Best Battery Saver App: Top 10 Best Android Battery Saver Apps

best battery saver app

Best Battery Saver App : Gone are the days when you charged your phone once and it used to run for 3-4 days. Nowadays our Android Smartphone’s battery barely lasts for a day. Mobile companies are making batteries bigger and bigger but the increase in the usage of smartphone has made it very difficult to last for significant amount of time. Mobile Battery Life has become major concern in the minds of Android Users. There may be many reasons of battery draining. Some of the app keep running in the background without your knowledge and it is one of the main reason for battery draining quickly. With the advancements in smartphones, WiFi, GPS and many other sensors are introduced in Android Devices that can also reduce your phone’s battery life.

Some of the apps like best android browsers to browse internet and texting apps for android are used quite frequently by android users and these apps are also responsible for battery drainage. So if you have tried reducing battery usage by dimming the phone screen, turning off unwanted apps and still didn’t get any significant improvement in your phone’s battery life, Then you don’t need to worry. There are apps available for Android to do that task for you. Keeping the concerns of Android users in mind, we have compiled a list of Best Battery Saver Apps For Android.

best battery saver app


Best Battery Saver App For Android [Top 10 List] :

1. Battery Doctor :

Developed by Cheetah Mobile Inc. Battery Doctor is the Best Battery Saver App For Android. With over 300 million users Battery Doctor is rated 4.5 in Google Play Store that is quite an achievement. It is a completely free battery saver app and you can stop power consuming apps in a single tap and optimize your android device. Its user interface is very simple to use. Its features include showing accurate battery remaining time, battery charging time, displaying battery temperature, brightness control and many more. It supports more than 25 languages.

   Get Battery Doctor for Android

2. Greenify :

Greenify is another great and one of the best battery saver app for android. With over 10 million installs from Play Store it is rated 4.4 on Google Play Store. Initially Greenify was available only for the devices that are rooted but now it can be installed on all the Android devices. Greenify finds out the apps that are draining power and reducing the performance of your smartphone. It puts those apps into hibernation when not in use.

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3. DU Battery Saver :

DU Battery comes at number 3 in our list of best android battery saver apps. Using this app you can easily boost the performance of your android device and reduce the battery usage. It claims to improve your phone’s battery life up to 50 percent, so you should surely give this app a try. Some of the notable features of DU battery saver are Phone Cooler, One Click Optimization, Power Saving Widget and many more. Its Smart Charge feature displays accurate charge status in real time.

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4. Avast Battery Saver :

Avast Battery Saver optimizes your device and improve battery life by killing the apps that are not in use. It is very popular and one of the best battery saver app for android. With its one click ‘Stop Apps’ feature you can stops the apps that are running unnecessarily and not in use. With its adaptive energy estimate function you can check your phone’s battery status in real time accurately. It has got 5 profiles for you to chose : Smart, Night, Work, Home and Emergency. It notifies you to choose different profile depending upon your phone’s battery status and your activity.

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5. Battery Optimizer & Cleaner :

With its one tap feature you can free up RAM, clean up storage and improve battery performance. It identifies the apps that are responsible for the battery draining and closes them when not in use. You can also check your mobile data usage to keep track of remaining data. Its new feature Photo Cleaner finds out images that are blurry or identical copies and suggests you to remove those to free up space.

   Get Battery Optimizer for Android

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6. Go Battery Saver&Power Widget :

Another go to option for a power saver app is Go Batter Saver&Power Widget. It consists of various features to optimize your android smartphone and improve its battery life. Some of the notable features are power testing, toggle control, smart battery save and many more. It can also tell how much power you can save by turning off WiFi, Bluetooth etc. which is a unique feature. It can give you accurate estimation of battery remaining time.

   Get Go Battery Saver for Android

7. Easy Battery Saver :

Easy Battery Saver is another good app in our list. With just few clicks you can improve your phone’s battery life. It has got simple and user friendly interface. You can toggle WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and many more features. Easy Battery Saver has 5 different power saving modes: Normal Mode, General power saving mode, Intelligent power saving mode, Super power saving mode, Advanced power saving mode.

   Get Easy Battery Saver for Android

8. Battery Defender :

It is another great option to save battery of your android smartphone. You can use its 1 tap feature to extend your android device’s battery life. It has got fast toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Data. When your screen is turned off it automatically disables WiFi and Data after 15-20 seconds so save power in your phone. It allows apps to sync every 15 minutes while saving battery.

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9. Juice Defender

With its easy and intuitive user interface Juice Defender also makes the cut in our list of Top 10 Best Android Battery Saver Apps. With downloads over 7 million it has rating of 4.4 in Google Play Store. Using Juice Defender your phone’s mobile data usage, WiFi and CPU speed can be easily managed. You can completely customize it to suit your needs.

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10. Yellow Battery-Battery Saver :

Yellow Battery is very efficient application to boost your phone’s battery life. Its Battery Status Monitor shows you every information about your phone’s battery whether it is Battery Health, Remaining Battery, Temperature of Battery, Manufacturing figures of Battery etc. You can easily customize this application according to your requirements. You can track battery usage of every application in your phone and identify the ones that are responsible to battery drainage.

   Get Yellow Battery Saver for Android

With the increase in the usage in smartphone all day long, even the biggest of the batteries don’t seem sufficient. That’s why you need Best Battery Saver App in your smartphone to help your phone’s battery last longer. Choose your Best Android Battery Saver App from this list and enjoy healthy battery life.

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