Top 10 Best Anime Torrenting Sites For Anime Torrents Download In 2019

anime torrenting sites

Not able to find good anime torrents? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. If you are an anime lover and looking for anime torrent sites to download anime torrents then we have compiled a great list of best anime torrenting sites where you can you find safe anime torrents to download your favorite anime series. If you are having decent internet connection then watching anime online is very good option as you won’t have to download anything, it will save your time and disk space. You can visit these Anime Streaming Sites. But if your internet connection is not fast enough to stream anime online then you can download the anime with best anime torrenting sites or anime download sites and watch it.

You can find many anime torrenting websites if you search on internet but most of them are not safe to get anime torrents. So we have created a list of best anime torrent websites where you won’t have to worry about the quality of torrent as you’ll be getting good quality anime torrents. So without wasting anymore time let’s head over to the list of best anime torrent sites 2019.

best anime torrenting sites


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Top 10 Best Anime Torrenting Sites 2019 :

1. :

Animetosho is one of the best anime download website to download anime torrents for free. It has got one of the biggest collection of anime torrents and that’s why it has got first place in our list of Best Anime Torrenting Sites. You can literally download any anime using this torrent website. You just have to search for your anime series and download the torrent file. Then using the torrent file you can download the anime series with the help of torrent clients like uTorrent or BitTorrent which are available for windows. It’s user interface is not that fancy but with search option you can find torrents for most of the anime series and download your desired anime series. Biggest benefit of using torrent sites to download anime series is, you can download complete anime series is one go.

2. : is another great site to get anime torrents. It is one of the most popular Anime Torrenting Website and having biggest collection of Anime Series. You can search for Anime and download the torrent file in one click. On its homepage you can find download links of many popular Anime Series. One of the best thing about this site is, its search option. You can search for your favorite anime with advanced options like how many days old, File Size etc. Torrent files are shown with the details like Seeders, Leechers, Number of downloads etc so you can get idea about the quality of torrent. On its homepage you can find categories like Anime, Audio, Literature, Software, Pictures etc. You can also upload torrent files by signing up on also allows their user to download popular movies for free on their site.

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3. : is high quality BitTorrent tracker. You can find many anime torrent sites but BakaBT provides quality content and you can find torrents for completed anime series here. Good thing about BakaBT is they don’t accept public submissions that’s why you will find quality content on this website. Only Power Uploaders and Power Users can upload torrents. Power Users are those who can report bad torrents and Power Uploaders are trustworthy members of BakaBT community appointed by staff. For using advanced search options you may need to sign up with BakaBT.

4. : is also a great site to download your favorite Anime Series Torrents. It provides videos with various video quality (480 p, 720 p, 1080 p), so you can even find Full High Definition videos on this website. On the homepage of Horriblesubs you can find New Releases, from there you can directly download torrent files. It has got options like All Shows, Current Season, Batches (To download multiple Episodes of Single Anime Series),Release schedule by day of the week etc. On its right sidebar you can find Today’s Schedule.

5. (definitive source for Anime and Manga) is private a BitTorrent tracker where you can find Anime Series, Anime Movies in various qualities like DVDRIP, BDRip, Blu-Ray and HD(720p/1080p). If you love read Manga then Manga is also available on this website. For the users who need subtitles to watch Anime, Animetorrents is best as all the Anime here are uploaded with English Subtitles. As it is a private tracker you may need to Register on this website to download anime torrent files.

6. :

AniRena is another great source for latest Anime and Japanese related torrents. You can browse torrents without creating an account with AniRena. If you want to contribute and upload torrents then you can register and upload anime torrents. On its homepage you can find links for Anime, Manga, Drama & Music. Its homepage provides you popular torrents and you can search for the torrents with its search bar.

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7. Shana Project :

Shana Project is another useful anime torrenting website where you can download unlimited anime torrents. On its top bar you can find Search options as well as Alphabetical list and season wise list of Anime Shows. Its homepage consists of torrents for popular shows and you can download them in one click. Shana Project has a unique feature for automating your anime torrent downloads.

8. : is available in multiple languages including English, French, Russian, Japanese and Korean. Its user interface is very clean and simple without having any irritating pop-ups or ads. If you want some improvements in the website then you can provide your feedback on github from the link provided on the top of its homepage. You can download torrents and contribute to the site by uploading torrents. If you want to support this site then you can donate some bucks also.

9. Anime Layer :

Its user interface is not so clean but it serves the purpose of anime torrenting. In the top bar there is search option available. You can create free account with Anime Tosho. Below Search bar various categories like anime, music, manga & dorama are available. Right sidebar allows you to apply advanced search filters. You can filter subtitles, Language, Genre, info and country. Anime Layer has Forum as well as feedback form where you can provide feedback about the website.

10. :

If you want to enjoy Anime Shows in high quality then Project GXS is great anime torrenting website. They have a dedicated section for Blu-Ray episodes. You can find episodes with multiple language subtitles. They have donate option if you want to help them run the website ad-free.

So these was our list of Top 10 Best Anime Torrenting Sites 2019.  We will keep updating this list of Anime Torrent Sites to Get Anime Torrents. If you know some other best anime torrenting sites then let us know in comments.

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