Top 10 Best Free Anime Apps For Android To Watch Anime Online

best anime apps

Anime are great sources of entertainment to get you out of boredom and enlighten your mood. Number of anime viewers are increasing significantly and it has become popular all over the world. Anime is popular among children as well as adults. You can find lots of anime resources if you search on internet and it has never been easier to access your favorite anime shows. There are lots of streaming services where you can stream your favorite anime series in high quality. If you want to stream anime on your android smartphone then we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Free Anime Apps where you can watch anime online on your android device.

best anime apps

Top 10 Best Free Anime Apps For Android :

1. Anime TV :

If you want to watch anime in high quality and its original version then Anime TV is the best anime app for android. Though anime shows are not classified into categories but you can find lots of great anime series using this app. Anime TV app is having very simple design and it loads faster than any other anime app. You can watch English subbed anime as well as English Dubbed Anime using this application. Other than this Anime episodes are available with Portuguese subtitles also. Anime TV app can be used to stream anime online as well as to download anime episodes.

2. Crunchyroll :

Crunchyroll is definitely one of the best anime app for android. You can stream many popular anime shows from its anime collection. It boasts of having anime episodes over 25000 with 15000 hours of anime streaming. You can stream your favorite anime episodes for free in high streaming quality. If you want an ad-free experience then you can subscribe to their premium plan which offers 14 days free trial. In the premium account anime episodes are uploaded as soon as the broadcast is done on TV.

3. Watch Anime Online :

Watch Anime Online android app is purely designed for anime lovers. You can find anime episodes in high definition for free all over the world. You can Watch English Dubbed Anime episodes as well as watch anime with English subtitles. It also offers anime music for you listen on your android smartphone or tablet. If you liked any song while streaming anime then you can definitely find that song here as it has collection of best anime songs of all time.

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4. Viewster :

If you are looking for anime apps where you can start watching anime episodes without signing up or creating an account then Viewster is the one. You don’t need to sign up for this application, just install it and you can start streaming anime shows immediately. It offers most of the anime shows in high quality so you can stream your favorite anime series without compromising with video quality. Other than anime shows you can also find Movies and TV Shows from various languages. Movies are classified year wise as well as genre wise.

5. Naruto Shippuden : 

If you are a true anime fan and specially Naruto fan then there is nothing to dislike about this app. This app is part of Crunchyroll app and specifically designed for Naruto fans. This app is having very simple design and you can find all the episodes in chronological order. You don not need to create an account to start streaming your favorite episode. Though you can upgrade to premium membership if you want ad-free streaming and want to access the content immediately after broadcast and also other premium stuff.

6. Netflix :

Netflix is one of the best streaming apps for Movies, TV Shows and Anime Series. Though this app is not completely free to watch anime episodes but the price is worth paying as it offers unlimited streaming of Movies, Anime and TV Shows at a very reasonable price. You can use this service free for one month using its trial version.


DAISUKI is Japan’s official service for streaming anime shows. You have to sign up of this website before streaming any of the anime videos. Once you set up your preferences it shows you anime episodes accordingly. As DAISUKI is official anime application it provides all the details regarding the anime episode including the creator names. If you are not a native then you can stream anime episodes with English subtitles.

8. Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus

It is anime social network where you can find people with similar interest in anime. You can stream anime episodes for free as well as read manga online. People can discuss and share various information about anime shows and manga with other people.  You can share your ideas, photos and other materials with the community. Once you start using this application you won’t need another platform or anime apps to discuss your ideas and views about anime shows and manga.

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9. Plex :

It is not exactly an anime streaming app unlike other anime apps for android. It is useful when you have your own favorite anime series episodes collection. You can create a server on your own personal computer and stream the anime episodes on other devices including smartphones, PlayStation or smart TV’s. Plex application has a free trial version for you give it a try before upgrading to premium subscription.

10. AnimeVN – Anime, Manga & Chat

AnimeVN provides you free streaming of anime episodes as well as manga reading online. It also offers chatting option where you can chat with people of similar interest in anime and manga. If you liked a particular anime episodes and want to watch it in offline mode then download option is also available. Overall it is a good anime app for android and worth giving a try.

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