Best Android Messaging App: Best Texting Apps For Android In 2019

best android messaging app

In the era of instant messaging when WhatsApp, Facebook messenger are dominating the internet , talking about text messaging may sound like old school but its still helpful when you don’t have internet connectivity. Every smartphone has its own default messaging application. But in some phones the default text messaging application may not have cool features and you may get bored of it after using it for some time. So if you are one of those people who doesn’t like his/her smartphone’s default messaging application, then we’ve got a good news for you. You can get rid of your default messaging app and start using best android messaging app right away. There are plenty of texting apps available on play store but looking for the best texting app might be very cumbersome for your. So we have compiled a list of best text messaging applications using which you can improve your texting experience and enjoy cool features provided by these apps.

best android messaging app

Best Android Messaging App/ Best Texting App For Android:

1. ChompSMS

ChompSMS is one of the best android messaging app and most used texting app for android. You can get an idea of its popularity by the fact that it has more than 10 million active users all around the globe. ChompSMS has got schedule option also using which you can schedule messages like birthday wishes at 12 am or greeting good morning and goodnight to your friends and family. It comes with a variety of emoticons and its User Interface is simple and can be customized according to the user’s preferences. You can customize your chat box with over 100 themes available. If you want to read text messages on your PC then ChompSMS is also compatible with Pushbullet that can help you to push your messages to your PC. If you are concerned about the privacy of your chats then it comes with inbuilt app locker.
Download ChompSMS for Android

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2. Go SMS Pro :

Go SMS Pro has been in picture for quite a time and during this time it has gone through various transformations. It has got plenty of awesome features but its stickers and themes are the focus of this application. Themes can be easily downloaded from Google Play and set up with ease. Most of the themes for Go SMS Pro are free but you can get pretty awesome themes if you pay a few bucks. It has a unique feature ‘delay to send’ that is not available in other texting applications. You can activate this feature to save yourself from the embarrassment of accidentally sent texts. You can backup your messages to the cloud also and restore them when needed.
Download Go SMS Pro for Android

3. Textra SMS :

Textra SMS is another great and one of the best android texting app in our list. Textra makes a cut in Top 3 because of some of its unbeatable features. It has also got delay to send feature similar to Go SMS Pro. Another good thing about Textra SMS is, it is a very small application so it won’t take much space on your Android device. Other features include float notifications, dark mode, contacts blacklisting, plenty of themes for customization, quick reply pop-up and many more. With more than 5 million installs, Textra SMS is rated 4.5 on Google Play Store that is very good rating for a texting application.
Get Textra SMS for Android

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4. Evolve SMS

Not as great as the best android messaging app ChompSMS or Go SMS Pro but still it is a very good application for texting. It is comptatible with sending all kind of media whether it is audio, video or gifs. Its notable features are message archiving, Scheduling messages, bulk deletion of conversations and many more.You can put password on your personal chats with its built in locker. It has got one of the largest collection of emoticons. Evolve SMS is even compatible with smartwatch that give it some edge over other texting apps. It comes with default orange interface but you can customize it with plenty of awesome themes by paying few bucks.
Get Evolve SMS for Android

5. Handcent Next

It was launched in 2010 and since then it has picked up quite a pace. With Handcent Next you can sync your contacts with cloud that is a very useful feature. It has a Privacy Box to hide your private conversations from public. Its Handcent Anywhere feature allows you to send or receive text messages on your computer or tablet or even on browsers. Chat box can be customized with various fonts, themes or skins. Its multilingual support makes it one of the best texting app for android. Other features include SMS Scheduling, Broadcasting, Group chatting, Handcent talk to make free calls once connected to the internet etc.
Get Handcent Next for Android

So there were the top 5 texting applications for android. We have chosen the applications that are having awesome and unique features. These apps can help you to make your texting experience smooth. You can select your best android messaging app among these applications.

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