome has got great number of extensions for its desktop browser version.You can check out these best extensions for chrome.

Some More Features Include:

  • Built in Incognito Mode(For Private Web Browsing)
  • Voice Search option available.
  • Built in ‘Do not track‘ option.
  • Automatic optimization of data usage while loading a web page.
  • Easy to navigate tabbed browsing.

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2. Opera:

Opera is another great and one of the Best Browser For Android. Opera doesn’t come already installed in the most smartphones so it’s users are not as high as Google Chrome but it is still very popular among the Android Users with more than 50 million installs from Google Play Store. Opera is very fast in terms of its page loading speed. It is built on Chromium(Open Source) which is the same engine used by Google Chrome. You can open as many tabs as you want and it will still not slow down your browsing speed. Opera comes with default Ad Blocker (We recommend you to disable that for faster browsing). It is a cross platform browser available for Desktop also so you can sync your data across the platforms.

Some More Features Include:

  • Private Browsing.
  • Open Turbo (Data Saver and for faster loading of web pages).
  • Pop-up blocker to prevent annoying ads.
  • Built in VPN (For Safe Browsing).

3. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is one of the oldest browser which are released in 2002 way before the release of Google Chrome. Before the launch of Chrome in 2008 Firefox was dominating among various browsers. There are plenty of Add-ons available for Firefox which makes it a contender for Top 3 Android Web Browsers. If you have a decent internet connection then it is the best web browser for android, but if you have a slow internet connection then Firefox is not a good choice to use.

Some More Features Include:

  • Built in Flash Player.
  • Private Browsing.
  • Do not track‘ option.
  • Cross Platform Application with Desktop syncing.

4. UC Browser:

UC Browser developed by Alibaba group, was initially launched in 2004 as a J2ME-only application but after that it was made available for Android, iOS, Blackberry & many other various platforms. If your internet connection is not that fast then it is the best android browser to use. It has a great user interface and it gets updates very frequently. If you want to download something then you don’t need to use any download manager apps for android as it has got a built in download manager. It is the best web browser for android when it comes to download speeds as it gives good download speed even with slow internet connection. Its Caching system is very powerful so if you are going back to last visited page then it will load instantly and won’t take any data.

Some More Features Include:

  • Built-in Music Player.
  • Incognito Mode for Private Browsing.
  • Text Mode only for data saving and faster loading of web page.
  • Customization of background.

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5. Dolphin:

Dolphin provides you a simple and easy to use user interface with tons of features. Its User Interface can be highly customized according to user’s need. It comes with a built-in flash player and pop-up blocker to disable annoying pop-up ads. Like Chrome it also provides you option of searching web with your voice. You can experience high speed browsing while using Dolphin browser on virtually any type of device. Negative thing about Dolphin is, its developers are not paying much attention while launching its new updates as many new updates are coming with some bugs which didn’t exist in the previous versions.

Some More Features Include:

  • Gesture Support.
  • Browser Store for Add-ons and Web Applications.
  • Easy syncing of data

So this was our list Top 5 Best Android Browsers. We have listed pros and cons of every browser so you can choose a browser suitable to your needs. If you are using any browser which is as great as these 5 best browser for android, then do let us know in comments. We will include that in our list.

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